As Chongqing enters Guizhou, Guangxi’s fast passage, the construction of South and two expressways has new progress. On December 15th, the right cave tunneling of the spring door of the Guizhou Bridge Group was fully completed, marking the tunnel to achieve two-way penetration, and built a solid foundation for the South Second Express to build a car in October 2020.

Spring door special tunnel two-way through.

It is reported that the spring door special tunnel is the separation, small net combined tunnel, is the main controlled project of the South two high-speed, is a two-way four-lane highway, the tunnel is 6470 meters (with the right one), the design speed is 80km / h. There are 1 ventilated passage in the main hole of the tunnel.

It is understood that the South Expressway, the whole length is 77 kilometers, with a total investment of 11 billion yuan, and it is planned to build a car in October 2020. It is the “three ring 12 sho” in the “three ring 12 and seven lines”. “The important road segment will form a highway ring line outside the road, strengthen the connection between the ray highway, and improve the current situation of nearly 40km no river channel in the Yangtze River in the Yangtze River in the east of the main city. This high-speed will connect to Nanchuan to Guizhou Road Really Highway, forming Chongqing into Guizhou, Guangxi’s fast passage, the future, through this highway can go straight to the North Sea of ​​Guangxi.

渝黔快速通道南两高速明年通车 春天门特长隧道实现双向贯通

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