In France, wood prices rarely exist such dramatic fluctuations. In 2020, the global economy was stopped, and the price of the timber industry was fell, but as the epidemic continued, the blockade policy promoted the subjects of personnel, and the rising wood demand has caused the price of wood to start crazy.

Although the price of American timber has undergone the roller coaster’s ups and downs, the 2021 French National Forest Office (Onf) has just launched France’s first French Burgunda’s autumn wood auction, located in Sanne- Oak prices in the auction in Loire have pushed the high point, and the trend in the French oak market is still hot.


France is one of the most intensive countries covering the European trees. It has more than 30% of the land coverage. There is almost no forest in the French wood output area Burgundy and Sadser is not a forest, oak resources are very abundant, oak price It doesn’t seem to be a problem of resource supply. However, in the past decade, the number of logs produced by the French sawmill was directly halved, and the annual output was only 1.25 million cubic meters.

It turns out that the French forest resources are rich, the country’s wood product manufacturing industry does not develop, which means that most of the wood industry can only participate in foreign wood products that cannot be worn well, and the employment opportunity provided by the wood processing industry is 10-20 times the raw material exit. The French government began to pay attention to the wood deep processing industry and reduce the supply of oak logs.

Merchants in the high-end timber market face a very complex problem, affected by the epidemic, the global supply chain is seriously disturbed, and the precious French oak logs provide the increasing shortage, but demand, the euro-buyer Sitting upset.

Oak is an indispensable material in the red wine industry. Cartris, wine barrels, good oak is the best choice for the wine industry, affected by the shortage of wood, and the impact of the shipping industry, and the price of the rubber industry is rising, even if Australian oak barrel prices have soared to each Barrels of $ 2,000, still a bucket is difficult.


At the same time, oak is also the preferred material in the construction industry. With the new law promulgated in France last year, half of the materials used to build public buildings must be wood or other natural substances to achieve carbon neutralization in 2050, making it shortage. Oak is more robbing.

The promulgation of the new regulations and the 2024 Summer Olympics is approaching, and the indoor oak is increasing. Multiple buildings in the Olympic Village require a large number of oaks to show French characteristics and environmental protection, and the wood theme in the Paris Olympics has also made oak a famous name. In recent years, China’s large number of oversized oaks in the past has also prompted the shortage of French oak in the peak.

Due to lack of deep processing technology, simple export logs cause the supply side to eat the dilemma of the French construction industry to start the shortage of wood, develop wood products deep processing, opening the timber industry is an indispensable development path of the French timber industry. However, the excellent attribute of oak has caused an increase in the pressure of the external demand, and has become the most popular wood in the market, and the control supply is not long-term for the development of the industry.