Keep a city, read a person, love one person to get old, and hold one in the future.

Is there such a person in your life? Although he is far away from your world, your heart stays with his yesterday?

Do you live in your heart for a period of old time? Let the autumn come to Chun Qiu, let the flowers bloom, those memories of that time have always been there?

A person, stubbornly waiting for the promise of love, in your heart, staring at your direction, watching, meditation.

I think about you, think of your smile, and the landscape years of landscapes that I have worked with you …


Regarding you, you can only laugh so unscrupulously for you and cry for you.

There is a kind of fate, staying is a moment, turning around is the end of the world.

There is a kind of love, love is the war, acacia is eternal.

Since you left, I silently shuttled in the sea of ​​Hongchen people. In the time of Cheng Qingqian, in the corner of silence, letting my thoughts sweeps my heart, and what I can do is acacia. Because, I really can’t earn the bond of that love.

People who can’t let go can’t help but miss it.

The memory that can’t be forgotten always reads over and over again.

You stay in my world for a while, but after you turn around, you have become my life that I am not forgetting.

If you can’t be a husband and wife, you can’t contact it, only to rest assured you to miss you


There is a kind of parting, a good life, the heart is very painful, but I still have to pretend not to care, but I still have to pretend to be strong. I tried to hide my tears I miss, but I didn’t want others to see the acacia in my heart. I really love you so much.

If you do n’t disturb, do n’t contact, you are the only one I love. I do n’t want to see it, but I ca n’t help hiding in a certain corner and wiping the tears of my thoughts helplessly.

I silently told myself, don’t be too persistent. If you can’t be a husband and wife, you will slowly learn to forget, but I can’t care about my heart and miss you.

One of the others, love has become a pity, no longer meets, thinking is forever, and loves on each other.

Through the Qianshan Hongchen, I can no longer walk into your world. I have a long rest of my life. Only with the most affectionate heart, I miss you secretly in my heart.

Write a letter to the most missing you: Flowers and flowers, my love will always be

The red dust and the short life, the scenery seen by the Moshima, such as flowers, such as leaves, such as the morning glow, such as the fireworks, after all, it is not instantly stunning, and then Xie Luo Cheng, disappearing in life, hurriedly, only love, only love, only love, only love, only love Your heart will never change.

The fate is scattered, you are far away, but my heart will always stay in yesterday with you.

I love you, I can let go of everything for you, including you, because I know you more than anyone else, because I care about whether you are happy than anyone. As long as you are happy, I am happy for you.

Write the most missing you: Hua Xiehua blooms, the flowing light is easy to throw, the mountains are long and long, and the distance is changing, but you have to remember that my love will always be there, and my thoughts will never change.

I miss you, there is no chance to accompany you in this life.

An encounter, a story.

A separatist, one life lovesickness.

When you are lonely, I will miss you.

When you are happy, I will miss you.

When Mo Shang wind rises, I will miss you.

When the wind falls in the wind, I will miss you.

A portrait is the bitterness in my heart and the sweetness of the world.

A piece of love is an unbearable torment, and it is also the meaning of life.

What a hope, this kind of affection and persistence until the end, you can exchange for a reunion with you.

If I can meet you for the rest of my life, I would like to wait for how long I would like it. If I had no chance to meet in this life, it was good to let me depend on each other in the next life?

I miss you, I miss you, I am deeply affectionate, but I ca n’t keep your way to walk away. If you miss your husband and wife, you secretly miss you in your heart, and look forward to your return on your dreams.


You have to remember that you will always live in the most loved person in my heart, love a game, read a lifetime, this love, this thought, this heart is not dead.