On July 21, nearly 20 bamboo processing industry experts aimed at a small bamboo suction tube. In the history of bamboo processing for nearly thousands of years, the bamboo absorbing tube developed by Longzhu Technology is considered to be the representative of the latest technology. It not only brings a new imagination to the development of the industry, but also inspires practitioners’ thinking on breaking the concept.

Follow a number of technologies in the attracting industry

At the expert demonstration meeting on July 21, the opinions given by the expert group described several key technologies adopted by bamboo suction pipes -Yuanzhu Showing, Placing thin slices, vertical lengths, and entangled forming.

Taking the technique of cutting the thin -shaving slice of the round bamboo exhibition as an example. In traditional bamboo processing, it is usually only possible to use the cylindrical bamboo material to grow longitudinal growth strip materials, which is called bamboo blanks in the industry.

Later, the carving -type expansion technology was developed, that is, through the horizontal engraving inside the bamboo tube, the stress inside the bamboo was released horizontally.

The circular bamboo development technology developed by Longzhu Technology is no trace. That is, the original bamboo softened through the carbonization process of independent development and then implemented it. Its carbonization process can be completed in 15 minutes, and the traditional carbon chemical technology takes 120 minutes.

Experts introduced to reporters that the technology without carved marks not only maintains the original flexibility and service life of the bamboo materials, but also significantly improves the qualified product rate and reduces the cost of material.

Placing thin slices are also the first in the industry. Earlier, I wanted to get the thin slices of bamboo materials, and I could only cut it horizontally. The longitudinal planing of Longzhu Technology is to unveil the layer of layers from beginning to end on the unfolding bamboo materials, which can obtain thin slices of the length of the whole bamboo.

Because the longitudinal cutting does not destroy the bamboo fiber, its flexibility is very strong and the scope of application is wider. The bamboo suction tube is obtained by the vertical wrapping of this thin piece.

The expert group expressed the test of the bamboo absorbing tube that its temperature resistance was 1.5 times that of paper straws, which was more than 80 degrees or more; it could be completely degraded; it could be reused. These traits have become a great benefit of the catering industry. Since the ban on plastic straws, catering merchants have been in the dilemma of the paper straw experience and the cost of PLA straws. The advent of bamboo suction tube is very likely to become the best alternative to plastic straws with performance and price advantages.

In the history of human development and utilization of bamboo, there are bamboo tiles, bamboo rafts, bamboo baskets, bamboo baskets in ancient times. Today, there are bamboo storage boxes, bamboo shelves, bamboo tables and chairs, and make more complicated bamboo suction tubes. It is the first time. The technology behind this is the key to the expertise that is suddenly open -Longzhu Technology has led the Chinese bamboo product industry to enter the new era of materials research and development.

The pain of the industrial upgrade of “Bamboo Kingdom”

China is the country with richer bamboo resources in the world, the deepest heritage of bamboo culture, and the highest degree of industrialization. The nation’s bamboo forest area accounts for 1/4 of the global bamboo forest area; the annual output value of the bamboo industry is 200 billion yuan, accounting for half of the global bamboo output value , Known as the “Bamboo Kingdom”.

However, in this world’s largest bamboo product exporter, the bamboo industry is facing the worry of upgrading. According to statistics, there are thousands of Chinese bamboo products processing enterprises, but the market concentration is low. At present, there are only less than 1%of the total number of bamboo processing enterprises with an annual output value of over 100 million. Most companies have an annual output value of less than 5 million, and they are in the stage of handmade workshops.

Due to the traditional processing methods, few technological breakthroughs, the bamboo product industry has never taken the road of high value -added. The low technology content and the low value of the product have led to limited profit of enterprise, and it is difficult to carry out technological research and development and brand building. The severe homogeneity has exacerbated competition, which has further compressed profits, and companies are more unable to carry out research and innovation. With the advent of the era of intelligent manufacturing, some bamboo companies have introduced automated production lines, but it is still difficult to break the bottlenecks of products and technological innovation and continue low profits.

