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Recently, Sun Yan posted a picture on Weibo that “The doll in the doll machine was caught by me, isn’t it a bit amazing!” Sun Yan stood by the doll machine with a warrior, so the editor will take you to reveal the secrets of you. Sun Yan grabbing empty doll machine tutorial!


Since Zhen Huan’s spread, our mother -in -law Sun Yan has almost never come out to make a movie and TV series. Looking at her Weibo, it turned out to be a baby at home as an old mother! This is not, it is estimated that it is in the process of bringing a baby again. , Niangniang couldn’t help but grab the doll for a while, but did not expect that she even caught the doll machine! Reveal the tutorial of Sun Yan’s empty doll machine! This must be what netizens want to know most. Of course, Xiaobian also wants Know wow!


In the photo of Weibo photos, Sun Yan hugged three Donald ducks, standing next to the empty caught doll machine, showing a happy smile, and even showing off a doll with only three dollars in Weibo comments! It is a master! Demonstrate Sun Yan ’s scratching doll machine tutorials more and more voices. Netizens are crying when they can teach you a tutorial to teach everyone, and let everyone experience a air -catching doll machine.

I do n’t know how Sun Yan caught the doll, but the editor also has some tips for catching the doll. Those who like to catch the doll can try it.

Skills grasping doll machine


1. The clips of the doll machine are generally composed of 3. When grabbing dolls, the angle of the paw is often incompatible. When the clip falls, a certain one will fall on the baby or deviate from the grabbing point, so the important point is to turn the clip. The rotating clip is actually very simple, that is, the fast 360 -degree rotation game rod, the clip rotates swing, the angle will change. When the clip stops shaking, you can catch it, but pay attention to the time. The big head puppet (big head dog, big head Vini) encounters big head dolls. The center of gravity of this puppet is on the head. Observe whether the clip is larger than the doll head. If the clip is relatively large, you can directly clip the baby’s head. If the clip is smaller than the doll head, don’t expect the big head target of the doll to get on the hook, because if the clip does not fit, the clip does not fit up. There is no grip. If you are bigger than the clip, you have to start with the target’s neck at this time, and find a way to put the clip stuck in the neck and the middle position of the body. This is the easiest place to pinch it.

2. Press or. You can just hold the whole time at 1/3 of the height of the doll. When the clip is exactly in the end, the power of his natural thing is usually not enough. Most machine claws are stronger, and it will be useless to press twice. It is actually useful for some machines. It allows you to tighten the clip at a accurate time, and it is easier to catch it. But be careful not to be excited, the second time the clip is recovered early in the air, then the cup is made. Essence Essence The easiest way for long -handed and long puppets, humanoid puppets (rice mice, naughty leopard) is to clamp the body, send the clip into the puppet neck or under the armpit, or the position of the PG. If the doll is close to the exit, You can also clip the cloth closer to the exit point. For example, the feet are already at the entrance of the hole. At this time, you can put it under the feet of the doll. Sometimes after the clip is pulled up, the doll will be pulled up and directly into the hole. It can be successful after dragging it once or twice. Two -headed puppets (Little Dingdang, Rac rackets, cheap rabbits, Q version of Disney dolls) The puppets of the two -headed body are often due to weight factors, so the head and tail are not the best offensive place. The most suitable place is to find a doll. The center of gravity, the tail of the pinch is usually not successful. You must find a way to send the clip into the center of the body, so sometimes it is necessary to spend one or two copper plates for the doll. Essence

3. Like a big doll, or a doll of a two -headed body, it is best to grab it from the baby’s body and neck. It’s easy to fall. If you really like this doll, I suggest to pay for two coins first, put the doll down and grab. The method is very simple, that is, the clip is a bit of a drop, so that the claw is on the head of the baby, and the other two claws grab the baby’s body obliquely. After the clip is retracted, the doll will be pulled down. Note that the position must be mastered, and the rotating clip can be used ~ and if there are too many obstacles around the doll, this is not applicable. Soft cloth puppets (lying dogs, sandbag dolls) The characteristics of soft puppets look very heavy, because soft lying, so it seems to be able to clamp it, because it is not as strong as filling as a doll, so clip up the clip up upwards It will fall soon, so you can use the dragging strategy method to let the doll move to the entrance little by little. At this time, the closer part of the hole is right. If you can’t move three or five times, you must consider giving up. In addition, you can find a place with hard accessories on the puppet, such as the collar on the dog’s neck. Become a place of grasp.

4. This method of throwing clips is more difficult. My hands are stupid and are always unsuccessful. First of all, the target doll should not be too close to the glass or exit, otherwise it will be knocked by a clip. After confirming that there are no obstacles next to the target doll, throw the clip from the left and right, so that the clip will swing sharply, find the time to press the fall button, and wait for the paw to be clipped to the doll. Pay attention to calculating the landing position of the clip. After pinching the doll, the clip will not relax at this time, while taking back and swinging, the clip will usually let go of the clip at the top, but our doll will be thrown towards the hole haha. This method sounds very good. It slowly moves over the insurance than the clip, but it is difficult to aim, so the success rate is not high, and the RP is important. Standard animal dolls (lions, dogs, cats, bionic velvet toys) bionic dolls, places to clamp the body or dolls, these are to observe the special places where the puppet body, such as the elephant doll, Below the nose, the tail of the monkey bending area, etc., or send the clip into the place where the body and the hand civilization are used, if the clip can be stuck in the body, the chance of success is great. The super small doll is smaller than the palm of the palm. This kind of doll’s machine clip is very small, about seven or eight cm, and the movement speed is mostly very fast. There will be a key buckle ring or suction cup on this small baby’s head. You You can pinch these places, because the small cloth puppet is light and the clip is relatively tight. , Find the accessories on your body.

5. Irregular puppets (other) irregular dolls, small, find the center of gravity, and the big one can find a clip to plug into the body. These irregularities are usually sewn with some accessories. Like a doll, there are multiple leather bags and the like. Round dolls (whales, ball dolls) have no way of strategy, relying on luck or clips, the machine is good, otherwise it is good, otherwise it is a money delivery machine. The height of the height of the height is only when the gambling clip comes up and then it will roll into the entrance of the cave by itself. Long dolls (pillows, towels) are sometimes not necessarily dolls. Some are cylindrical pillows printed on a few cute cartoon patterns, or small puppets are sewed in the middle of the pillow. For puppets, you can only try to see the clip. Most people in this long cylindrical shape will clip the center of the center of gravity. There are still opportunities to clamp the small ones, but you can only play like this. You can only play like this. Just send the money into the machine. To deal with this kind of bigger than the clip, you can only attack the head and tail. When you use the clip to stand up, you can gamble to see if you will pour it into the hole. This is the most basic strategy. Method, but you must also pay attention to the acrylic of export. If you are too much higher than the doll, don’t waste money.