Xia Qiu, the season alternate, and the season of online celebrities began to show new clothes and good figures.

With the development of the Internet, we can see the richness of this world with a mobile phone.


In addition to our vision, we also have our requirements for the United States.

The pursuit of beauty is getting higher and higher, it is not a bad thing, but I don’t know when it will start,

The aesthetics on the Internet have begun to develop more and more deformity.

Bee waist, fat buttocks, long legs must not fall or even demand.




Too many people are divorced in the melon diversion, and in order to make themselves stand out and attract the attention of the Internet celebrities, the method of repairing the picture is becoming more and more out of reality.

Pursuing excessive aesthetic malformations

I still remember that at first, the aesthetic change was not from the face, but from the long leg.

Until now, we all use legs as beauty, and Internet celebrities have stretched their legs too hard on the Internet platform.


Most people are blindly pursuing long legs

The result of urgent work is

Ignore the ratio of the human body and create a BUG for yourself.

Net celebrities also know that the proportion of the entire body effect will cause the proportion of the entire body to be disordered, so that the distortion.

Therefore, it can be seen from many pictures that while the Internet celebrities are showing their figures,

Try to crooked his own shape, trying to confuse the level.

In fact

The ratio of the human body will not easily change because of crooked and twisted.


The inherent ratio of the human body will not only become normal due to distorting the body, but even the problem of the proportion even more due to excessive distortion.

When all kinds of Yuanxing started a while ago, cheongsam was suddenly popular on the Internet. A large number of follow -up influencers of the followers were in order to lengthen the leg shape.

in particular

The proportion of the elbow joint and waistline that has been ignored

The interpretation of the Internet celebrities is very demonized, becoming a deformed ratio of legs but elbows on the waistline.


The waistline is exquisite and graceful, but the distance on the waistline is large and the proportion of exposure is also in a real exposure.

In the normal proportion of the human body, the waistline and elbows are basically flat.

This is not just the relationship between skin and muscles. It is essentially the relationship between human bone proportion, so it will not change.

Excessive pictures of elbow and waist position exposure


It can be seen from the bone map,

Corresponding to the elbow joint when the vertical relaxation, the position of the rib under the waist is basically flat.


After the muscle attachment, the corresponding waist position happens to be the waistline, which is the thinnest position of the waist.

Only excessive stretching the lower body will cause the elbow to be above the waistline, and the proportion is disordered.


The proportion and position relationship between the two can be seen in the bone diagram.


In terms of personal proportion, the personal ratio of personal proportion is the face ratio of our often referred to, and its algorithm is height/head height.

It can be said that even from the perspective of the world, there are not many eight bodies, generally 7.5 body, and


In Asia, there are 7 bodies.

So how many of our online aesthetic leaders?

The number of counts turned out to be the standard nine -headed body.


You know, the former long -legged record holder has only 7.5 heads.

In the future, Guinness World Records have no Internet celebrity challenges, I don’t watch it.

Is there really a nine -headed person?



When we were in school, we learned that the buddies with giant disease: Robert Wadro, the real nine -headed owner.

The proportion of his body was struggling to take a car when he went out. I don’t know how the Internet celebrities who were also nine -headed bodies took the car. It may also be customized by luxury cars.


In terms of perspective, although human body will change according to twisting, the proportion will not change.

In the book “Berryman Human Structure Painting Teaching”, which explains the proportion of body art, the dynamic perspective relationship between human joints and proportion is explained very simple and clear.

The shape of the human bone can be understood as a block shape, which is connected with the spine, which can be distorted as different forms.

But in this process, the block shape of the bone

The ratio will not change.

After adding muscles on the basis of bones, the relationship is the same.


The connection between muscle and bones can still be understood as blocks. In front of perspective, the relationship between the human body is even more clear.

Correctly understanding the ratio of the human body and perspective is the effective means to determine whether the body proportions in the picture.


Look at the figure of the net celebrities, can you see what is wrong?

Connect two arms on the shoulder,

The shoulder is straight linear, so the connection between the two arms and joints, the connection between the wrists, should be parallel between the shoulder line.

Based on the relatively standard left arm as the standard, after connecting the joint line, you will see that the elbows and wrist joints on the right arm are no longer at the position it should be.


The high -quality requirements and pursuit of the beauty are fundamentally due to the improvement of people’s cognitive height.

It is just a matter of treating beauty, you can appreciate it, but don’t be blind.

You can pursue, but don’t excessive.

The long legs of the Internet celebrity are the real proportion imbalance


Ignoring the overall and excessive pursuit of deliberate beauty of a certain part. This is the lack of awareness of the coordination of beauty and balance now, but also wants to pursue the mistakes of beauty.

This consequence is that the overall proportion is imbalanced, which seems to be very malformed as a whole.

Moreover, in a real society, people’s figures are basically similar.


The pictures that are filled with mobile phones are the imbalances of the proportion after deep beauty.


Not only that,

People’s pursuit of proportions has caused aesthetic aesthetics of many industries.

Searching jeans on the Internet, the pictures that appear can not be said to be horrible, and it can be said to be terrible, and most of the pictures are basically the same.


It seems that the model’s legs in the shop are not long, and no one can buy whose pants.

But in reality, does people’s legs really grow like this?

Is it really good -looking?

On the basis of improving the demand for the United States, we should also correctly improve our awareness of aesthetics.

To be awake, the proportion of the eyes of the Internet celebrities is not normal, nor is it beautiful.

The real proportion of the real body never means that the leg length is only pursuing the legs.


Things never exist independently, as well as beauty.


The change in one part will cause changes in the entire body. Do not be deviated by videos or Internet celebrities on some software.


Because the body proportions are deformed, they are not known as the same means of benefit, rather than we want to pursue beauty but are pulled into the quagmire.

While the information is developing at a high speed, it is time to treat our own body correctly and rationally.