The fan coil is one of the important components of the air -conditioning system, and it takes the important role of cold and heat exchange in actual use. Before applying to the whole machine, a series of tests such as sealing testing are required. In order to improve the test efficiency and stability, a fast connector is required for the rapid sealing connection of the fan coil. Let’s take a look together.


When the machine is running, when the tube flows in the tube, it flows with the air with the air from the outside of the tube, which makes the indoor air cooling, dehumidification or heating, thereby regulating the temperature. The internal pressure inside the tray is usually relatively large, and it is easily installed and not disassembled, so the interface of the fan coil is mostly threaded.

The threaded interface for long -term connection is a more effective way, but it is not friendly to this short -time connection for sealing testing. In the past, it was used to use the method of twisting, low efficiency, poor stability, and workers’ operations are prone to failure. In response to this situation, Grahir Gripseal


The design and development of a thread fast connector is designed to complete the seal connection directly.

Thread fast connector G80 series to connect wind machine tray


How does it improve the efficiency of seal testing? The Grahir threading rapid connection structure is simple, including the metal body (external copper frame), handle, threaded life, sealing ring, spring and other components. The principle is particularly simple. In the relaxation state, the thread of the front end of the joint is open under the action of the spring. When using it, the internal connection rod is pushed to drive the thread’s shrinking by pressing the handle, so that the corresponding specifications can be inserted into the screw pipe mouth of the corresponding specifications. Release the handle, the spring will return the claws to the open state, and then fits the thread of the pipe to achieve the purpose of locking. The sealing work is completed by the sealing ring. Generally, the end surface sealing method is generally required to have a certain end surface thickness and peacefulness, otherwise the joint scheme is needed.

Complete the wind turbine tray that completes the sealing connection

The efficiency of the thread fast connector improves the sealing test is mainly due to its operation method. The first step is to press the handle in the first step, and the threaded minions shrinks; the second step is to insert the pipeline of the thread of the thread of the connector and insert it; the third step, the third step, the third step, Loose the handle, the thread’s life is opened under the action of the spring, and it forms a compatibility with the thread of the tube to seize the tube. At the same time, the sealing ring has squeezed the mouth of the thread to form a good cover. The fourth step is to enter the test fluid from the testhole. In the fifth step, after the test is completed, some test media that need to be recycled must be recycled or leaked first, and then press the handle again to thread The connection can be disconnected from the joint.

G80 series high -pressure internal thread quickly seal joint