When choosing a skirt, I often prefer to choose to make my aura more


The style, this style is very suitable for people with more mature temperament, because when mature people wear more high -end skirts such as hip skirts, the charm that can be released is difficult to protrude by other skirts.

The design of the hip skirt is simple and generous, and there is a little bit

Small sexy, grid

Outside is suitable for temperament

Wear a stable person

Essence It is a pity that the requirements for the body for the body


, Especially flat body and particularly plump body, put on

The effects are average.

When wearing a skirt, try to try the hips more. After the wife of Da Dawei put on,

The temperament is greater

After the elegant and high -end skirts make the elegant and generous people wear it, the charm is more temperamental.

Granda’s temperament,

It is difficult to display many more comfortable skirts on the body.

Guan Yue’s figure is more fleshy

Therefore, when choosing a hip skirt, I did not wear a special tight style, which made her aura more like


Essence According to her figure, Xiaobian also recommends people with different figure curves, and she also chooses different ways to wear hip skirts.

How to choose a young hip skirt

○ style

The effect on the temperament of the skirt and the impact on the figure is completely different. There are naturally tight and very loose designs that are very tight and very loose. Generally, professional women who go to work will not choose to be very tight. After all, professional women also need to move around. Comparison

Elegant temperament.

This elegant feeling makes your aura more generous. I believe everyone also knows the hip skirt with too tight design. It will make your aura charming, this charming temperament is not very good


At least

It will reduce a certain high -end aura.

The choice of upper body clothing will also have a greater impact on the overall gas field. When the skirt you choose is relatively loose, in fact, the upper body you choose can selectively sexy. This contrast effect can ensure that the skirt can be guaranteed

Pure and high -level sense.


I like to wear more unique styles, and I can also match it


Dressed on a shoulder,

Or choose a tight -fitting dress. Overall vision comparison


Adjust. Women in the workplace are more recommended for matching

White shirt

, White pure feeling, the generous temperament of the shirt can be matched

Loose hip skirts appear when it is presented


○ Color


Often when choosing the color of the skirt, everyone still prefers to wear


Colored skirts,

Unlike clothes such as jackets and pants, skirts pay more attention to uniqueness. If you choose color, the temperament of the skirt is often more fashionable.


The color of the clothing must have a white effect, and the body

The role of elegant temperament is now

For example, the right red is very white, but it is too public, not suitable

Loose bag hip skirt

This low -key and warm gas field. Comparison is more suitable for wearing retro brown or red brown, etc.


Also certain

Literary costume color.

○ Daily match recommendation

When wearing a hip skirt every day, the matching method is still relatively simple. Because of the hip skirt

Not very convenient to act,

Generally, sports style clothing is not recommended for matching. It is better to match the stable and dignified clothing, and the shoes are also recommended to choose high -heeled shoes of the back to the back. In this way, the aura that can be released by the clothing will be more generous, and the sense of high -level is also very feminine.

Therefore, when wearing a hip skirt, everyone often chooses a more advanced fan.

Bags, shoes,

There are also hairstyles and accessories. Young and too strong, too cool, I don’t recommend everyone

Put on a hip skirt.

A variety of different design bag hip skirts


○ Pure and elegant

Are the pure hip skirts loose? It is not necessarily. If the color is pure, the effect of the skirt will naturally look pure.

For example, a white hip skirt, even if it is designed as a very tight style, will not be particularly charming. Of course, if you can match the lotus leaf edge, a little bit

Loose design

, The effects that can be displayed will be more

Freshness and

Gentle texture.

○ Waying hip skirt with good slim -fitting effect


Hip skirt


There is a better self -cultivation effect, generally the color must be selected



At least, it can make your figure look more slender.

Another way is to make the figure more slimmer by matching the jacket or other patterns, and the method of matching the jacket is very simple. At least you have to make your body look more uniform. The method of stitching is to add on the side

White fabric,

Apricate clothing visually


This can make the figure more delicate.

○ Luxury hip skirt

Long skirt

If the style of the hips is often a fishtail skirt, after all, everyone wears hip skirts to walk, even if it is a dress, it cannot avoid a small number of walking.

The design of the fishtail skirt enlarge the curve of the skirt can also make your aura more


It is a kind of beautiful, strong and retro skirt


The skirt is still high -level with hips, and the mature beauty is more charming. No wonder Guan Yue is always wearing