The new house was renovated at home, and the cleaning was clean. Do you not want a little dust in the room at all? Baotou decoration company suggested that a floor pad can be placed in the front hall. You can remove the dust on people’s shoes. convenient! But there are so many types of pads in the hall. Which one is most suitable for your home? I don’t know how to choose the owner, let’s take a look with the Baotou decoration company.

Which place is used in the entrance hall?

Which place is good for the entrance hall? Everyone hopes to live in a clean and tidy room. In order to keep the tidy people in the house invented a lot of cleaning methods and cleaning tools. The floor pad is one of them. A floor pad is placed in the entrance of the entrance hall, which can remove the sediment of the soles of people and effectively prevent the outdoor dust and soil being brought into the house. So, which place is it good for the entrance hall?

1. The purchase method of the furnishing pad home use the door pad: The floor mats at the door of the home can also design some text patterns, such as welcome to come, congratulations to the fortune, more than every year, etc. Various styles of home pads, you can choose to start with your favorite. Which place is good for the entrance hall? It is also two types of use, one is beautiful, and the other is dustproof and maintaining the indoor environment.

It is simple to know that after the starting point of buying the door pads, we can buy the beautiful and scraping function of the floor pads. The most important thing also needs to have the characteristics of easy cleaning. Commercial access to the door pads: Shopping malls, hotels, hotels, supermarkets, specialty stores and other places have commercial factors to be placed in the door. In addition to reporting the use of home pads, they also need to propagate. This Is the advertising floor pad, which place is good for the entrance hall? The capable rubber has been engaged in the design and production of advertising floor mats in 12 years, and has various brand advertising floor mats that other factories cannot compare. Brand growth.

Second, which kind of pad in the foyer? Aluminum alloy floor mats are a new type of carpet. Its dustproof effect is better. It is a high -end dustproof device that is different from traditional. It is usually laid in hotels, airports, hotels, and high -end villas. Which land is used in the entrance hall? The three -in -one dust removal ground pad is as high as 80%in terms of dust removal effects. It is an efficient dust removal floor mat. It is the most suitable at the foyer. The price of this type of dust removal is much higher than others.

Which place is good for the entrance hall? Home dust removal ground pads: The role of home dust removal ground pads has obvious effects without commercial dust removal, but it has great effects in home decoration and beautification. In the market, you can see a lot of floor mats. They are not strong in dust removal, and they still have a role in beautification.

The important role of the entrance hall pad in daily life effectively reduces the labor of our family sanitation. When we choose the pad in the hall, we must consider many factors, which should be similar to our own decoration style. This seems to be beautiful and practical. In addition, consider the material of the floor mats, choose a floor pad with good quality and good cleaning effect. After the above introduction, I believe that everyone should have their own opinions on which land to pad this in the entrance hall. I hope to provide some help to everyone to buy the floor mat.

What should I pay attention to when choosing the floor pad


What should I pay attention to when choosing the floor pads? When many people decorate the house, they will place a foam pad at the entrance of the entrance hall. A small floor pad plays a very important role, keeping our room clean and tidy. Therefore, the selection of the floor hall pads is very important. So what should I pay attention to when choosing the floor pad?

Floor pad purchase skills

1. Smelling taste: Because the materials of the floor pads are mostly made of natural materials such as light -colored wood, bamboo branches, straw mats, cotton, and whether environmental protection can be carefully smelled.

2. Touch the surface: Whether the floor pad is durable and whether the surface is smooth. If it is a bit rough, it is easy to wear and reduce the duration of the product.

3. Look at the material: The material of the floor mat is easy to distinguish. As long as you tear the fiber with your hands, you can see what material is made.

Buy according to interior distribution

1. At the door. The ground pads here are mainly to scrape sand and decontaminate to prevent the dust from being brought into the room to cause pollution. Therefore, the pollution effect should be used, wear -resistant, and easy to clean the feet pads, such as rubber, coconut fiber material, patellar, nylon, polyester, etc.

2. Porch. Putting a floor pad here can protect the floor well, reduce the friction of the floor when entering and exit, extend the service life of the floor, and keep the floor as smooth as new. The ground pads in this place should be soft.

3. Toilet. Placement of ground cushions in front of the hand washing basin and the door of the bathroom is mainly to absorb water and non -slip. Therefore, you should choose cotton or ultra -fine fiber pads. When we go in and out of the bathroom, we step on the water stains that can effectively go out of the soles.

kitchen. The ground pad here is to block the water and oil in the kitchen into the living area. It is recommended to use cotton pads here. Because the cotton plants are well absorbed and oil -absorbent, and it is more safe to use in the kitchen because it is naturally made. In addition, the cotton texture is mostly dark color, not dirty, and it will be easier to clean. There is also a prominent advantage of cotton pads, which is the low price, and it is also a super fine fiber material pad with natural materials. The price is about 1.5 times. The use of cotton pads in a dirty environment in the kitchen, even if it is often replaced, is not heartache.

When choosing the pad in the hall, we must first figure out what we need to do when buying the floor mat. For example, the floor mat in the bathroom is used for non -slip. You must choose products with good non -slip effects. The floor mats in the living room are mainly decorative. You must choose beautiful and generous. In addition, we should also consider the color of the ground pads, so that the ground pads are integrated with our decoration style. If you think about this, you can buy the products that are good at buying the floor pad.

