Summer has gradually entered the fever, have you ever entered a period of fatigue? I always wear skirts and shorts. I don’t know what can be worn in summer. Is this your thoughts in front of the screen?

Don’t worry, even in the summer, you can try some novel and chic ways to wear, such as jeans. The matching of these jeans+short tops can definitely refresh your cognition, allowing you to wear novel and advanced in this summer.

<1> Can’t you wear jeans in summer? That’s not you have mastered these ways

Denim fabrics are usually relatively thick. Some people feel that it is not suitable for such a hot summer, so many beautiful jeans matching solutions give up directly. If you think so, you must not miss the cool and fashionable way of wear.

1) Short -shirt with jeans, simple and simple

High -level sense

As a age reduction item, with short tops, it can give people a full sense of youthful vitality. Short -shirt optional styles are very rich. Sisters who are afraid of trouble and pursue simple can choose

T -shirt, POLO shirt; Student party and office workers with shirts with jeans daily and temperament. And small suspenders, tube tops, navel shirts, sports vests, etc. are the best choices of hot girls in summer

, Shopping travel can be freely matched


Short top+jeans must be a summer symbol that you must not miss.

2) Don’t be sloppy, light, breathable and durable

Too heavy denim fabrics are hell in summer, so you must pay attention to the choice of fabric when wearing jeans.

The most suitable fabric of light and breathable and sweat -absorbing is the most suitable. Typical cotton, heaven, and light cotton are common fabrics for summer jeans.

3) Clean color matching and layered, unlock your exclusive summer sense

If you want to wear jeans out of the summer, you must have a sense of layering in color matching.

Light -colored denim is recommended with white or low -saturated short tops

, Refreshing age.

Dark jeans are not recommended to match dark short shirts that are easy to suck heat in summer

, Match

Light -colored

Not only is cool, but also people are more temperamental and overall.

<2>, short top+trousers to wear paper people’s secrets


On the streets of summer, you can often see a lot of beautiful women showing their good figures, but look at the fat on your body. In fact, as long as you have mastered these dresses, you no longer have to worry about the defects of your body, and you can also make you feel the sense of paper in minutes.

1) Select the right version

Choosing the right clothes that fit your body are the premise of wearing aesthetics and highlighting good figures. How to choose a dress that suits you? First of all, for short tops,

Micro -fat girls should choose a version that is relatively slim and can modify the waist curve instead of wearing a fat style to cover the flesh


This will only be counterproductive.

Girls with large skeleton and short neck must choose the style of the top of the shoulder and neck lines

Like a V -neck top, square collar top, etc. and

Girls with width shoulder should consciously eliminate the fluffy bubble sleeves and short necks.

The choice of jeans is even more cumbersome,

Girls with thick legs, outstanding crosses, incorrect leg shapes, or pear -shaped figure can choose relatively loose wide -leg pants.

Wide -leg pants can not only cover the defects of these figures, but also have a good lean effect, which is very inclusive for different figures.

Small girls can try


High -waist straight pants or small foot pants

The effect of lengthening the legs and the increase is very obvious. And the relatively narrow and thin jeans such as


Pencil pants, tight pants

Suitable for those


Sleeid and no obvious leg flaws


Girls wear.

2) Improve the position of the waistline position to shape a good proportion

A seemingly inconspicuous waistline can have the effect of dividing the proportion of body. Increasing the position of the waistline can not only lengthen the visual ratio of the legs on the whole body, but also look slimmer and more layered.

Turn a belt on the waist, wear high -waisted jeans or stuff the top of the top into the waist of the pants

, Can be visually improved to the waistline position to achieve the effect of improving the proportion.


3) Appropriate increase in exposure area is more thinner


Properly exposing the slender part of the body not only looks full of energy, but also has a good lean effect. Some bloggers like to wear


The top of the wrist and shoulders and necks



Roll up the ankles when wearing jeans

The method of wearing the skin area through this can also make wearing more advanced.

, Example

After watching so many wearing skills, you don’t know how to match the short top+jeans? Let me give you some specific examples.

1) Version+jeans

This match is very suitable for home leisure and daily walks.

Micro -fat girls can take body vests with wide -leg pants

It looks good and feminine.

Small girls with short vests and sports vests with high waist pants, which are high and capable.

2) Shirt+jeans


Jeans with shirts not only reduce the dullness of the shirt itself, but also increase the overall youthful atmosphere.

The shirt is recommended to use the “jacket horn” to wear, or it can also be used as a suspender or tube top inward

, Add the highlights by stacking.

Are you still worried about not knowing what clothes to wear this summer? Try the wearing of these short tops+jeans, it is simple but not to lose the sense of advanced, it is the best choice for fashionable age.