The rabbit likes to lick the hair on the body like a cat, so the hair will be eaten some. At this time, it is not recommended to give the rabbit to eat cats to help the hair. Rabbit eat. Help rabbits to prevent hair balls can take some suitable measures to solve, pet owners can look down.

1. Use rabbit cream

After the pet owner finds that rabbits suffer from hair balls, they can feed rabbit grain cream to help the rabbit defecate and discharge hair. For example, rabbit fun balls. Pay attention to cats used by cats. Feed the rabbit for 2 ~ 3 cm every day, and it is good to feed for a while. If the rabbit keeps mellasty ointment, the pet owner should not worry. The smell of the hair cream is not good. So the rabbit will dislike it. You can wipe the fur cream on the feet or mouth of the rabbit. , This will eat Hua Mao Ointment.

2. Adjust the diet


Also pay attention to the daily diet of rabbits. If it is always rabbits that always eat rabbits, rabbits are naturally prone to hair balls, so you need to increase the diet with high crude fiber content, feed sufficient dried grass and some fresh vegetables to help supplement crude fiber. Helps the digestive function of rabbits and help rabbits to defecate, and some hair will bring out some hair during defecation. At this time, drink more water for the rabbit to help nourish the intestines.


3. Take care of rabbit hair

The rabbit’s hair balls are caused by too much hair that eats too much hair, and it is not caused by the discharge in time. Therefore, it can usually be treated from the root cause, and the hair of the rabbit’s hair can be greatly reduced. So pay attention to cleaning the rabbit nest, clean up the hair falling in the rabbit nest, and the pet owner can also use a comb to help the rabbit combat the hair and comb the hair to fall off.