I have read a autobiography of Zhang Ailing, called “My Genius Dream”. The article is not long, but it deeply describes Zhang Ailing’s strangeness. At the age of 6, he completed his first novel. Bogu Tong is today. Who dares to ask such wonders who are not curious?张爱玲的一生并没有因为自己的天赋而变得有多顺遂,正相反,这个天赋却给她带来了不小的麻烦,为了不使自己的形象被毁,她只能夜以继日地学习,只为了Reaching the perfect her in people’s heart.

She said frankly that during that time, except literature in her mind, nothing would be, she would not cut apples, she would not wash clothes, and left the literary coat. She was just a girl who had difficulty in self -care. The process of changing is very difficult, but she is still successful. Anyone who knows Zhang Ailing knows that she has an extraordinary family world. Her grandmother is the most painful daughter of Li Hongzhang, the heavy minister of the Qing Dynasty, and her mother is a famous painter. If it wasn’t for the annihilation of the Qing Dynasty, Zhang Ailing was now a rich lady.

Zhang Ailing was very rebellious when she was young. It was probably because her mother and father divorced earlier, and her mother insisted on studying in France, which caused her to lose her mother’s love since she was a child. But this could not be trapped, and she had a common food climbing to escape. She didn’t even know what she could do after she left home. She just wanted to leave blindly, want to escape, and escape from this place that may not belong to her.

Zhang Ailing’s marriage is as twists and turns as her mother. She has two unforgettable marriage. One is with Hu Lancheng. This early marriage was ended in two years later. This experience is Zhang Ailing’s unforgettable experience in her life. It is also based on this marriage that she has created a lot of excellent works. The wind and crane in the literary world can be regarded as a blessing!


The second marriage is also full of legends. I believe Zhang Ailing has never expected that she will meet the love of this life in a foreign country. Writer Mr. Rice. Perhaps because of the same writer, there are many common topics of the two. After half a year of acquaintance, Zhang Ailing married Rice. The two lived well until Rice died. Perhaps Zhang Ailing later let go of her love and love, and wrote the perfect love in her heart into her own article. After reading her text, she will find that her literary literacy is rare at the time. Zhang Ailing has a lot of famous sentences, and each sentence is philosophical without losing charm.


In “My Genius Dream”, Zhang Ailing wrote at the end: “Life is a gorgeous robe, full of lice.” This is a summary of her imperfect legendary life. The pain that others can’t see, her experience makes people sigh. Zhang Ailing’s famous masterpiece is “Love in the City”, with an illusory style, so he was not optimistic for a time, but the person who liked it was incredible. The perfect love in the text should be yearning for many people! Being able to go through the dust without drowning, the love of the city naturally has its extraordinary place.


Zhang Ailing’s works are always criticized more or less because they do not match the theme of the times. Zhang Ailing did not care about it. She was only willing to act according to her heart. This was very rare at the time. In all her works, the best is “Golden Lock”. Fu Lei once gave it a high evaluation, which is enough to see its value, and he does not know the reputation of Zhang Ailing’s genius.

In 1995, Zhang Ailing died. The woman who had an extraordinary influence on the Chinese literary world left silently. Her will is very simple. If the funeral is not held, the ashes are sprinkled to the Pacific Ocean. This incredible idea is that she can think about it. Come out and do it.

Throughout her life, she was in literature, but in love, there was always a little injustice. The love in Zhang Ailing’s literature could only be realized in illusions.