After wearing a day of shoes, walking for a day

Back home, the first thing is to change slippers


The feet that liberates the boredom in the shoe all day

But is your slippers right?


According to research statistics

Each person has an average of more than 15,000 steps per day

If you are a 100 catties person

The total pressure of accumulation of feet every day is about

Hundreds of tons

Equivalent to 100 elephants on the feet

The heavier you, the greater the pressure on your feet


This is what you often feel

Weak feet

The cause of swelling and soreness, even cramps and stiffness

In this case


Chinese medicine is recommended to massage the soles daily

There are 6 meridians, more than 60 acupuncture points

It can be described as a full, throughout the body

You said you’re tired all day to work all day


Don’t want to move at all? Lazy as your editor

I found a two -handed method

Japanese high bomb massage slippers

You don’t need you to do it,


Massage while walking

Let you enjoy the foot SPA at home

Healthy life comes out

The most exquisite design of this slippers is

Blocking texture, accurate massage acupuncture points

First of all massage surface thickened design

Plug -in acupoint stimulation, the effect doubles


Massage particles, round and not feet

The massage power is just right, just like the best technician in the massage hall

Every time you take you, you can order the scriptures


The feet are comfortable and the whole body is comfortable


The office Xiaomei can’t wait for the foot to try


she says,


Every step has a buffer feeling

Gentle version of “horse killing chicken”, super comfortable

When it comes to buffering, this must be attributed to

Japanese high bombs massage slippers material material material

Thickened EVA material,

Cushion, earthquake resistance, good elasticity


We stand on the ground

Press hard and loose hands,

The slippers rebounded nearly 1 meter high

This elasticity


To experience the elasticity of slippers in all directions

Our up and down, front and back, crazy to distort face

As soon as you let go, the slippers will restore the original

Careful research found

This slippers

One piece

No wonder there is no crack in any folding

Of course, there is no disconnection situation

Thickened high -bullet outsole, precise massage design

No wonder every step is to be extremely comfortable

Speaking of slippers


Non -slip performance is also a big focus

Especially at home, old people, children and pregnant women

Pay attention to non -slip safety

This slippers, waveform grip stripes

Deepen the drainage ditch design, do not slide without falling


We put the shoes on the wooden board


Even if the tilt is more than 60 °,

The slippers are also firmly stuck on the wooden board

Non -slip effect is great

To be closer to reality


We pour water directly on the smooth wooden floor


And walk back and forth on the slippery ground

The experiencer Xiaohua said, every step is still very stable

Just like the feeling of walking on the dry floor

It can be seen that the non -slip performance of slippers is really good


Whether you are a mop or a bathroom

Various occasions, Japanese high bombs massage slippers are done

Such a easy -to -wear slippers, of course, buy and buy


There are more than all of the excellent places

15 ° upturned toe, arc heel

Let you walk smoothly without any stumbling

Stand -left upper


Not only is it conducive to drainage,

Breathable cool and not boring

EVA material except high bombs and non -toxic

The characteristics of no water,

Make all kinds of stains very easy to take care of

Wipe it clean and clean

The last slippers are very light

Do you have a burden on your feet?

Such a good slippers, not only comfortable to wear

Still wearing health,

There are many people who buy it, and they like it

Everyone likes Japanese high bombs massage slippers

Whether it is kitchen, bathroom, walking, taking courier

Dressing well and cleaning, non -slip not afraid of wetness,


Convenient thief

Whether you wear it yourself, or send your parents

Wear together together, every family needs


Massage while wearing it to relieve your foot pressure

Stimulate acupuncture points, pass the sutra and more healthy


Macaron color is selected by Ren Jun

Longevity health price:


A pair of 36 yuan


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Japanese high bomb massage slippers


Japanese high bomb massage slippers