High opening and low walking generally used to describe the stock market, which means that the stock price index opened above the market with more than the previous trading day. With the development of the transaction, the stock price index continued to fall, and the entire trading day showed a downward trend. Later, people extended him to refer to a certain incident or product at the beginning, but over time, people’s attention to him was getting lower and less attention. When there is a few mobile phones in the mobile phone circle, it is second and second, but after the release, no one pays attention to the price reduction to pay attention.


Nubia Z5

雷声大雨点小,盘点那些虎头蛇尾的手机Nubia Z5采用1.5GHz主频高通骁龙S4 APQ8064四核处理器,配备5英寸1080p夏普显示屏,拥有2GB RAM(内存)及32GB ROM(机身存储),1300万像素摄像头,2300毫安时电池容量。做为中兴独立出来的品牌,Z5是努比亚的开山这做当时定价3456,可谓大胆,事实 证明这绝对是一个错误的举动后来倪飞都承认当时是个失误,后来推出了Z5MINI Z5也就彻底的消失在了人们的视线中。

The Nubia Z5 uses 1.5GHz main frequency of Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 APQ8064 quad -core processor, equipped with a 5 -inch 1080P Sharp display, 2GB RAM (memory) and 32GB ROM (fuselage storage), 13 million pixel camera, 2300 mAh battery capacity. As a brand independent of ZTE, the Z5 is the Kaishan of Nubia. At that time, the price was 3456, which was bold. It turned out that this was definitely a wrong move. Later, Ni Fei admitted that it was a mistake at that time. It disappeared into people’s sight.


Huawei Mate2

The success of Huawei Mate1 allowed Huawei to release the second -generation Mate24G mobile phone. The original intention was to use the domestic 4G Dongfeng Fire. I did not expect that the Honor sent a tablet X1 directly to the Mate2. As a D2 replacement, the inventory was actually released last year. The specific parameters did not say that the function and technology of Hisilicon’s second -generation processor at the time were particularly good. But no one bought it.



ZTE U5 was unable to start with Huawei Mate1, and two machines were targeted everywhere. But due to the problems of GPS and white screen later, it disappeared suddenly.


InUI mobile phone

Love your mobile phone. At that time, it was a sensation when the generation was released. It was purely a big deal to be born as Gionee’s sub -brand. The goal was to point out Xiaomi, and what was the activity of the 500,000 experience official activities of 500,000 experiences. Asked about the price drop, it has been below the next thousand, and this is not the second generation. The second generation is called the first 2K screen mobile phone. In the end, everyone knows that the latest news of this mobile phone is already. It’s about 1500.

Lenovo Tianlong Babu

This machine was released in August 2014. Main screen resolution: 2560X1440 pixels, front camera: 5 million pixels, CPU model: 2.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 quad -core processor, running memory: 3GB+memory capacity: 32GB dual 4G, 4000mAh battery. It is called Tianlong Babu’s pricing of 4K, a lot of offline activities of Kobe, etc., but now this mobile phone is 2K and is nicknamed the diving champion by netizens. In fact, the Lenovo’s K series includes no success in all high -end machines.