Sitting for a long time! How important is the high -quality office chair

For office workers, most of them are seated for a long time now. The most uncomfortable thing is not overtime, but to support the pain to work with the pain. In the long run, there will be a variety of lumbar spine problems in the long run to find the door. I have been so desperate to work. Going to the office in a better mood, it can also avoid the discomfort of the lumbar spine and improve work efficiency.


There are also a lot of office chairs on the market now. How do we choose? Xiaoyao was named after Emperor Li Longji (Emperor Tang Ming) of the Tang Dynasty and was widely loved by the royal members. During the Song Dynasty, the most well-known-Tai Shi chair of Xiaoyao was passed on to this day. The Chinese cultural dream of Xiaoyao Poster gives new features and new forms for chairs. Let’s see how the office chair that keeps pace with the times!

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After all, you must sit on it for a long time. Of course, you must consider the comfort of the cushion. Not only should you start with the thickness and elasticity, but also pay attention to the fabric. It must be breathable, otherwise the hips will cause skin problems. It is easy to clean!

Xingyun -type seat surface can better support the dragon tail and spine contour, so that it maintains a normal curve and help relieve the pressure of the waist and back. The dual -layer cushion is not only very soft, but also very good. The large curve ergonomic chair back and seat seat can be perfectly fitted on the back of the waist, focusing on supporting the waist and back For sedentary clan, it is very intimate. And there is a 15mm thick metal handrail, which plays a good relief and relaxation. It has leather fabric to protect the elbow and prevent collision.

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Some office chairs do not have armrests now. Here, what I need to say is that it will be better with a handrail, because keeping a posture for a long time to work, the elbow will be easily stiff and numb. The soothing effect is easier.

The leather is delicate and very high -level. The filling in the seat seat is high -quality pillow cotton, and the thickness has reached 15cm, so even if it is sitting on it for a long time, there is no discomfort. It is easy to be free and meets multiple needs. Double -pole control, lifting knob, adjust to the angle that you feel comfortable.


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Foot of the chair

There are two types of seats in the office, one has a pulley, and the other is not. Of course, it will be better! Because this is more convenient, for example, you do n’t need to get up to the nearby colleagues. You must pay attention to the bearing capacity and the fluency of the steering. The material with thick materials is better.


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