“Auntie, your dish is here!” “Xiao Shi, the water I bought is at the south gate of the community.” It is the order of the nine teams of the bus company. The community where the residence live was closed for 14 days. The order immediately signed up and became a volunteer.

“A building was sealed at get off work, and the entire community was closed when I was off work. 14 days.” Shi Ling lived in Xiqin District, Xuhui District, and was closed on March 13. “I immediately sent WeChat to the secretary of the neighborhood committee and asked if I needed help.” Shi Ling is the youngest building leader in the community and the resident volunteer of the neighborhood committee. Everyone service.

Xiqin Community is an old community with more than 2,000 resident population, most of which are the elderly. “For example, our buildings are all grandparents. I am the youngest.” Shi Ling’s grandpa and father were the leaders of the building. long. “The leader of the building was from our ancestors.” Shi Ling laughed.

The cheerful personality, enthusiastic service, everyone in the community knows the order. “It’s all the elders who grew up. At this time, I don’t stand up to help everyone.”

According to the prevention and control requirements of the epidemic, during the closed management, residents of the community need to complete five rounds of nucleic acid screening. “In order to allow residents to wait less and test in an orderly manner, we will conduct according to the building.” Shi Ling put on a thick secondary protective suit, holding a horn, and shouting one building and one building. “Building 1, do nucleic acid! Please go downstairs in an orderly manner!” “Building 2 …” The gradually hot weather, the dense protective protective clothing, made Shi Ling feel a bit difficult. “From 10 am to 7 pm, the first round of nucleic acid testing was finally completed. I didn’t eat or drink water, and I didn’t go to the toilet.”

“Xiao Shi is good!” “Young people are responsible!” The clothes were soaked and his throat was dumb, but when he saw the eyes of residents in the community, Shi Ling was proud.


In addition to organizing residents to do nucleic acids, the order also became a “takeaway brother”. “Xiao Shi, this is the water bought on the sixth floor of Li Li’s house. Let’s help it!” “Okay! I’ll go!” At the door, Shi was stunned. It turned out to be a two -box 5L barrel Put water. How can I do it? Carry it! The climbing of the order on the first floor and one floor is about to get rid of it. “But the old man is waiting to drink water, and you can’t delay.”

Delivery and meals are all to do, and he has to give people medical treatment. “Old Huang, who lives on the fifth floor, has to take regular hemodialysis. The 120 first -aid cars cannot come in. I raised the stretcher with another volunteer and sent him to the emergency car at the door of the community.” Shi Ling said. 160 pounds, it is very difficult to lift, but serving residents, especially lonely, is the inconceivable responsibility of volunteers.

Author: Zhang Xiaoming

Edit: Wang Jiayi