It is easy to raise a baby to raise a baby. The children are happy to be born. However, raising children has a headache for many novice mothers, especially young babies. In the years with children’s “shit and urine fart”, many treasure moms

The arrival of the child’s diaper is just looking at it.

However, the child’s toilet training is not so easy to do, and it may even be repeated. Let’s talk about:

Several small signals that have the best time to train toilet training

as well as

How to train children to the toilet


Harbin urine harmful


Many elderly people think that letting the baby wear open crotch pants, cool and breathable, not easy to red buttocks, and convenient to urinate shit, and economical. But the truth may have to make the elderly be worried:

Putting on crotch pants for baby, the safety hazards are quite large!

It is easy to hurt children’s genitals. (Clamping, banging, mosquito bites,)

It is easy to cause children infection. (Children are sitting everywhere, bacteria and dirty things are almost invincible)

It is not conducive to the development of children’s bowel habits. (It is more casual to wear open crotch pants, it will only make children more and more controlled)

As for some parents, “My child has ped the shit since he was a child, never urinating his pants.” In fact, most of the parents who “successful” the urine were “signals” or laws, or they had grasped the baby’s defecation “signal” or laws. The “conditional reflection” made by the baby according to the action of adults,

It’s not that the baby really learns to go to the toilet.

What is the harm of urine to children?

1. As a result, the child’s urine reflection is insufficient or lacking

In the issue of toilet training, in addition to the physiological principles, psychological factors are also very important. If you deprive your children’s autonomy and train in advance, it will not only bring a lot of unnecessary trouble to parents, but also exert psychological pressure to the children. ,cause some damages. Traditional urine can sometimes cause the child’s hip damage or frequent urination.

Maybe some mothers will say that my family can urinate in less than 6 months. This is actually not worth showing off. This is actually because the baby has conditional reflexes after multiple reinforcement training. They did not understand the excretion of urine at all, but was waiting for their parents to “put” the movement or “boo” to urinate.

In this way, training with immature development in advance will lead to insufficient urine reflexes or even lack of lack.

Essence In other words, the baby cannot learn to urinate and pour shit according to his own needs, but it can only be carried out by reminders from the outside world.


2. It is easy to urinate frequently

Most children who are “urinating” are needed to bother their parents to get up in the middle of the night when they are 2 years old. Children who are rarely “urinating” are rarely “urinating”, but they generally start to inforore urine very early, and they will use urine basins early or squat to urinate.

This is because,

Children who do not take urine and less urine have always been intended to urinate based on the basis

, So it is better to master the intention. and

Children who take too much urine are always confused by urination and urination according to the urination and urination. It is poor to master the intention, and it is easier to frequently urinate.

Forced the feces to urinate, and it may also cause the baby to resist, and the hidden health hazards such as frequent urination and constipation may occur.

There are several small signals in the best period of baby toilet training

If you want to train your baby to a toilet, you must pay attention to the way and methods, but you cannot “hard”. When will the baby conduct toilet training? Generally considered,

The one and a half years old to two years old is the best time to receive toilet training

Essence Because at this time, the baby’s digestive system and bladder are basically mature to control bowel movements.

However, each baby has different development and acceptable ability. To train at the right age, the effect will be better. Parents can observe the following, babies have made the “small signal” prepared:


You can sit, walk, and run very well, and sit down for more than 5 minutes.


This is a necessary condition for babies to sit on the toilet and complete all urination.

There are 2 to 3 hours of the day, and the diaper is dry.

This means that the baby’s bladder sphincter has the ability to control.


You can pull the small pants up and pull it.

Even if the baby can pull the pants, even if it is incomplete, it doesn’t matter.

I don’t like the feeling of wet diapers.

For example, when the diaper is wet, the baby will cry, catch the crotch and other actions.

Do not exclude use instruments.

If your baby is unwilling, don’t use it, first use pictures or language to guide your baby to know them.

You can obey simple instructions.


For example: go to sit and eat.

It can be recognized what to do toilet.


For example, the words “urine”, “stool”, or movement will be used to express their urination.


You will notice before hush.

If not, you can train your baby to tell your parents before urine.

If the baby is over 18 months and the above small signals have appeared, parents can start trying to prepare toilet training. In addition to baby, we have to prepare in advance.

Teach your baby to express his needs consciously, as well as related words, such as urination, urine, and stinky.

Prepare loose clothes for the baby, teach the baby to take off their pants and raise their pants.

Master the baby’s bowel movement, capture the defecation signal, and “remind” in time during training.

Whether the baby is successful in the toilet training requires the baby and the mothers to work together.

How to train your baby to the toilet correctly?

The baby is trained in the toilet. If you master some tips, the baby will be easier and the mother will be very worry -free.

1. It is best to choose to start in summer

In the summer, the baby wears less clothing, which is convenient to wear and take off. It is the most suitable season for learning toilet.

2. Prepare the dedicated toilet

Choose a small toilet or pots that are suitable for babies, and place them in the bathroom to let the baby know “toilet = urine+poop”.

3. Help your baby familiar with the toilet

The small toilet and urinating device appear in front of the baby’s eyes. The sense of presence is brushed. Tell your baby: This is dedicated ~. And encourage your baby to sit up and even wear diapers.

Watch the picture book or animation of the toilet with the baby, let the baby imitate the action of the character, sit on the small toilet. After the baby is interested, practice take off the diapers and take the toilet.

In the process of practice,

Remember not to urge your baby to keep your baby a relaxed mood

4. Parents’ demonstration is important

We can let the baby imitate adults and encourage the baby to make a poop in the way of adults.

Male Bao: Dad demonstrates how dads show their baby when they urinate, and they can play the game of “little firefighters” with the baby. The game “Who shoots more accurate” can improve the baby’s interest in the toilet.

Women’s Bao: Mom guidance, the mother can put the baby’s small toilet next to the adult toilet, chat with the baby to the toilet, and chat happily, which will make the baby more adaptable. At the same time, she should teach her the correct wipe direction, especially after the stool, she must wipe back from back to prevent urinary tract infection.

5. Praise how much, don’t scold

If the baby can successfully complete a boo, remember to give the child in time to praise the child to help the baby build the self -confidence and satisfaction of the toilet.

If the baby still accidentally urinates the pants, he should calm down and do not have to scold.

Parents must always remember that learning to toilet is a continuous training process

, Avoid the baby’s fear and resist the toilet because of impatient emotions.


Will not urinate in the toilet. Because the baby has not yet developed the ability to control urination in sleep, even if the baby learns to go to the toilet during the day, it is still possible to “draw maps” at night. This is normal.

After the baby learns to go to the toilet, you need to continue using diapers for a while when you go to bed at night

After the phenomenon of urinary beds slowly disappears, do not use diapers throughout the day.


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