The jacket is both waterproof and moist, and it is comfortable and comfortable. It belongs to a functional costume, which is particularly popular in autumn and winter. However, in recent years, the function name of the jacket is not realistic, and consumers have been concerned about the problem. Recently, the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Consumer Association issued a function of clothing jacket comparison: in 50 pieces of jacket samples, the function name of 18 samples is not true, and there is no function of the jacket should have, with three brands of jacket samples. . A well-known brand Jeep, Antarctic, Muslinsen and other famous lists.

Jeep sample sampling

Do not meet the water pressure standard

In this sampling, you purchased from Jeep Jeep tidal print store (Tmall), the item number J942094089 men’s jacket fleece two-piece set, according to its network propaganda content, waterproof wind, breathable, wear, heat preservation, perspiration Waiting for functions, but it is found in actual detection that its hydrostatic pressure does not meet the standard.

According to the inspection person, the water-resistant water pressure of the clothing refers to the resistance of water infosing, and the test is tested, and the sample is subjected to the continuous rising water pressure until the other side has a water droplet, when the water isep The higher the water pressure recorded in it, the better the water resistance of the fabric.


Southern Reporter Query the Jeep Tmall store found that the product number is still there, and shows that there is a splashing water and moisture permeability, and the customer service staff says it can guarantee the quality.

Static water pressure test of the staff for fabric.

Antarctic sample

Surface anti-wet and hydrostatic pressure two no contract


In the sampling, the samples of the famous brand Antarctic people did not meet the standard. The sample was purchased from the Antarctic outdoor flagship store (Tmall), the item number is the jacket of N6G7H80213-80963, according to the actual publicity of the products, anti-static, waterproof, moisture, windproof , Warmth and other functions, and in actual detection, it is found that the surface moisture and hydrostatic pressure are not standard.

In addition to the above hydrostatic test, the staff also needs to detect the surface moisture resistance of the jacket. When detection, the staff encountered a raining scene by simulating daily wearing. If the fabric is in water, the water beads are flowing away, and they will not wet the fabric, then the waterproof and moisture resistance is better. The detection personnel divide the surface moisture resistance into five grades, the five levels are preferably, no water beads are not wetted, and the first level fabric is basically completely wetted.


Three indicators do not meet the standard

In the sampling inspection, the three indicators of the two-piece samples of Woodlinsen brand stretch in Muslinsen Rongxiang Store (Suning Tesco) were not standard. The sample is only KXR1988 product, and its network propaganda claims to be a jacket, with windproof, breathable, wear-resistant, waterproof, warmth, etc. Unable to meet.

The moisture permeability of the clothing is the function of water vapor penetrating clothes, which is also an aspect of testing the feature and comfort. In general, in the process of long outdoor movement, the human body exudes a lot of water vapor, if these water vapors cannot discharge, continue to wear this kind of emission, not only do not only reach the role of warmth Instead, it will produce a wet cold, boring and other discomfort. Therefore, the jacket needs to have surface moisture and hydrotective pressure, and the moisturemous performance is required.

However, in these three tests, Muslinsen did not meet the relevant standards, which can be said that there is no functionality that has no hair clothes.

Note: The three samples in the form are only functional, and the product name is not expressed as jacket, but there is no standard in the test; the three-piece samples of light red background have quality problems. Data originated from the official public number of the Beijing Consumers Association.


Jacket has a professional standard

Not all fabrics can be called jackets

Functional clothing refers to costumes designed specifically for functions, and jackets are a typical type. In November 2016, the National Standard (GB / T32614-2016) national standard (GB / T32614-2016) issued by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, the National Standard Commission. This standard provides for the safety, product basic performance and functional indicators of jackets. The function of anti-wetness, hydrothermal pressure, and moisture absorbing ratio is specified. More than 8,000 jacket production and operating enterprises, some ordinary costumes play the name of the jacket, but there is no function of the jacket, which has lost the interests of consumers.

Compared to other ordinary clothes, the fabric of the jacket can be considered a high-tech product, “Outdoor sportswear jacket” is expressly shown: Jacket is a waterproof and moisture absorbing function made of outdoor movement using waterproof and moisture absorbing fabric costumes. That is, it can have waterproof, but also breathable.

Pay attention to the label when you purchase, express “jacket”

Store relative to “reliable”

The Consumer Association also reminded, but it was found in the measurement, and the price is more expensive and the price of the e-commerce platform in the physical store.


In addition, there are consumers found that the publicity on the website, or the sales staff said this is a jacket product, but the tag label on the actual clothes, but not marked as a jacket, but only writes “jacket” “windbreaker “Wait, its relevant standards are only for ordinary clothes standards, suspected to avoid detection. Consumers suggested that when purchasing jacket products, it should be paid to whether the label is clearly named jacket, whether to implement GB / T 32614-2016 “Outdoor sportswear jacket”.

Third, the optional outdoor functional clothing should understand what is a special function of functional clothing and clothing, and choose the costume that is suitable for yourself in accordance with its actual needs.

Specifically, when consumers choose to buy jackets, they should pay attention to the seams of the jacket. Is it strict, is it flat, whether the pin is neat, there is no extra wire, these details are one aspect of determining whether the jacket is professional At the same time, we must pay attention to the fittings of the jacket, such as snaps, nylon sticks, zippers, etc.

It should also be noted that the jacket products cannot be washed too frequently because each wash will reduce the functionality of the product.

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