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Jiang Yuzheng (Qi Guan) is a little man in “Dream of Red Mansions”. He is a small opera in the drama class raised by Prince Heshun’s palace. In the era of “Dream of Red Mansions”, it was a slave, but Jiang Yuzheng was very important. The author explained through him. The relationship between several political forces, Jiang Yuzheng only appeared in front of the first eighty times and wrote twice, but Jiang Yuzheng’s circle of friends was very high, and he still had some cultural literacy. The characters reveal at least three important major events or relationships.


First portrayed Jia Baoyu’s value orientation.

Baoyu went to Feng Ziying’s family banquet for the first time. For the first time, she met Jiang Yuzhen. Prior to this, Baoyu had long admired Qi Guan. It seems that Jiang Yuzheng has some reputation, which is equivalent to our current star singer. Bar. The two met for the first time. In the case of relatively strange and unknown surnames, Bao Yu left the small solution, and Jiang Yuzheng followed closely. When Baoyu saw him “charming and gentle”, he moved his heart and was very nostalgic for him. He held his hand tightly and invited him to play in Jiafu. Later, Jiang Yuzheng reported his house. It turned out that Baoyu admired Qi Guan for a long time. Baoyu immediately gave his jade fan as a meeting. Jiang Yuli also unbuttoned his sweat towel and said:

“… I got a strange thing here. I got up early today, and it was still new. I can talk about me a little bit.” , Skin is fragrant and not sweaty. Yesterday, King Bei Jing gave me, and today only … Er Ye please solve his own tie and tie it to me. “

The two met for the first time, the words were intimate, and the behavior was bold. The sweat towel used by men was actually a pants belt with private underwear. There are strong sexual hints here. Jia Bao’s male friends such as Bei Jing, Qin Zhong, and Liu Xianglian. These people are those of the upper class of society, but Qi Guan is different, but Baoyu’s attitude towards him is no different from Qin Zhong. The author here has at least such a layer of meaning to express the standards of Jia Baoyu’s association. He only has things in the spiritual and spiritual world. Of course, he still has appearance, and he doesn’t care about class and identity.


Secondly, the political environment and political positions of Jiafu were explained through Qi Guan.

In “A Dream of Red Mansions”, the author wrote two major political forces. One was the four kings and eight public groups headed by King Bei Jing, and the other was the political group headed by Prince Zhongshun. Essence As mentioned earlier, Jiang Wang’s sweat towel presented Jia Baoyu was sent by King Bei Jing. It seems that his relationship with the Bei Jing King must be unusual, at least very close, let alone Wang Ye, that is, Jia Zheng’s five kinds of five. Pin Guan, can you imagine that he gave his pants waist band to another man? Jiang Yuxi’s social interaction is Feng Ziying, Jia Baoyu, a child who is close to Bei Jing Wangfu’s relationship, and there are many kinds of gatherings. Xue Yan personally said that he saw Jiang Yuzheng more than ten times.

Jiang Yuli

Thirty -three times novels, Jiang Yuxi ran away from Zhongshun Mansion. The chief official of Zhongshun King’s Mansion came to the Rongguo Mansion. Jia Zheng was surprised that he had never had any exchanges with Zhongshunfu. The thriller is that the chief historian knew clearly that Baoyu and Qi Guan’s secrets of switching with sweat towels. Baoyu was scared to blast the soul, afraid that he would say something else, it was a bamboo tube pour bean, and he came to the width. According to the ex -government hiding place. The focus here is that this long history officer is polite, and the toughness and prestige association of breath: “… I can find it once, if there is any, if not, come to ask.” It is not difficult to guess that this Qi Guan naturally does not want to stay in Zhongshun Mansion. It is likely that Lord Zhongshun just treats him as a child or a pastime. It is also possible that the prince is good to him, but Qi Guan is the official, but Qi Guan official After making a character like King Bei Jing, Jia Baoyu, etc., he found that it was consistent with these people and the spirit, and it was possible to get rid of Zhongshun Mansion.


As a result, the long history officer did not come to find trouble again, which means that Qi Guan returned to Zhongshun King’s Mansion. Jia Baoyu had a violent meal here. Baoyu’s associative Jiang Yuzheng must not consider any political factors, and he is not interested. It is simply like it. Through the aforementioned things, we learned that Jiafu and Zhongshun King’s Mansion is at least divided into two political camps, or even political opponents. Big, you must know that shortly before the Yuanchun Province, the holy pet is still there. No matter how the Jia family is, the family of the emperor is so much that the attitude towards Jiafu is more threatened. It is higher than that of the King of Bei Jing and the Jia family, and they can’t bless Jiang Yuyu.

Zhongshun Wangfu asked sin Jia Baoyu

It is unknown whether King Bei Jing is competing for Jiang Yuxi’s heart with Prince Zhongshun. According to the creation of the author of “Dream of Red Mansions”, he is probably attracted Jiang Yuyu with his personality charm and provided him with some help. possible.


The ending of the attack was to leave Jiafu to marry Jiang Yuli, “sighing the blessing of the people” and the swap of sweat towels to evidence each other.

Zi Yanzhai always wrote after the twenty -eight rounds of Jiaben: Qianxiang Luo and red musk skewers were written in one time. Although the chess officials were superior, they later returned to worship the Jade and Bao Qing. The non -general text also. This proves that after the Jia family loses, before Jia Baoyu’s monks, Jiang Yuzheng and the attacker and his wife accepted Baoyu Baodi and raised it for a while. It’s just that the content of “Dream of Red Mansions” is lost after eighty times. The specifics are no longer known.

Jiang Yuli Baoyu strikes people

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