The soft and warm long sweater, from the thick high collar in autumn and winter to the thin and slim body in spring and summer, can be described as the beauty of spring, summer, autumn and winter. Knitting sweater is simple, but well -dressed is also a knowledge. Everyone loves sweater. How can we wear different styles? These matching methods teach you to use simple long sweater to wear a variety of changes, and you will not become passers -by on the street.




Knitted skirt+coat


The loose knitted sweater skirt is simple and casual, and the slim knitted skirt is more sexy. Although it will be a bit discerning figure, it can be used to cover part of the defects with a coat.


The black turtleneck sweater is soft and thick, and it looks very warm. The loose casual style, paired with tight black leather pants, looks tall and thin, with a version of the proper woolen jacket, simple and capable.

The round neck knit sweater dress is wide and loose, and the irregular hem is very personal. It is a popular long version of the coat. Isn’t this the standard in winter?



Knitted skirt+leather jacket

A cool leather jacket with knitted long skirts can bring a different sense of fashion whether it is out of the street or a party. Let ’s take a look at how to wear a knitted skirt in early spring leather jackets to wear a fashionable European and American fan.

Leather clothes and knitted inner skirts are handsome at the same time. But it should be noted that it should not be too fancy in the inside, but it is too simple and too monotonous. At this time, the color of the skirt will immediately change the overall monotonous. Is it thin and tall and handsome.

The length of the medium -length white tall sweaters, the length of the thigh is a more sexy length. Do you feel very fashionable and integrate sexy and personality together. When you go out in a cold or hot weather, you will be the trendy communicator.


Knitted skirt+jacket


You may have jackets, you may also have knitted skirts, but you must have never tried the knitted skirt with a jacket. Is it very fresh? The windshield leather jacket with warm knitted skirt, this combination is the first time. Do you want to be different? Do you want to be followed by true love? Put on this coat to pursue your happiness!

The classic round neck design is fashionable and versatile and casual. The unique design in front of the tassel shows the unique and unique personality, and the perfect combination can be displayed, and the accessories and jackets are also handsome and stylish.



Knitted skirt+sweater

The knitted fabrics are simple and fresh. It is a single product that many girls will choose in winter. The simple design is full of literary texture, and its material is very comfortable and intimate, which can easily release the quiet and gentle temperament. The upper body feels full of feelings, giving people soft and glutinous touch, so it is simply to be loved.

In this wear, no matter what kind of skirt is suitable, as long as it is under the sweater, the Feel you want properly, like this slim skirt style, it is just right to reach it. In the knee, you can wear high -heeled leather shoes below, it is not too beautiful.




Knitted skirt+high boots

Want to concave the fashion fan, and then wear it simple? Then come to a sweater dress with high boots, which is also eye -catching. I have to say that knitted skirts and boots are also a good friend!


The simple white round neck sweater dress is matched with a high ankle boot of the same color, allowing the entire look to be capable and sexy. The outer trench coat or casual jacket is good, simple and easy to wear, fashionable and sexy without losing sexy sexy and sexy. Essence

The medium -length black simple knitted sweaty skirt, with a pair of high -knee long boots, exposed a small half -leg line line, sexy and playful. It is also good to go out with a coat as a coat.

The long loose sweater covers the defects of the waist and legs, exposing a slender calf and ankle, and it looks difficult to think about it. Drink leggings and high boots or leggings are all good, thin and versatile.


Knitted skirt+casual shoes

Knitwear dress with casual shoes, give you a full range of suggestions, different experiences. Knitting dress is a popular item that never fade every spring day, and it is also one of the most young and easier styles of matching. It is also cute with casual shoes.

The knitted knitted skirt with a swing umbrella skirt is very pleasing for girls with large buttocks and thick thighs. The feminine dress is loved by the girls. If you think high heels are too tired, you may wish to put a pair of small white shoes young. But people, the femininity does not reduce the casual casualness. It is the best dress out of the street.



Knitted skirt+naked foot boots

It ’s time to get out of the sweater skirt in the closet for a year, how can we wear fashion and warmth? Is it good to match naked foot boots? Let’s take a look together.

又得回到忙碌的工作中去,那么就来一双及踝靴,做个优雅的office女神!一件今秋不能错过的高领毛衣搭配及膝一步裙,刚好的尺度,及踝的靴子,让You can also become a beautiful landscape in the dull office.

If you don’t dare to try a tight -fitting knitted skirt, you can use a loose long sweater beam on the belt, which can block the flesh and create a long leg effect, modify the waist and make the body ratio more well. Is it thin and fashionable?

High -necked knitted skirts, irregular shapes are very individual. The warm appearance, but there is only one sleeve, does it add fashion? The most important thing is to arouse the natural outline of the boy’s protection. These add another belt, charming like a mermaid.


The white round neck loose knitted dress grows to the calf belly and covers the perfect abdomen and legs. The minimalist style simply mixes the fashionable and elegant shape. With retro leather shoes, this simple style can also be very eye -catching!

Do you think you really like it? Then learn to make yourself a goddess.