This mask brought to you today, everyone should have seen it in the circle of friends, Xiaohongshu and other places.


Regarding this brand, in fact, Xiaobian did not hear it before this mask, but many of the girls who want to become beautiful in the past should be no stranger to girls.

Yes, WONJIN was from a Korean cosmetic hospital. Today I recommend it to you a hyaluronic acid mask

WONJIN Yuanchen hyaluronic acid bottle mask

Mask details View video

Video loading …

The first time I took a video of the video was extremely embarrassing

When I first started posting, it was very sticky

Dilute by the essence


After posting, I also maintain my hands and necks a bit

This is 10 minutes later

The essence on the mask paper has been absorbed by the skin

This is the effect after taking it down

By the way, do a maintenance of the “Skeleton” of the background

Ha ha


It can be seen that the mask paper is almost dry

The effect of the skin is translucent

Very tender and smooth, and a little whitening effect

I am still very satisfied with this mask editor




Features of the original Chen mask

Thin mask paper


Essence is easy to absorb


And whitening effect

I personally feel

There is also the effect of shrinking pores