Changjiang Daily Rong Media February 20th News

“If there is no doctor looking for, the necklace is likely to be unable to find it anymore.” When female patients took off the necklace when they took the necklace, they forgot to take away. After discovering the department, the department found the inspection records to call the patient one by one, and then found the owner to return smoothly.

Ms. Yong deliberately made a banner to the hospital.

On the afternoon of February 4th, Song Liang, a doctor at the radiology department of the Department of Radiology of Hankou Hospital, sorted out the CT room after get off work, and picked up a brand -name platinum necklace on the seat with a broken drill. The doctor on duty immediately handed the necklace to the director of the department, Li Haijun, and the two decided to find the owner after discussion. Song Liang checked the inspection information registered on the same day. He first excluded male patients and called one by one to ask the female patients on the day and finally found the owner.


Ms. Yong, the owner, said that she was from Shanghai. In the Spring Festival this year, she returned to her hometown in Wuhan to celebrate the New Year. In the 30th year, her back was accidentally hit, the pain was unbearable, and immediately rushed to Hankou Hospital to make a CT Inspection, I took the necklace down on the seat at that time, forgot to take it away. After I went home, I found that the necklace was gone. I received a call from the hospital, and I remembered that I was careless to put the necklace in the hospital.

Ms. Yong said that the necklace was a gift given to her when she got married, which was of great significance. She always worked with her. Nowadays, the necklace has been lost. On the 19th, in order to express her thanks to the doctor, Ms. Yong deliberately produced a Jinqi flag printed with the words “picking up gold, noble medical ethics” to send it to the department, thanking the doctor for the doctors. (Reporter Liu Chenwei Correspondent Peng Xiyi Han Ying)

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