What is the folding sofa bed? As the name suggests, it can be folded or stacked, the functions of the bed and the sofa are all effectively. What are the size of the folding sofa bed? The specific size actually needs to be selected according to the actual needs of each family, such as the size of the apartment, the decoration style, etc. Let’s see how others choose.

The size of this folding sofa: the sofa state is 1.95 meters × 0.9 meters × 0.85 meters; the bed status is 1.95 meters × 1.2 meters × 0.4 meters.

折叠沙发床尺寸大全 选择属于自家的舒适沙发

This sofa is very fashionable, you can feel the influence of simplicity, strong and durable, the hand armrest design is playful and cute, and it is very suitable for simple decoration style home design.

折叠沙发床尺寸大全 选择属于自家的舒适沙发

The size of this sofa: the sofa state is 1.65 meters × 0.9 meters × 0.8 meters (available for three people), 1.65 meters × 0.94 meters × 0.8 meters (concubine chair); 0.45 meters

This is a multifunctional corner sofa with the characteristics of fashion, beauty, and atmosphere. It is spacious and comfortable when lying as a bed.

折叠沙发床尺寸大全 选择属于自家的舒适沙发

The size of the sofa above: the sofa state is 2.2 meters × 0.9 meters × 0.8 meters; the bed status is 1.8 meters × 1.4 meters × 0.42 meters

According to the characteristics of the bed body, when the bed is unfolded, the armrests on both sides happen to have a defensive effect, and they are not afraid of falling bed when they fall asleep. It can be said that this is a sofa bed with very careful design and extremely professional and fresh and natural temperament, which is extremely eye -catching.

The size of this sofa: the sofa state is 1.96 meters × 0.95 meters × 0.86 meters; the bed status is 1.96 meters × 1.2 meters × 0.43 meters

折叠沙发床尺寸大全 选择属于自家的舒适沙发

The romantic blue -purple color tone has a natural and fresh feeling, adding a warm and comfortable feeling to the living room. Use smooth lines to outline the natural and romantic shape of the sofa bed, so that life makes life.

Introduce different styles of folding sofa bed size for different users for reference. How big it takes to choose according to the actual situation. The size of the apartment is not large, the size of the sofa bed is too large, and there will be a crowded feeling; and the apartment is already very large. The size of the selected sofa bed is small, which will produce a feeling of being divorced. Therefore, the specific choice should not deviate from the actual situation.