The scenery, walking with the wind, and the matching of the shoes seem to be inadvertent, but you must consider comfort and fashion. It is the highest way to wear and fashionable, and it looks fashionable. Wearing shoes in autumn must have no boots. Martin boots, Chelsea boots, naked boots, knight boots …. The styles are different and the size is different.


The color of the boots determines the overall style, can regulate the color of the whole body, and make it more eye -catching. Everyone is usually used to wearing black boots. The reason is not enough, enough to be versatile and not to pick people, and it feels cool and handsome. It’s charming enough. However, after black versatile, there is a little fashionable feeling. If you want to wear fashion, you have to start with the following “high -grade color”.

The first: brown boots

“Features of Brown”

重 Increase mature and stable temperament


Brown and black are similar to dark colors, and they also have a mature and stable temperament. However, due to the gap between color and brightness, it will be more fashionable. heavy.


Brown+thick bottom:

Only brown is not mature and stable,

Choose a thick -bottomed tobacco boots,

Increasing the sense of boots, it is more stable to wear. The smoke boots are standing up, the shoe tube lines are smooth, but the leg shape is more modified, and it looks tall and thin. In addition, the small man can increase the thick -bottomed boots!



Strengthen the sense of shoes and balance the weight of the whole body

The weather is getting colder and colder. When wearing a thick coat, we must also pay attention to changing shoes and choose more warm short boots. The whole body is warm. In addition, autumn and winter items are mainly dark colors, which are slightly heavy.

With light -colored shoes, it is easy to head and light,

Especially when the lower body is wearing a skirt and exposed legs, it is particularly obvious. Wearing brown boots increases the sense of weight of the shoes and makes the whole body match more balanced.


Ingeniously adjust the style of dressing, more advanced elegance


Brown+fine heel, exquisite sister -in -law wind wearing easy get,

It will be more aura with cool workpants,

Brown+thick heel,


Simple nude boots have reinforced the style of color selection and the thickness of the heel, and the light cooked wind naturally reveals it. It will replace the sharp -headed pointed pointed and switch to the edges and corners.


British retro

The difference between the toe and heels affects the overall style.

Demonstration: Brown Martin Boots+Town Pants

The lace is a major feature of the Martin boots. It is more convenient to wear and take off, and you don’t need to emphasize too much. Pay attention to the number of holes. The more holes, the higher the shoe tube. Roll up the trousers to wear, exposing the boots can extend the lines and tall. Black Martin boots are more versatile, but the brown Martin boots will be more eye -catching, and it also feels like a retro style on the American street.


Add female elements and achieve the maiden MAN balance

Soft leather boots are more comfortable to wear, and people with width feet will not wear feet, but both styles and shoe shapes have neutral characteristics. They are tough and handsome but not delicate. You can increase femininity through color, so that wearing a maiden Man balance. In addition, the style of short boots is relatively single, and you can start with the material.

Choose a crocodile leather with light patent leather and a texture

Start with material+color to add femininity.

Second: apricot boots

Exquisite wind:

Speaking of exquisite and gentle, it must be apricot, and an apricot boot can easily wear exquisite femininity. Apricot boots+coats, apricot boots+windbreaker, shoes and clothes are consistent with clothes. It will be advanced to look at it. If you replace the capable pants with temperament half skirts, it will be more elegant.


“Choose the Points”

① Shoes:

Pointed shoes, exquisite and feminine, and have a good effect of stretching sight. The toe tip is more tip, and it is more publicly worn, but it is more suitable for people with a slender foot. Women with width and feet feet can take a step back. They choose a sharp -headed head with a little pointed feeling, but they are round enough and the toe is more relaxed.

② Material:

The boots will have a sense of restraint when we wear, so you must pay special attention to the material when choosing.


The cowhide is very textured, the lambskin is soft and breathable, and it is not stuffy to wear.


Some PU -made boots are also worth starting, with a bit of matte matteness, and it is also very temperamental.

“Put the points”

① Short shoe tube, leave the gap with the skirt:

The apricot color is light -colored. Compared with black, it will have less weight. It is particularly brisk to wear. Wearing apricot boots in autumn and winter can not only reduce the thickness, but also give more elegance to wear, but pay attention to stay when matching. White,

A little skin skin will be thinner.

② Pay attention to the tightness of the boots:

Apricot boots are prone to expose the shortcomings of the foot type, such as a woman with swollen ankles and thick ankles.

Choose the tough and loose Martin boots and knight boots,

You can use tough lines to modify your feet.

Third: caramel -colored boots

Advantages: eye -catching and bright, with a sense of retro of art, and shallow color, which is conducive to maintaining the lightness of the upper.

As a more common color in autumn and winter, caramel color can be seen everywhere. If caramel color is integrated into the boots, it can greatly enhance the fashion of the shoes.


Not enough versatile, you need to pay attention to the matching of jackets and pants with caramel -colored boots. If you can

It will be more colorful to echoes other accessories.

The color saturation is not easy to master, it is too strong to feel old -fashioned, and it looks slightly lighter.



Dressing demonstration ①: caramel -colored horse boots+suit

riding boots

It is a bit different from the knight boots. It is mainly reflected in the shoe tube. The shoe tube is V -shaped, which can extend the lines of the legs and look longer.

The color of the horse boots echoes the hat, and the color is consistent, highlighting the retro dress style,


Wear a medium -length suit, add a belt to the division ratio, show the disappearance of the lower body, and it is particularly fashionable to wear.


Key points: adding some dark lines and patterns will be more fashionable, and at the same time, it can also reduce the brightness of caramel, and it is not obtrusive to wear.


Skills of horse boots:


Pay attention to the distance between the boots and the legs


The width of the shoe tube is greater than the leg circumference, and the legs will be more thin when wearing. On the other hand, the material of the shoe tube is harder, and the straight lines of the shoe tube can be used to modify the legs.

Dressed demonstration ②: caramel -colored nude boots+jeans

Caramel color+retro blue:

With a slightly contrasting feeling, it makes the dress more refreshing and clean. Caramel -colored boots with different materials look different. Pacific leather will look brighter. Mattic caramel -colored boots will be more textured. The color of jeans should be lighter, it is best to form a bright and dark contrast with the boots, high -level and atmospheric.

After watching today’s dressing and sharing, will everyone only wear black boots this fall and winter? It’s better to start with these “high -grade” boots, high -level and temperament!