1. Equalizer

Equilibrium is an electronic device that can regulate various frequencies of component electrical signals, respectively. By adjusting the audio signals of different frequencies, the flaws of speakers and sound fields are compensated. The equilibrium on the tone can only adjust the three -stage frequency electrical signal of high frequency, intermediate frequency, and low -frequency frequency. It can only be coarse and cannot meet the requirements as a room equilibrium processing or balance system curve. The audio signal of 20Hz-20KHz is divided into 15 or 31 sections, so that it will be more accurate and easier to make the system frequency loud curve straight up



It can also be freely attenuated unnecessary frequency

In a system that is based on voice dilatation, it can also be suppressed to a certain extent through an appropriate amount of attenuation. In addition, the equilibrium is also divided into icon equilibrium and parameter equilibrium. Generally, the icon balancer is generally used in the peripheral system of the mixer.

2. Effector

The music without processing gives people a sense of lack of beauty. The effect is an electronic instrument dedicated to producing various effects. Its role is to change a series of measures such as the waveform of the original sound, the phase of the modulation or delayed sound wave, and the enhanced sound wave component, which produces a variety of special sound effects. In addition to the conference voice dilatation, many people sing and musical instruments use the effect. When singers are singing, they can make the sound plump, broad, and long. Monomily and straightforward. Many instruments such as electric guitar, bass, electronic drums, etc. can also produce different styles of sound effects through the effect. These effects include

Distortions, compression (compressor), migration effect

(PHARE), Chorus, OverDrive, Flanger, Wow Sound Effect (WAH), Delay Effect Delay).

3. Incentor

A harmonic generator uses human psychological acoustic characteristics to modify and beautify sound signals. By adding a variety of methods such as high -frequency harmonic ingredients, it can improve sound quality, sound, sound, and sound penetration, and increase the sense of space. Most of the incentives can not only create high -frequency harmonics, but also have functions such as low -frequency expansion and music style, making the bass effect deeper, shocking, fuller, and custardful. High -frequency incentives can improve the clarity of sound, sensitivity and expression. Make the sound more pleasant, reduce the fatigue fatigue, and increase loudness. Although the incentives only add a harmonic component of about 0.5DB to the sound, the actual sound sounds like an increase of about 10DB. The sound loudness of the sound is significantly increased, the three -dimensional sense of the sound and image, and the increase of the separation of sound

Improving the positioning and layering of sound.



It is the abbreviation of compression and amplifier. Generally speaking, most of the compressed and limited device appears together. Where there is compression function, there will be restrictions. compressor

It is a processing device that decreases with the increase in the input signal level. Amplifier

After the output level reaches a certain amplitude, no matter how the input level increases, its maximum output level maintains a constant processing equipment. The maximum output level can be adjusted as needed. The use of pressure limits has the following effect

1 noise door

Because many processing equipment, microphone and a large number of cables are often connected in large -scale sound expansion systems, this can easily lead to obvious background noise, especially in a quiet state (when the music is stopped, no one speaks), the noise may be possible. It will be obvious that the input signal is set to set a threshold level to the input signal through the noise door on the pressure limit, so that no one can “close the door” when no one speaks or no instrument performance. “In this way, you won’t hear obvious background noise.

2 security protection

安全阀的作用,音响系统可能由于操作不当(设备的音量控制调得过大或开机、关机、转换等操作不当而出现强大电压冲击)、信号不稳(不同演唱者声音大小的差别或传声器与The distance between the distance between the mouth) or the accident (the scream caused by the tap or the strong sound feedback) occurs too high signal levels, which will cause serious overload distortion to the system, and even damage the speaker or power amplifier. After access to the pressure device, through its compression and restrictions, it plays a role in protecting the entire system. This is the main purpose of the theater and song and ballrooms widely configured.

3 increase loudness

The dynamic range of compression and restrictions can be suppressed by strong signals and improved weak signals. Because the sound of human ears feels strong is the average sound level of a certain period of time, in a program with a lower average level, some high -voice peak signals that occasionally appear sound. But the average sound pressure level is higher.

4 Make special audio effects with a compressor

Using a short start time and long release time can create a special sound effect similar to “reverse sound”, especially suitable for some percussion instruments. Quickly start the signal level to be compressed immediately, and when the signal is naturally attenuated, the adjustment of the release time increases its gain to reduce the degree of natural attenuation. This effect is very significant for drum -type percussion instruments.

5. Feedback suppressor

In the soundproof system, if the microphone volume is largely increased, the sound of the speaker will be passed to the microphone and causes how to scream. This phenomenon is sound feedback. Sound feedback not only destroys the sound quality and the atmosphere of the scene, the excessive voice feedback will also make the system signal too strong, thereby burning the amplifier or speaker (generally burn the speakers of the speaker).

Before the feedback suppressor appears, the audiors often use the method of balanor pull feedback point (attenuation feedback frequency) to suppress sound feedback. The sound feedback phenomenon of sound expansion systems is mainly because some frequency sounds are too strong. These excessive frequency will be attenuated to solve this problem.

First, the level of listening to the audio master is extremely high. After the feedback, the audio must judge the feedback frequency and degree of feedback to the feedback, and immediately accurately accurately disclose the balanor’s frequency point. Rich audiors are difficult to do.

The second is to have a certain impact on the massive sound quality. The frequency bandwidth of the current 31 -segment balancer is 1/3 times the frequency range. Some voice feedback requires the frequency bandwidth that requires decay. Sometimes it will be less than 1/3 times the frequency range. At this time, many useful frequency ingredients will be removed. Drop, cause these frequency sounds to cause irreparable losses.

Third, the equipment may be burned in the adjustment process. It takes a certain period of time to judge the frequency of how to judge the scream. If this time is too long, the device should be damaged due to a long -term strong signal state. Using the feedback suppressor can completely solve the above problems, the feedback suppressor automatically detects the feedback frequency, and accurately attenuates the feedback frequency. The feedback inhibitory effect is better. This processing can effectively eliminate feedback and will not have a significant impact on the replaceable sound quality, so its superiority is obvious.

6. Electronic frequency division

The audio weak signal for frequency division is located in front of the power amplifier, and then uses the independent power amplifier to amplify each audio band signal after frequency division, and then send it to the corresponding speaker unit. It is easier to adjust, reduce power loss, and interference between speakers. Makes the signal small and the sound quality is good. However, this method must be an independent power amplifier each, with high cost and complicated circuit structure. In particular, a system with an independent overweight bass speaker must use electronic frequency divisors to separate signals out of the overweight bass signal and send it into an overweight bass amplifier.

In addition, there is also a device called digital audio processor on the market. A device can also complete the functions of a balancer, pressure limiter, frequency division, delayer and other functions. In the future, the A-D conversion device is converted to a digital signal. After processing, the D-A converter is converted to an analog signal to the power amplifier. Due to the digital processing, the adjustment is more accurate and the noise coefficient is lower. In addition to the independent balanced start, the voltage limit limit, the voltage limit In addition to the functions of device, frequency division, and delay device, digital input gain control and phase control are also added, and the functions are more powerful.