What brand is good in the foyer floor? How to choose


In daily life, we will inevitably visit others. When we enter other people’s homes, we will notice a cushion at the entrance of the entrance hall. If you want to enter the hall, you have to step on this cushion. In fact, the cushion placed at the entrance of the entrance hall is the pacular pad. The floor hall is a good dust removal effect, so what brand of the foyer is good, how can we choose? The following editors will introduce to you what brand of the foam cushion is good.


Divided by use: outdoor pads, indoor pads, well position pads, elevator pads, etc.

According to the material: nylon, polyester, pallon, acrylic, cotton, ultra -fine fiber, coconut fiber, rubber -implanted velvet

Divided by the appearance: there are circle, Z -shaped, module, aluminum alloy floor mats, carpet floor mats.

Divided by function: sand scraping, dust removal, water absorption, non -slip and other functions.

What are the household house padding brands?

Elegant housewife: What brand of the foyer is good? Like the home of the home hall, the elegant hostess uses a serious business life as the public that he must do every day. Love life is the main theme of the family, and it is also the warmth of love to become warm Base.

Royal Family Floor: What brand of the foyer is good? The practical and beautiful home hall floor cushion brand is a lot of consumer choices. The brand pays more attention to the simple design of the floor mats, provides practicality and decorates the home.


Nourison, this is a semi -circular door pad. But in order to avoid seeing rigidity, the floor pads at the door of the door are not a positive semi -circular, and a little bit biased. What attracts us the most attractive is its pattern design.

Delomi: Chinese -style household hall cushion brand, Chinese culture is extensive and profound, Chinese style is loved by consumers, and its consumer market is becoming wider and wider.

Nourison: What brand is good for the foam floor? The home hall cushion brand that is preferred to the American style, the owners and friends who prefers American life, may choose the distinguished American style.

Common household house cushions:

Plastic: The texture is heavy, the ash effect is good, and it has a plastic material with anti -slip moisture and anti -mold, non -toxic and environmentally friendly. The back is pressed with rubber particles, which is harmless to human health and durable.

Cotton: The cotton pads made of 100 % are made of non -slip particles at the bottom, which increases the friction with the ground, and the anti -slip effect is excellent.

Snowy: Ultra -fine fiber fabrics can effectively absorb dust particles in the air with their special horizontal sections, have the effect of purifying space, and absorb strong moisture ability to prevent bacteria from breeding.

Blending material: high -quality proparprin, good texture, good return, is not easy to hide debris for easy cleaning, woven with cotton and linen meridians, non -slip moisture -resistant and wear -resistant, and small damage to the floor.

There are many brands in the hall pads. The above content is only enumerated. These brands above are more common, well -known for consumers, and the quality is relatively reliable. When you buy the pads of the hall, you should polish your eyes, recognize the brand logo of regular manufacturers, and purchase qualified products produced by regular manufacturers.


What material is good for home decoration and repair in the hall

What material is good for home decoration and renovation? The living standards of modern people are continuously improved, and they also pay more and more attention to the decoration of the house. Everyone wants to keep our nests clean and tidy. The pad in the hall is a good choice to keep the room clean. The floor pad, as the name suggests, is the floor pad placed at the entrance of the entrance hall, which can remove the sediment of the soles of people. Small floor mats have a big effect, so how to choose the floor pad, what material is good for the floor hall?

What kind of material is good for the foam floor?

1. Everyone also knows that the market economy is developing rapidly now, so the packets and floor mats that appear in the market are all kinds. There are many types and a variety of patterns, which make people dazzling and make people unable to start. So In terms of material, what material is good for the foam pads? At present, there are still many materials in the hall pads in the market. Coconut fiber and rubber velvet, etc. In addition, we can often see carpet dust -proof pads, aluminum alloy dust ground pads and three -in -one dust floor mats in the market.

2. At the door is the most direct place for the family, so when people go home, the first place to see is here, so the choice of floor mats in this place is more important. What material is good for the floor hall? In terms of the dust removal effect of the ground pads, aluminum alloy dustproof ground pads are better because its dust -proof and anti -slip effect is very good. Mud dust water, so it is a good choice for the packet pad. And the cleaning of this kind of floor mat is also very simple. The floor mats are easy to dry and can be changed frequently. They have been durable for a long time, so it has always been one of the pads that people love.

Paper -cho for buying and purchasing skills

1. Choosing the floor pad in the hall is not in a simple sense. Everyone still needs to know some necessary purchase skills. What kind of material is good for the foyer? First of all, this is a very unique place to enter the door. It is where people go home and go out every day. There will be a lot of dust in this place. The dust -proof effect and anti -slip effect, the pads of the entrance hall are more in and out, it is easy to get dirty, and it is easy to clean this point.

2. The pad of the foyer is a manifestation of a facade, the face of the family, so the ground pads are good or not, and the decoration of the floor mat is also a factor that everyone can consider. Under normal circumstances, everyone can choose at will. Considering the decorative function of the foyer pad, you can’t be sloppy. According to the decoration style of your house, you must choose the appropriate floor mat. This still requires everyone to start from the actual situation. The effect of decoration is good.

Regarding the material, the main points of purchase, and the content introduced by the brand, I hope to help all owners and buy the floor hall pads suitable for their own home. If you want to know more about decoration, please continue to pay attention to Baotou installation.