The long-sleeved shirt is a single product that Xiaoxian will choose in the fall. It is an indispensable style. The update frequency is also very high. Recently, a part of the trendy fashion will be easily enhanced to enhance the n level. Detail shape and a variety of color style, enrich your daily wear, see which styles are you want to income wardrobe.


> Trendy long sleeve shirt


► Sweeping white


♦ White is always the main color of the shirt, the details are the main changes, recently popular long-term arm sleeve long, whether it is natural vertical or crimped, is a good shape, white classic color is still black or light yellow.

► Bubble sleeves

♦ Bubble cuffs, exaggerated shapes are more suitable for the choice of tide people, choose the simple light blue jeans and black tight jeans are best choices, and the color of the shoes can choose more colors.

► Fairy style selection semi-skirt

♦ Select the soft semi-skirt, the elegant shape, color selection is mainly simple light tones, and the style is not too complicated.

► Trendy stripes

♦ Pink and blue striped, bright color instantly improve the overall fashion level, whether it is simple jeans or wide-leg pants, can help you upgrade clothes, is the first shirt style selection.


♦ Blue stripes, best choice or black or dark blue casual pants, brightness of the backing, better concave shape.

♦ The dark choice of trousers, the top of the top, or letters are very good decorations, and the personality letters and printers mainly choose the back.


► Colorful trendy selection


♦ Colorful selection, light yellow tops and lavender pants are trendy color combination, overall pink tones, selection, upper bed, white decoration, youth sweet modeling.

♦ The trendy single product selection, the sky blue striped collar with black stripes, are all loose styling, the fashion dress, the fashion trendy out of the street wearing.

The above variety of fashion trendy long-sleeved shirts are a good style choice for you to wear everyday, and a variety of styles will easily save your fashion, what is better than the shirt, let’s see which , Close to your wardrobe.


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