A smartphone now integrates almost all functional needs. With the camera, recording, game, and wallet, it is almost a mobile phone. To be honest, although mobile phones have very complete functional integration, in some specific professional fields, mobile phones are still not enough, even if the iPhone is not perfect.

Although the mobile phone has a recording function, its pickup range is very narrow. At the same time, it is easy to lose files after recording, and it is easy to be populated to delay the recording content. This is the reflection of the phone recording function.

Just give an example: the mobile phone is like an ordinary person, and the recording pen is like a weightlifting athlete. When raising 50 pounds of items, ordinary people and athletes can raise the items; and when facing 200 pounds of objects, they may have to weightlifting athletes to do it.

Mobile phone recording is not only narrow in pick -up, but also limited by mobile phones to prone to low -power state, which will cause the content of the content of our conference recording to be lost, which is completely inconsistent with the needs of productivity.


Q: What kind of crowd is the recording pen?

A: I thought about it, almost all people in high school students or college students, journalists, office workers can use recording pens. Why Q: The scope of the recording pen is so wide?

A: The recording pen you think is the recording function. But in fact, the current intelligent recording pen can already achieve the functions of synchronous translation and recording. High school and college students can use it to record the classroom content or make up lessons; reporters can use it to work recording, and ordinary office workers can use it to use when they meet.


“Appearance and Operation” design is good -looking, convenient to operate

Having said so much, it’s time to enter the topic. Today, I will start the evaluation content of the SR302 of Xunfei Smart Recording Pen.


In accordance with the convention, let’s talk about the appearance first. The appearance is still a classic business style. The SR302 of Xunfei Smart Recording Pen is designed with a metal shell surface, with gold -oriented wheat and CD -style circular buttons, which appears to be higher -end, more fashionable, and suitable for the age. Duan is also wider.

Compared with the previous Xunfei SR series recording pens, Xunfei Smart Recording Pen SR302 has a narrower design, the whole machine becomes lighter, and it becomes easier to put it in the pocket.


Compared with mobile phones, how small is Xunfei Smart Recording Pen SR302? The mobile phone on the side is Honor 50 Pro. The body is 160 mm and a width of 73 mm. The volume of the SR302 of Xunfei Intelligent Recording Pen is less than half of the Honor 50 Pro. The whole machine is indeed a lighter design.


“Skin -friendly spraying, alloy texture shell, and sculpture feel bite pattern.” This is the introduction of the appearance I saw in the SR302 sales page of Xunfei Smart Recording Pen SR302. In my own understanding: it is good -looking, the upper and lower arc is cut, and the edges are gripped like the texture of the edge of the Lumia arc of Nokia.


The microphone of Xunfei Smart Recording Pen SR302 has 2+4 systems, which can achieve a maximum picker of 15 meters and 360 degrees radio. From the appearance of the machine, you can see a targeted microphone with a diameter of 10 mm, which is the key to its efficient pickup. With this metal hollow design blessing, the appearance texture is really beautiful.

The keys are retained and the touch screen is provided. This is a highlight of Xunfei Smart Recording Pen SR302. It is not conflicting to use. Most of the time, the touch screen will be used, and the addition of the keys increases the fineness of the operation. To be honest, the function of starting the recording on the left is much better than mobile phone recording.


Like we use the recording function of the mobile phone, first search for “recording” in the search bar, and then open the recording button to start the recording.


And Xunfei Smart Recording Plum SR302 Press the button directly, and the recording will start. At the same time, the screen will be automatically turned off to optimize the battery life when recording.


“Functional Experience”


High conversion efficiency, wide range of pickups

For the first time, users need to study for a while; Xunfei, which starts from voice technology, the voice function is still excellent

The difference between mobile phone recording and Xunfei Smart Recording Pen SR302 and the design experience are finished. Next, I started to talk about the functional experience of the SR302 of the SR302. I have shared the scope of pickups and the perspective of pickups. I mainly talk about its actual experience.

When using Xunfei Smart Recording Pen SR302, I found a detail because of its functional classification, such as the options for lecture recording, conference recording, interview recording, and standard recording. The professionalism of the entire recording pen is very high, When most people use, they may be entangled in which recording mode to choose.

The recording pen’s built -in edge -to -edge switching function is really praised.

When recording, you can directly write the content. For example, I recorded this very popular “Honey Snow Ice City” recently, and Xunfei Smart Recording Pen SR302 can be accurately transformed into text each time. This is for the conference environment. There are more noisy sounds such as the speech environment, and they will be handled.

In addition, Xunfei Smart Recording Pen SR302 can also upload recording and conversion content to mobile phones, so that we can revise and view it, which further resolves the tedious process of file transmission. Of course, like WeChat, QQ, or scanning code transmission, Xunfei Smart Recording Pen SR302 all supports transmission. It is also very convenient to share the recording content with colleagues.


Interestingly, Xunfei Smart Recording Pen SR302 can not only be transferred to Mandarin, but even dialects and foreign languages ​​can be recorded while recording, and the accuracy of recording is particularly high.


The function of synchronizing and mutual translation is also the dazzling function of Xunfei Smart Recording Pen SR302. When recording English content, it can translate English into Chinese simultaneously and transfer it to facilitate us to view the content in a timely manner. In addition to English, there are also Japanese, Russian and Korean, all of which support interpreters in Chinese.

The voice recognition of Xunfei Smart Recording Pen SR302 has supported Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, Russian, French, Spanish, and Vietnamese. At the same time, 12 dialects such as Cantonese, Henan, Sichuan, and Northeast China support Uyghur and Tibetan ethnic languages. It can also be optimized in seven fields such as financial trade, IT technology, and education, which can be selected in the function of recording and translating.


“Summarize” before buying productivity, after buying, it is also productive for productivity

The content of the SR302 of the SR302 of the SR302 is over. To be honest, it is mentioned above that after recording, it will enter the screen to save battery power. However, when waking up again, the touch screen or pressing button cannot light up the screen. You can only press the crystal key to light up the screen. This should be a anti -error -free calculation, but I am used to the mobile phone.

The experience in other places, such as the translation of the edge, the quick transclication, and the sound of the recording are very clear, this is the place where I am more satisfied. Xunfei Intelligent Recording Pen SR302 is as productive forces as always. Its suitable population is more than just office workers or reporters. Students use it to make translation tools and classrooms. It is a good choice.