With the implementation of the “double reduction” policy, specific measures such as discipline training are restricted, and the amount of operations decreases. Although the burden of parents and children is reduced, the academic pressure of the high school entrance examination and college entrance examination still exists. Power has higher requirements. In this case, preparing a intelligent learning tool for children to help children’s efficient and independent learning have become the best choice for parents.

However, the current intelligent learning machine market is mixed. Many Internet companies and communications companies that have never been involved in education have launched learning products, making parents look at it. Here, the author reminds parents: choosing a smart learning machine, the key is to see if there is

Personalized and precise learning function based on [Knowledge Map],

Because it is the strongest embodiment of the perfect combination of AI artificial intelligence technology and high -quality teaching and research resources, it can accurately find children’s weak knowledge points from a huge knowledge context through AI intelligent learning, and provide personalized learning solutions, to loopholes knowledge loopholes Each break, farewell to repeated review and blind brushing, achieve accurate leakage, supplement, consolidation and improvement, and make children’s autonomous learning more efficient! In this regard, HKUST Xunfei AI learning machine and Youxueist AI student tablet are the best in the industry. Next, I will analyze it in detail for everyone.

▲ HKUST Xunfei AI learning machine T10

▲ Youxue School AI student tablet U90

HKUST Xunfei “AI Precision Learning System”: Comprehensive testing, precise learning


As a senior technical company, HKUST Xunfei has been very mature in AI technology. Its learning machine products also closely combine artificial intelligence and learning functions. It has a built -in AI precision learning system. Through the detection of knowledge topics recommended by the system, it completes intelligent learning diagnosis and has a personalized knowledge diagram. Knowledge points Master: Green represents better, red represents poor, and yellow represents. Children can learn targetedly for the weak knowledge points of red and yellow.


▲ HKUST Xunfei • Personalized and Precision Learning Plan

How to learn targeted? Click on the knowledge point to enter the interface as shown in the figure above: to further learn the knowledge points through the knowledge point micro -class video knowledge card, to consolidate the exercise exercises to master the knowledge points through the practice of practice questions, complete the leakage and supplementation in the process of “learning and practice”, say goodbye to farewell Blind titles, only do the questions that should be done to reduce the ineffective learning time. Unfortunately, HKUST Xunfei’s personalized and precise learning

At present, the elementary school only supports mathematics disciplines




▲ HKUST Xunfei’s personalized and precise learning only supports mathematics disciplines


In addition, HKUST Xunfei also has a very practical feature, which can quickly diagnose and analyze the weak knowledge points behind the assignments and test papers through scanning test papers and homework, and recommend questions to learn. However, this function is only

Support junior high school mathematics.

Youxue School “AI Youxue 2.0”: Only lessons that have not been mastered, only do questions that can not be done

Youxue School Tablet AI Youxue Function,

Personalized and precise learning scheme based on knowledge map

, Can help you draw an exclusive knowledge map through rapid diagnosis: green represents the mastery, the red representative has not mastered, and the yellow representative has not been fully mastered. The precise improvement plan.

▲ Youxue School AI Youxue • Personalized Precision Learning Plan

As shown above, after clicking the knowledge point, enter the learning link of this knowledge point, and complete the process of consolidating learning and accurate improvement through three steps through learning and testing: Learning, live teacher video explanation learning knowledge points; practice, classic examples and proficiency in knowledge points ; Test the knowledge points of the three exercises to detect knowledge points. Foundation


Study and measure

After that, you can further improve your learning and expanding training through errors and finale questions. Youxue’s AI Youxue realizes personalized and precise learning through the above steps, so that children can only learn lessons, only do questions that they can’t do, and learn more efficiently!

Compared with HKUST Xunfei, the AI ​​Youxue Function of Youxue School is more comprehensive in teaching and research:

Complete learning and testing link

Cooperate with errors and finale questions, bringing systematic and comprehensive personalized and precise learning experience. Each knowledge point has a real -life teacher video teaching; HKUST Xunfei

There are only two aspects of learning

The learning scheme is slightly single, and its knowledge point teaching adopts the form of graphic+voice explanation. Without the out of the country without a real teacher, you can also see that its teaching and research strength is relatively weak. In addition, compared with HKUST Xunfei for the time being, compared with mathematics, Youxue School AI Youxue currently supports foreign three language.

▲ Youxue School AI Youxue supports the personalized and precise learning of three disciplines outside the three -door discipline


It is worth mentioning that the Youxian School also adopted

Stagnation excellence


Models, provide children with different learning situations

Basic, improved, cultivated


Three different learning solutions and fast entrances, not only learned better, but also learn faster!

▲ Youxue School AI Youxue • Not only does it learn better, but also can learn faster

In summary, the “AI Precision” of HKUST Xunfei Learning Machine and the “AI Youxue” of Youxue Student Tablet actively responded to the educational trend of independent learning under the “double reduction” policy. As a senior science and technology company, HKUST Xunfei applied strong AI technology to learning functions and showed good product research and development capabilities. As a senior educational technology enterprise, its products are even better in terms of technology, teaching and research, and interaction, as well as the user experience. In terms of price, it is also a new flagship product in 2021. Compared with the 6999 yuan price of HKUST Xunfei T10, the price of 5398 yuan in U90 is more affordable. In the intelligent era, we must use intelligent learning tools. Interested parents can go to the two offline stores to experience comparison. I believe that you can make the right choice.