After heavy snow, the weather was colder. When I went out in the morning, I wrapped the scarf around my neck involuntarily, for fear of a hint of cold wind, breaking the warmth of careful care. Dressing in winter always makes people feel troublesome.


It is best to be fashionable, novel, beautiful, and of course it can’t be warm. How to achieve both multiple elements? In fact, it is the most correct way to turn into a simple talent. In the winter, it is effortless to protect the cold.

The advantages of short down jackets + trousers

The down jacket is light and warm, with a certain expansion, and it is also a must -have warm artifact for autumn and winter. Although the long down jacket, although there is a quilt -like tenderness, it is more lengthy. For small girls and slightly fat women, they are not so friendly.

If you don’t want to match your mind, you might as well choose the combination of short down jackets + trousers directly. It has a playful and handsome side, but also extends long legs. It is also more friendly to the little girl. It is a combination of refreshing, high, handsome, fashionable, versatile.

Short down jacket selection


The short down jacket can be divided into three categories, with a colorful navel model, a sharp and waist model, and the versatile and versatile waist. On the whole, the waist is used as a segmentation line. The short down jackets exposed in winter meet the needs of fashionable and modern women. They are open -style, and they are more suitable for girls with thin body shapes.

The style that has just been waist can cover up the a little strong line of the abdomen. In fact, it can also have a certain modification effect on the body shape. Of course, the waist model is far less comfortable with the waist. The hip lines should be changed to the waist. It is particularly friendly to the pear -shaped figure and is suitable for slightly fat girls. Regardless of whether it is the waist or the waist model, it pays more attention to the proportion of inside, and the bright waistline is the key to significantly.


The short down jacket is an exquisite route, no lengthy version, tailoring of personalized personality, brilliant and novel design, and more to win with a design sense and fabric. The shorter the down jacket, the more new elements will be integrated.


A bit exaggerated vertical collar, decoration at the hem, buttons of metal texture, and quality -oriented fabrics. Both can become the most eye -catching elements of short down jackets, break the solemn and dullness of winter, bring a line of vitality and vitality, and make your dress more vital.

Even the basic short down jackets still have their own martial arts. The short down jacket in winter is light and generous, warm and casual. The style of the waist is moderate warm. Especially the loose tailoring is more tolerant. Women with width shoulder, thick or thin upper body, can choose short down jackets tailored.

Short -dwellers are more important for layering. The basic color down jacket may not be so colorful under the conventional version, so it is necessary to use the inner closure of bright colors to enhance the visual impact and create a cool and cool fashion fan.


The matching of short down jackets

Short down jacket + micro -trousers

When the combination of short down jackets and trousers has become the most laborious fashion wear in autumn and winter, the choice of pants type is as important as the choice of down jackets. The short down jacket, under the metallic fabric, has more cold and handsome wind, and the upper body is cool and eye -catching.

Micro -La’s jeans are pants that are more modified with legs, which are a bit stout with the lower body, and even a little strong woman. Micro -jeans can stretch the longitudinal proportion, cover up the thick lines of the calf, create a more playful and lively beauty, and the effect of thin and high.

Short down jacket + stovepipe trousers

Whether it is a short down jacket for self -cultivation or loose short down jackets, you can wear a pair of skinny leg pants to wear. The slim down jacket combines skinny leg pants, the overall thin vertical segmentation sense, outlines the slim figure curve.

Loose short down jackets, combined tight trousers, are the most conventional loose and tight matching methods. If you want to be more fashionable and high, you can combine the same dark trousers in the inside. Using the same color matching of the same color to enhance the vertical extension, it looks taller.


Short down jacket + straight trousers

Each type of pants has its own characteristics. The pants with straight trousers are high, and your legs can be tall upright. Straight trousers are basically divided into two types, one is a slim straight trousers, and the other is a loose straight trousers. Slimed straight trousers, suitable for women with straight legs, amplify their body advantages, and their clothes are more outstanding.

The leg shape is not so perfect, or a girl with thick legs, legs bending, and O -legs, can choose loose straight trousers, and use the loose version of the drooping drooping to outline the proportion of upright repair. The high -waisted design is more clear.

Short down jacket + beam of trousers

The handsomeness of the pants with the style of work style has more domineering neutral beauty. Whether it is dark or light -colored beam pants, it is even more handsome. Of course, the pants are more loose pants legs, which match the embellishment of the beam, which is sharp and covered with meat.

The short down jacket with a personality, combined with a handsome beam of trousers, the proportion of vertical division is clearer, and the superior Sanqi figure is visible. Create a more perfect body ratio, and the matching of short down jackets + trousers is really the most laborious way, warm and fashionable.

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