The term “network anchor” has been very popular, and the history of the anchor has been in history for a long time. When I was young, I heard “Zhang Zhen’s Story”, and I was impressed. Now I want to be an online anchor. It has also been reduced a lot. You can believe it as an anchor at the lowest only 300 yuan?

如何用三百元打造网络主播 十款声卡套装横评

The author’s once dream is to be a host, because more than one person says that the author’s voice is good (although I don’t think so), because the threshold of the Internet anchor has decreased, the author can show you a 10 three hundred yuan sound card set to demonstrate the demonstration for everyone to demonstrate How to use only 300 yuan to become a network anchor.

如何用三百元打造网络主播 十款声卡套装横评

Ten sound card suits tested this time from the test of about 300 yuan in Jingdong price of about 300 yuan, namely (the ranking is not before and after):





如何用三百元打造网络主播 十款声卡套装横评


Lenovo UC10PRO electronic sound card set

299 yuan

Jingdong details


E voice x7 sound card+E300 set

249 yuan


如何用三百元打造网络主播 十款声卡套装横评

Yingchuang P100 external sound card set

如何用三百元打造网络主播 十款声卡套装横评

269 ​​yuan


如何用三百元打造网络主播 十款声卡套装横评

Guest K10 Sound Card Set K10+PM80 Package

298 yuan

如何用三百元打造网络主播 十款声卡套装横评


Ten Lantern T1 Sound Card Set


Philip Android Apple external mobile phone sound card set set standard


Rui Little Ear Live Equipment Full Set Sound Card Set Local Local Gold+Microphone

268 yuan

如何用三百元打造网络主播 十款声卡套装横评


Creative Da Lan-5 external mobile phone live sound card set

328 yuan


Borwas sound card set is cool black


You Ge Meiti U16 Mobile Live K Ge Outer Sound Card Settings Full Set

The above ten sound card sets cover the price from 249 yuan to 328 yuan, most of which are at 299 yuan. We also use 249 yuan as the lower limit to compare the gap between the sound cards of each style to achieve various functions.

And this evaluation will also take the live broadcast of the network platform as the background. When simulating the functions and characteristics of the sound card, the sound card can be provided to score the sound card from multiple aspects such as accessories, functions, software and hardware support. First of all, let’s take a look at the content contained in each sound card set.

What can you buy 2300 yuan?

1. Packaging content

All accessories contained in the set will directly affect the feeling of the anchor during use. For example, the use of long -arm brackets will be far better than the vertical bracket, and the equipment of the shockproof rack will also reduce the vibration interference during recording. The protection method of microphone and the quality of the headset will affect the sound quality during live or recording.

The score of this link is 15 points.

1. Lenovo UC10 Pro

Lenovo UC10 Pro

As the most familiar brand in this Heng Rating, Lenovo UC10 Pro has rich accessories, including microphone brackets, shockproof racks, microphones, anti -spray hoods, and multiple connections. This set of sound card sets use anti -spray cover to protect the microphone. Compared with the windproof sponge, the cost of anti -spray cover is higher and the effect is better. The anti -spray cover of Lenovo’s set of sound card suits is made of double -layer nylon, which is very large and thick.

However, there is also a regret for this combination: no bracket for mobile phones. It is relatively inconvenient to use the mobile phone to hold the mobile phone when using a mobile phone.

Rating: 10 points

2. The Voice ofe X7 Sound Card+E300 Set

The accessories of E are also rich, including microphone, microphone wind cover, microphone, mobile phone bracket, multiple wires, etc. Compared with the previous Lenovo, the microphone bracket is replaced by a desktop, and the anti -spray cover is also replaced by a lower cost -proof windproof sponge.

Because the microphone bracket is replaced by the desktop, the support of the shockproof rack is lacking. The anti -spray cover is also logical. Considering that the sound card set of the sound of E is the lowest price in this horizontal evaluation, and the cost is limited.

Rating: 8 points

3. Yingchuang P100 external sound card set

The British packaging should not consider the possibility of outdoor live broadcast, and all accessories can be installed in a metal box. The packaging contains a vertical microphone, a microphone shockproof rack windproof sponge, etc.

The more interesting thing is that in addition to the earplugs that comes with the earphones, two pairs of different types of earplugs are also given away. And although the microphone bracket is a vertical style on the table, it is equipped with a shockproof rack, but it is replaced by a windproof sponge instead of the anti -spray cover, and there is no mobile phone bracket. It should still be for portable consideration.

Rating: 9 points

4. Housewars K10 Sound Card Set

Guest K10 Sound Card Set

The sets of the guests are very rich, and the microphone, microphone bracket, shockproof rack, anti -spray cover, windproof sponge, and rotation line are very rich. The microphone uses the aidian microphone, which causes two sets of English sets at the beginning.

However, in addition to the earplugs of the headset, there are many types of earplugs, and there are many sound prevention measures that are paid to the wind. Repeated products of anti -spray cover and windproof sponge have appeared on the same product. Whether it is to draw a snake, the effect of the recording of the later can be seen.

