That’s the paradise for childhood

The lively Starlight Paradise was a dream world when I was a child. Sitting in a winged flying immediately, it seemed to enter the world of sky. Riding it, you can find the place where the rainbow starts; riding it can cross the star of the star sea gang to find the original home; riding it can gallop the trace of the elves in the forest. The rotating wooden mabari was hiding my innocent and romantic imagination, and the carefree childhood.

That’s a youth, a wanton laughter

When you are young, you always look forward to beauty and romance. During the holiday, I like to pull my friends to run towards the Starlight Amusement Park and feel the fairy -tale world. Rotating Trojan is our must -play project. Sitting on it to talk about the imagination of adventure and talk about the precious interest of childhood, it is an exclusive memory between us. Later, TA gave me a rotating Trojan eight -tone box, and twisted gently to play out of people’s music. I have always believed that this childlike gift will bring me good luck.

That’s a sweet heart in love

Before rotating Trojan, I wandered in a stinging manner, and finally waited for you to appear during the agreed time. I heard that the two people who really love each other sitting on the carousel at the same time, love will last forever. I want to take you to take a rotary Trojan to give you exclusive romance and commitment. No matter the time changes, I still love you as before. Trojan horses around and never leave the guardian turning platform, and I will always guard you to make you feel safe Max.

That’s a splendid sunshine when I was distressed

How can you be filled with busy work? Put aside the troubles, turn the rotating Trojan in your hand, and start the gorgeous time of the park in the cheerful melody! The sky there was blue, and a floating sun was spilled, which made people feel warm. You also come, turn the happy clockwork, let the soul live in the fairy tale, and embrace more expectations of life.

That’s the movement of love in life

The annual rings are around, the years are one year. Whenever you see the rotating Trojan eight -tone box on the table, do you think of the scene where your parents are going to the amusement park when you are young. Those warm memories are like old photos, and they appear in front of them, even if time is stunned, it is still warm. Perhaps, after a long time, many memories will be forgotten, but the rotating Trojan eight sound box will use notes to play the movement of love for you.

Like the rotating Trojan, Christmas full of dreamy atmosphere is coming. May wish to send yourself a lover of a starlight amusement park to let the joy last for a long time!