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In 2017, after Zhao Ke returned to China, he directly “airborne” to Yalida as the director of R & D director and the director of the OEM business department. At that time, she had just passed the 22nd birthday and was the 22nd anniversary of the establishment of the Yalida brand that year.

In 1995, Zhao Ke’s father, Zhao Sunli, began to make clothing processing in a building with a five or six floors in the city of Gaozhai, the urban village.


In Zhao Ke’s memory, my father is a “powerful” person

In 1995, Zhao Ke was born. In the same year, her father Zhao Sunli ended the clothing auxiliary material business. She rented the next residential building in Gaozhai and hired more than 30 employees. Essence

Before the age of 5, Zhao Ke’s memory of his father and his family’s clothing industry came from this. “The most impressive is the playmates around them. They are children of the workers in the family. A group of children ran up and down in the building every day.”

Zhao Ke said that his father Zhao Sunli was a person with a strong family responsibility and never took his job home. Coupled with her young age, she didn’t quite understand what her father was doing. “I only know that he is a” powerful “person. Every time he goes out to eat with the uncle and aunt of the workers, his father is always crowded in the middle, and he always pays the bill on the dining table.” Zhao Ke recalled.

In July 2000, Zhao Sunli registered the “Yalida” brand and began to officially embark on the development of brand women’s pants. The site was also relocated and moved from urban villages into the plant.

In the past few years, Yalida has developed rapidly. Relevant reports show that from 2003 to 2006, Yalida stores and counters have grown to more than 1,500 nationwide. Since 2003, Yalida has ranked first in Chinese women’s pants brand production and sales. Essence



The highlight of Zhengzhou women’s pants always has the credit of my father

This is not only a good period of Yalida, but also the good period of Zhengzhou’s women’s pants industry.

From 2003 to 2007, women’s pants brands such as Yalida, Mengshuya, Yiyang ushered in the industry’s highlights. In August 2005, 12 women’s pants companies such as Mengshuya, Yalida, Yiyang, etc. appeared collectively at the News Hall of the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, and shouted the slogan “Chinese Women’s Pants Look at Zhengzhou”. Data show that at this time the Zhengzhou women’s pants production line was produced nearly 800,000 daily output.

Zhao Ke also slowly realized what kind of existence of Yalida created by his father. “Walking on the road, you can often see your own brand’s store. At that time, I wrote and participated in a speech contest. As long as I said idols, I must say it was a father.”

In 2013, Zhao Ke went abroad to study abroad. In the same year, Yalida just walked out of the brand of women’s pants to turn the full series of transformation.

“My father has always insisted on not allowing the child to participate in the enterprise, so in foreign countries, I don’t care much about the brand. I just remember that in the past few years, every time I find my father for living expenses, he will hear him saying that the business is not easy to do, but I didn’t ask, he didn’t talk about it. “Zhao Ke recalled.

After arriving in the company in 2017, Zhao Ke was scattered from other people’s population and learned what happened in the years. For example, when women’s pants are transformed in full series of women’s clothing, Yalida and external women’s research and development teams, including South Korean designers, have not done well, overcome difficulties to build their own team; Brand, but after many considerations, they gave up, and the investment paid “tuition”; for example, when Yalida entered the new e -commerce field, he also explored many parties …

“After entering the business, I felt that my father was a” success “person. It wasn’t that he had done business, but his insistence, his sense of responsibility.” Zhao Ke said.


The father of the post -60s seeks to stabilize, and the daughter of the post -95s after the 95th

After taking this stick from his father, Zhao Ke was anxious to prove herself, but before he understood the industry and enterprises, she was like a “angry youth.” “The company I imagined should be modern and efficient management, so I felt backward at first looking at everything. I always hurriedly ran to my father, saying that Yalida couldn’t do it. So we always shoot at the table to quarrel. “

In terms of corporate management, Zhao Sunli always told her daughter to slow down, after a deep understanding, and then thinking about what to change. Zhao Ke listened to it, but there was only one thing. She couldn’t wait. , Do ODM service.

The participation role of the clothing OEM is mainly clothing brands and manufacturers. It refers to the appropriate manufacturer of manufacturers to authorize the use of its own brand LOGO to help brand merchants design and produce. ODM service refers to that after a manufacturer designed a certain product, in some cases, some other companies may be fancy, requiring the latter’s brand name to produce, or modify the design to produce slightly.

“His father does not support. He is more stable, especially after the brand in the past two years has stabilized on the new level, he feels that it is the most important thing to stabilize and stabilize.” Zhao Ke said. But she is more clear that the front -line clothing brand is doing light asset operations, and Yada has the production capacity and high -quality products they need.

Several confrontations, Zhao Sunli could not give up, but Zhao Ke was more determined. “I found a suitable person and asked him to deal with various front -line brands and pull business. Selected models and production were quietly carried out. I dared to tell my father until there was a stable business.”

The OEM business department was finally established. Last year, Zhao Ke led the team to bring good revenue to Yalida. The 300%growth rate formulated this year has been completed in the first eight months. “My father never praised me in person, except for this.”


“I think I am a catfish of Yalida” “

The 22 -year -old airborne company works. In Zhao Ke’s words, the first entering the company is like a “white paper” in the field of clothing industry. What will I think and evaluate her “airborne”?

“Listen to more and look at it, you must have something to do.” Except for this, his father Zhao Sunli did not explain more.

“But I found that my father actually left me a lot of ‘wealth’.” Zhao Ke said, “In the past two decades, my father founded a team with strong centripetal force. At the age of 15, he started to follow his father when he was 15 years old. Such employees abound in Yalida. For them, Yalida is like his own company. “

However, it also originated from this development characteristics. Zhao Ke believes that Yalida has a slight tradition in some marketing methods and management models.

After entering the enterprise, Zhao Ke felt like he had entered the cadre activity center. On the one hand, the industrial characteristics, more repeated work; on the other hand, after the enterprise achieved a certain scale, he moved to the whole body. The most proper approach.

But this is unacceptable by Zhao Ke, so she insisted on introducing intelligent manufacturing equipment, handed over repeatable work that does not need creative power to the machine, insisted on merging the design department and the technology department, insisted on the development of the terminal support department, in the picture in the picture, in the picture, in the picture The promotion of copywriting is more exquisite and more in line with the law of communication.

In terms of product development, Zhao Ke also adjusted to add more popular elements. “Yalida’s previous customer group is basically over 45 years old, and now it has fallen to 35 years old. The brand cannot grow old with customers.”

Now Zhao Ke is the most frequent business trip in the company. She is everywhere in the show and factories everywhere. “I think I am a catfish of Yalida. It must always bring the industry’s forefront news at all times to stimulate the enterprise to be active and do well.”

As for his father, the frequency of quarrel between the two still did not decline, but Zhao Ke could obviously feel that his father had more time to go out to exercise and entertain. “He often said that after retiring, he would be a consultant of Yalida -he asked, and asked if he didn’t care. This made me feel that my value in the company had been seen.”

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