Leisure style, I like the structural design of Sankai, this is a division that many casual clothes will use. Not only the atmosphere is also thin

It is very good to stretch the tailor lines of the front and back of the body visually, so it feels like it is very thin!


Let’s take a look at this cotton vest that I want to share today, everyone can also make down


I will share with you the XL number cutting map, which is suitable for the body shape with a height of about 130 pounds and weighs about 130 catties

Drawing unit: centimeter

The cutting drawing is the size of the garment, and the sewing edges need to be added separately when cutting

This is a tailoring of Sankai, and then splits. There are six films before and after. The collar is straight, and the sizes are marked on the cutting drawing


Need other numbers, which can be pushed to push the board according to the feed 4cm length 3cm shoulder width 1cm.


If you want to learn more women’s clothing version, you can click the circle card below to enter the circle, starting from the most basic women’s self -prototype version making

(Circle cards have been added here, please check today’s headline client)

Sewing process and sewing edge process commentary


The choice of fabrics, down fabrics, can be made of cotton or down jackets

Use a small machine needle to make down jacket, No. 7 or imported 9 can

To make down jackets, you need to sew a double -layer inner lined in the inside.

Sewing process: All tailors first suture the gallbladder and face cloth and leave the mouth.

After a total of six pieces of six pieces before and after, after the width of the icon is performed, the line is performed.


Remember to leave the fork when sutured, about 26cm height of about 26cm


In the place where you need to open your pocket, open your pocket


In the sleeve, press the stop line in the sleeve cage to prevent the stop of the stop.

The collar is a straight strip, the right mark is marked, and it can be stitched directly.


Puppet cloth

Libu is to say here that unlike the usual suit, there is no need to have a wind piano with the piano of the lubu of the cotton jacket, so directly subtract the amount of edge and match.

Finally, you can order the four -in -one buckle, or the dark buckle can be

Okay, the garment is finished


That’s it for today’s sharing,

If you like it, you can try it by hand. If you do n’t understand

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Make a long cotton vest of women’s clothing. Sankai body style, absolute leisure generous model