Many people have this experience: the hard decoration is finished, the furniture and appliances have also entered the field, the decoration is almost close to the end, but when you look at it in the house, you always feel that it is almost something.


What is almost? ——The question is in detail. The decoration light is not enough. The decoration and embellishment of the details are the finishing touch of the home. Not only can it be beautiful but also create an atmosphere and improve the taste.

Today we will take a look at the good things that can enhance the charm of Chinese home furnishings.

// Hanging painting -bright in front of the eyes

1. Song Huizong “Ruihe Map”


According to legend, one day in the Northern Song Dynasty and the two years, there was a group of white cranes hovering over the Xuande Hall over the capital of the capital, and two of them fell on the left and right kisses left and right, which caused people to stop and watch.

At that time, the emperor Song Huizong witnessed the scene and thought it was a good sign, so he painted the witness on top of Silk. This is the origin of “Ruihe Tu”.


This painting is divided into two parts


On the left is Song Huizong’s original thin golden body title and poem

On the right is the formal picture content


You can follow your own preferences


Select a whole or one of them

2. Vertical version of Zen octa -shape lotus hanging painting

Lotus, the mud out of the mud, not dyed, the clear line of clear, not the demon, Zhongtong is straight, and it is not branched. Zhou Dunyi exhausted the lotus bones in “Love Lotus”.


In the culture of Chinese people, the beauty of Lianhe can be described as “thrilling”, fresh, fresh, delicate, upright, high …


In addition to the lotus, there are several themes in this series


Such as star anise, bamboo branches, red leaves, etc.

Adopt traditional boneless painting

The whole picture is elegant, the strokes are soft

Very suitable for hanging in porch, study, walkway, etc.

. Four landscape paintings of vertical version

Human law, earth law, heaven, heaven and law, Taoism is natural. The Chinese pursuit of the natural landscape is deeply penetrated into the bone marrow and carved into the blood. Therefore, landscape painting is actually not only decorative, but also the expression of the heart of “hidden”.

High mountains flow, the source is long. In the Chinese -style home, such a pair of four -piece paintings are hung, the atmosphere and magnificent, unparalleled.

In the living room, dining room, bedroom, etc.

Hanging on the wall of the wall, your favorite landscape paintings

You can “lie down” at home without leaving home


Landscape views expand the vision of people

Even with a lot of open minds

// Chinese decoration -artistic temperament

1. Chinese ceramic rockery decoration


Wise man Leshan, benevolent. Since Tao Yuanming opened the “return” of the literati, the landscape has become the dream of the literati. But what should I do if I can’t return to reality? It is okay to introduce landscapes into courtyard and in -room ~

Pick a rockery decoration to place the case head, undulating mountains, and layered beautiful curves. In this height and low trend, how many throbbing is ironed.


There are two styles of this decoration


One is light green, and the other is mysterious

Send iron bracket and quartz sand


Just put it in a casual, full of Zen

2. solid wood inverted incense burner


Urban life is busy every day, and sometimes I want to break out, find some silent moment for life.


The warm wind swayed, and a pillar of green smoke tilted down, such as “Galaxy’s diarrhea falls on the top of the mountains, and the jade world is far away.”


On the table in front of the table

Put on such a delicate inverted incense burner

The green smoke runs down

The light wood color and cigarettes

Silence in the heart

3. Manual woven bamboo rim vase ornaments

Life requires a bit of artistic sense, but art is sometimes very special. Like such a few bamboo weaving, put a pot of green coin grass with green oil, and placed on the porch, meal cabinet, horns, and a few …


A decoration, add a little glory to life

Because of this

Things that seem “useless”


Life seems to be opened with a small mouth

In addition to Chai Mi oil and salt, there is beauty

4. Blue and white porcelain bottle

The plain embryo outlines the blue and white brushes, and the peony described by the bottle is like you first. As the representative of Chinese porcelain, the beauty of blue and white porcelain is supercurred.

On the Bogu frame, a few flowers, a few horn … Put a porcelain bottle, the kind of charm is better than thousands of words.


There are many types of blue and white porcelain, and the bottle, plum bottle, melon bottle, etc. are classic.

Blue and white porcelain itself has a strong sense of decoration, coupled with its clear colors, with its own classic style.


// face value and practical coexistence

1. New Chinese Ceramics Night Lantern

The moonlight in front of the bed is suspected to be frost on the ground.

A “quiet night thought” was vividly interpreted in this small night lamp. It is both a decoration and a table lamp.

41.5*width 13.5*height 34.5cm


Round light bulbs, retro buildings

Person of ancient style, Ma Fang Nanshan

Every time the light is on

I can always think of those romantic things in my mind

2. Black walnut blossom


The most important atmosphere in the Chinese style. Of course, a pot of green plants are alive, but if there is no elegant flower set off, this atmosphere will not be discounted.

Every time I see it, there will be

A feeling of my family has a girl who grows up


Tingling, gentle and gentle


Just placed in a certain corner

Can attract people’s eyes


3. Black walnut hook


A piece of black walnut is linked, don’t look at it simple, it is also worth saying in addition to hanging clothes.

A piece of shelf is specially designed on the hook, which can be used to put a little ornament, a small picture frame, a bunch of dry flowers … The original monotonous wall is much more interesting.


The above is today’s grass. I wonder if I have brought some decoration inspiration? If you have better suggestions, please leave a message to share!



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