In the autumn leaves, the falling leaves and the windy winds make us always feel unconsciously and miss the past. In this season, our matching becomes calm and soft, so a warm man who is textured in autumn will make you more popular. Today, Xiaonan brings to all men in the autumn. Needle sweater can make you gentle and textured, whether it is light and dark, and as a coat or stack, the sweater can wear a good effect. Xiao Nan organizes the matching shape of the five color styles of the knitted sweater here. , Interested men may wish to take a look together!


1. Light gray sweater

Compared to normal gray, light gray looks more elegant, giving people a clean and not dull feeling, like the weather that is still cooler now, you can have a light gray sweater in the inside of a T -shirt with a t -shirt and matching body with a t -shirt. A dark casual pants, the whole shape is simple and casual. When the weather is cold, it can be as shown in the following figure. A general gray sweater as a brown horse armor with a light -colored shirt in the jacket. The three stacks of stacks create a rich sense of layering. The color of the small vest echoes the color, and finally use the oblique stripe blue and white tie to increase the highlights to the shape. Although the color tone is not active and dazzling, the color and layering of various colors and layered make the shape is very personal.

2. Beige knit sweater


Different from pure white, beige will look softer, and it is very suitable for mixing and matching with white. A white turtleneck with beige sweater. The lower body is paired with light khaki pants, the light light color with texture knitting, the whole shape is gentle and handsome, and then let you become a warm man in autumn, gentle and charming.

3. Red sweater

Although most of the autumn is light or dark, occasionally you can try the bright colors. It is also very good. I put on a multi -white shirt inward, then put on a tie, and a piece of khaki trousers in the lower body. Such a set of matches are given a sense of literary youth, full of temperament.

4. Mist blue


Blue should be one of the colors with high black and white gray and earth color out -of -the -scenes. The fog blue will look less deep than the normal blue, and it has a sense of confusion. With the formula, the classic blue and white combination, shallow blue T -shirt base, with a fog blue sweater, a white pants directly in the lower body, you can wear a casual clean and clean men’s shape.


5. Earth yellow knitwear

If the shape is more mature and stable, the earthy yellow sweater is a very good option. The formula is also the white T base with a wide pants to wear a casual Japanese style. The shoes can choose a bit like the soil. The yellow style, so that there is a color echo, making the shape look more coordinated.