Lian Jianchang, the founder and chairman of Longzhu Technology, believes that the root cause of the above problems has a lot to do with people’s solidification thinking. “For example, the specification material must be used on the material, which is利 Remove it before you can use it. This is a detour. “

In Lian Jianchang’s view, ancient society has made bamboo into arrows and nails, which is to use the high density characteristics of bamboo. However, when entering modern business society, people blindly pursue low cost and efficiency, and they are habitually shameless and easy to find them. Over time, the applicable products that can be used have reached a bottleneck, and the industry has entered a stagnation stage. Therefore, in the final analysis, the solidification thinking limits the development of the industry.

“Can you take the hardest surface layer alone and increase the density through technical means to reach the degree of metal. In the future, use bamboo to replace metals? I am afraid no one has thought about it.”

However, this incredible idea has taken root in Lian Jianchang’s mind for a long time. Turning back to ten years, this has nothing to do with the development experience of Longzhu Technology.

From product research and development to material research and development continues to lead the industry upgrade

Founded in 2010, Longzhu Technology is a leading company in the industry that focuses on independent research and development. Lian Jianchang introduced that the company’s R & D direction has gone through three stages -product research and development, technology research and development, and material research and development.

In the early days of entrepreneurship, Lian Jianchang broke the homogeneous competition, seized the opportunity to reduce the production of kitchen supplies -the opportunity to reduce production of natural oak, and took the lead in launching a bamboo board, a gun.

When there are more and more bamboo boards on the market, Longzhu Technology has designed high value -added products such as creative storage boxes through technological research and development, and once again leads.

However, when it was ready to extend to medium and large furniture categories, Longzhu Technology encountered material distress.

As an environmentally friendly and resource -saving material, bamboo has many advantages -the material time is short, the regeneration speed is fast, which can adsorb the harmful gases in the air. However, there is also an obvious disadvantage -a large density leads to heavy bamboo weights. It is difficult to handle when making large -scale products, and the transportation cost is higher than wood.

This caused Lian Jianchang’s further thinking about the bamboo materials itself: “You are born heavy, can I make you lighter? You only use the third floor, can I use it all …”

It turns out that Lian Jianchang’s “whimsical opening” opened a new world for Longzhu Technology.

After several years of hard work, Longzhu Technology successfully separated the first and second layers of bamboo to develop the corresponding products. With the characteristics of flame retardant, water resistance, and high hardness, Longzhu Technology has made it into outdoor decoration materials and hanger, and outdoor decoration materials have been continuously received by the order. It is used to make the ribs at the bottom of the bed, which can replace the high price of birch.

In Lian Jianchang’s office, the reporter saw a piece of bamboo about one meter long and thin as a paper, which is the material for bamboo straws. While Lian Jianchang pulled its flexibility, while thinking about the in -depth development and utilization of new bamboo materials, “we follow the material research is to break first and then stand, and it is impossible.”

Lian Jianchang said that following the bamboo and bamboo, Longzhu Technology is preparing to challenge the Zhidang Steel (or Iron), and in the future Enter the field of fine chemicals. This is indeed beyond the imagination of ordinary people.

For the present alone, Longzhu Technology has increased the utilization rate of the whole bamboo from 25-30%in the past to more than 60%. This breakthrough not only reduces resource consumption, saves costs for enterprises, but also subverts people’s perception of bamboo materials, bringing more inspiration to industry development.

From the perspective of the external environment, the bamboo product industry is welcoming the best era -in 2019, the State Council demanded that the natural forest business was comprehensively stopped; in 2021, the National Two Council wrote the dual carbon target into the government work report for the first time. In these contexts, the replacement areas and areas of bamboo materials are full of imagination. Zhiyan Consulting predicts that by 2030, the bamboo product industry can reach a trillion market size. In such a broad world, bamboo products headed by Longzhu Technology will be promising.