Recently, Yishen Furniture’s self-shot TV advertising feature film has advertising exhibitions on CCTV CCTV-7, CCTV-9, CCTV-12, and CCTV-15, and once again set off its 2019 brand strategy!

Yishen Furniture is a well -known brand of technical professionalism with a development trend for nearly 29 years. It is located in the South China Sea of ​​Foshan. It has a large number of product research and development design ideas, specialty talents, and international excellent manufacturing machines and equipment. The Yishen Furniture Team adheres to the work criteria for implementing high standards, actively promotes environmentally friendly green product concepts, and is committed to creating a series of healthy living products such as software sofas, soft beds, mattresses, etc., bringing consumers with “five -star comfortable comfort. “Extremely exclusive experience.

For example, the 3D mattress of Yishen Furniture is made of high -tech 3D fabric fiber material and through German processing technology. It is a kind of spring without spring, palm -free, but has enough elasticity and support for support. Ecological environmental protection health mattress.


By borrowing CCTV platform to promote brand building

As China’s largest TV media platform, CCTV has the highest media authority and the strongest platform influence. The high starting point determines the height and intensity of brand communication. Yishen Furniture is strongly logged in to CCTV as a wonderful advertising, which is intended to use CCTV’s “covering the country and radiating global” communication advantages to quickly start its popularity across the country, bringing huge visual impact to dealers and terminal consumers to dealers and terminal consumers , To further shape and strengthen a good brand image.

Pass the owner of sleeping culture to be healthy

According to relevant surveys, about 400 million people across the country are plagued by sleep problems, and nearly 60 % of children and adolescents have insufficient sleep. At present, more than 80 human diseases have been found to be related to sleep problems.

During the national broadcast of CCTV’s special films, Yishen Furniture has also conveyed the concept of “healthy sleep”, calling on everyone to pay attention to the quality of sleep, consciously practice a healthy lifestyle, and be the owner of physical health management. Together, the Yishen Furniture Elite Team also took care of customers’ requirements for different ages, different habituals, and different health conditions in designing products to give them healthy sleep supplies available to help them find vibrant themselves.


Yishen Furniture actively shoulder the company’s corporate social responsibility, and dedicates this energy for “the health of the whole people” with sincerity. From the authoritative experts of healthy sleep science to the propaganda of healthy sleep culture and art, let warm and love travel with love. It is a well -known brand in Yishen furniture accumulation!