When I was young, the most often painted by art classes should be blue sky and yellow flowers. This impression also made many people like blue and yellow.


Very attractive, it seems to represent a lot of nature


Very much

Beautiful and mysterious


Things, and yellow is a full and soft color, it is more like always with

Rich fragrance

Swing up with the wind.

Many people like these two colors, maybe they have their own reasons, and if you like it

Used into life

So when choosing clothing in daily life, you will also use these two colors

Love can’t bear it.

However, each color will be used as a clothing background or when matching

Exclusive skills,

Xiaobian sorted out some blue and yellow clothing styles and matches today. I hope to provide some matching experiences for everyone who is watching ~


Recommended style of blue clothing-

Pearl light dark tube top skirt:

Blue as a very kind

Wild color

, To match the long skirt, there is a more kind of

Magnificent momentum

Essence In terms of style, confident and open tube top skirt style will be better to reflect blue

Domineering of long skirts

This kind of momentum that is not afraid of everything is like the waves of waves at night, which can sweep all the soft moonlight.

Material aspect

More recommended

Pearl fabric,


Dark pattern.

It seems that you can see the bright or darkness between the eyes

Exquisite lines.

This design also comes with a high -level ones


Although it seems that the first layer of design seems to be very simple, it contains the background, pearl, dark pattern, and the fusion of light and shadow and fabric.

Gradient color

Very advanced, there is a low -key luxury. The stack of the waist design and the hard fabric of the tube top also makes the figure look more exquisite and sexy.

Deep V Sencestrack Ghellar Skirt:

Blue always makes people think of

Sea and Starry Sky

So it is very suitable to add some




The design and tight style, if these styles are just a simple fusion, can show a


Mature woman


, But the dark plaid is added, and the border of the grid of the material also has a vague natural sense.

This kind of blue -black and blue -green combination is combined

Special material

There will be a kind of snake skin pattern, but it does not make people feel terrible, but the momentum is even more amazing, similar


Dark domineering,


Deep V’s design will also make the overall temperament

More charming.


Deep V will make the sexy figure show, and it will be lengthened

Proportion of neck

And the slim design can also make the figure as soft and tempting like a snake. Girls who like dark style, or girls who want to improve the aura can try this design.


Recommended style of yellow clothing-

Golden Fang Ling Skin Skirt:

Pure yellow

High saturation

It will feel more clear or more expensive to give people. In daily life, it will generally not use such a high saturation color, but will use some of the same color

More gentle

Some colors, such as pale yellow. The combination of light yellow and sequins or small fine drills is a kind of combination

Gilt’s texture.

This texture will make the whole clothes have a golden glitter

Romantic feeling,

The wealthy and affinity visual picture makes people unforgettable for a long time. Fang Ling with a skirt with hip -hip style can not only

Show a graceful figure

And will not destroy this

Elegant noble


Daquan shows the skin and clavicle lines on the chest, and this kind of square can make the neck feel a elegant swan neck. The whole person is like a princess surrounded by magic powder in fairy tales.

Goose yellow V -neck bubble sleeve long skirt:

There are also very gentle but saturated in the yellow system.


Goose yellow

, That is, people often say bright yellow. This color is very similar to the flower heart of daisy, and it looks like the color of egg yolk. In short, with a kind of

Girl’s Jiao,

It will make the overall temperament very very good

Bright and energetic.

Goose yellow is still a very kind

White color

Because this bright white will cover the dark yellow on the skin, and compares a relatively fair color. Choose the design of bubble sleeves and bow, which can express

Strong three -dimensional

Bubble sleeves can also be called princess sleeve. This design allows the shoulder and collarbone to form a right -angle visual effect. If the V -neck design is added, the clavicle will be made

The skeleton looks very Peugeot.

The position of the waist on the chest can be used

Crossed fold

The effect creates a bow of the bow. This strap design will also make the waist lines more obvious.


Recommendation of blue and yellow clothing-

Blue semi -transparent lace shirt+slim jeans:

Not just black and white can have a lace design, blue can also be matched with the translucent texture of lace, but also a blue color

Lady’s elegance

, The cuffs of the top can be paired

Petal sleeve

The design, add one to the whole


You can choose a simple vest or wear a lingerie directly. Slim lace shirt with slim jeans is a very

Elegant solid color wearing

If you want some cute and sexy and mature temperament, you can choose to bring

Cute print


Yellow printed skirt+black waist tulle:

When wearing a yellow dress, if you want to add some layered and light texture to the thick monotonous skirt, you can choose a universal



The yellow color is very light, so you can choose to use the black gauze to neutralize and the yellow coquettish. The fabric is more regular and heavy, so the transparent tulle can be in texture