Rating: 11 points

5. Ten lamp T1 sound card set

Ten lamp T1

Ten lamp T1 also uses the metal handbag box packaging, which looks full of full. The packaging contains microphones, anti -spray hoods, shockproof racks, and various rotation cables. Although the material of the anti -spray cover was replaced from nylon to a metal network, it did not provide a microphone and mobile phone bracket, which was still inconvenient to use.

如何用三百元打造网络主播 十款声卡套装横评

The more distinctive feature is that a line -controlled headset is given one minute (below the sound card). It should be considered that the monitoring headset model is different, but the headset is not given to the monitor.

Rating: 6 points

如何用三百元打造网络主播 十款声卡套装横评

6. Philip


Philippine Card Set

Feile’s sound card set is really simple: four sets of lines, sound cards, microphones, windproofs, and microphones, no. There is no monitoring headset, mobile phone bracket, etc., and can only meet the most basic recording needs.

Rating: 3 points

7. Rui Little Ear

Rui Rui Little Ear

Rui’s set of accessories is very complete. Not only is the microphone, anti -spray cover, and wires, but the most special is that the set contains two sets of mobile phone brackets. It should be designed for the live broadcast of the mobile phone.

如何用三百元打造网络主播 十款声卡套装横评

The anti -spray cover is made of a metal mesh, but the area is small. The same small sound card, and the keys on the above keys are too small, and you can’t help worrying about the effect when you use it.

Rating: 12 points

8. Creative Da Blue Tone


As the most expensive price in this Heng Rating, Creative Da Lan Trends is slightly not careful on accessories. Although the vocal card’s purple color matching value is high, the corresponding accessories are relatively complete. However, the lack of mobile phone brackets makes it unswervingly that it is higher than 300 yuan.

9. Bonus Sound Card Set

Bonus Sound Card Set

The configuration of the Bonus suit is really simple. It is the simplest one in this Heng Rating. It is less windproof sponge than the one in the previous article. It is really easy to …

Rating: 1 point

10. You Ge Meiti U16

You Ge Meiti U16

You Ge Meiti U16 should be the most complete accessory. Microphone, shockproof racks, anti -spray hoods, windproof sponges, and mobile phone brackets are all available. The anti -spray cover is made of metal with a small area, but it can be removed, and the windproof sponge is used as the second layer of protection.

However, comprehensive, the headset does not have earplugs, and the non -integrated structure of the mobile phone bracket has become a deduction point, but it still does not affect the highest score in this link.

Rating: 13 points

The first link score results (click to browse the big picture)

The above is the accessories contained in all products in this sound card set. There are a few points to pay attention to: the cost of anti -spray cover of metal anti -spray cover will be higher than that of the nylon mesh, and the cost of windproof sponges is the lowest. Any anti -spray measures should be better. Due to the price and cost restrictions, the monitoring effect of monitoring headphones is definitely not as good as a professional -grade monitoring headset that is thousands of yuan, but it is conducive to the end time that the content you play lacks background music, laughter and cheers, etc. It has a certain effect.

We have finished the accessories, so talk about the echo card itself, and see what is the difference between each sound card in the interface and function.

What can I pick up at 300 yuan sound card set (top)

如何用三百元打造网络主播 十款声卡套装横评

Second, sound card panel & I/O interface

Next we will focus on the sound card. Focus on the appearance, keys and interfaces of the sound card in the set. In this link, it will score from the three dimensions of appearance, function keys, and interfaces. The appearance focuses on subjectiveness. The author focuses on the work quality of the whole machine, and the more function keys are better, and sometimes too much button will affect the operation. In terms of interfaces, not only the number of interfaces must be examined, but also the compatibility of the interface and the richness of the adapter accessories.

This link scores 10 points.

如何用三百元打造网络主播 十款声卡套装横评

Lenovo UC10 Pro front

Lenovo UC10 Pro’s sound card adopts symmetrical design. The two knobs are placed as symmetrical as a pair of big eyes. The left knob is responsible for adjusting the volume of the microphone. The right knob on the right side is responsible for adjusting the volume of the headset.

如何用三百元打造网络主播 十款声卡套装横评

Lenovo UC10 Pro side interface

There are four interfaces on the top of Lenovo UC10 Pro, namely Micro-USB, live broadcast interface, headset, and headset interface.

Lenovo UC10 PRO’s other side interface

There are three interfaces at the bottom of Lenovo UC10 Pro, which are microphone 1. Mesop 2, and voice input interfaces.

如何用三百元打造网络主播 十款声卡套装横评

Lenovo’s sound card has only two knobs, buttons without adjusting the atmosphere and other functions. Lenovo put these functions on supporting software, so the sound card is relatively simple.

Lenovo UC10 PRO This session Rating: 7 points

如何用三百元打造网络主播 十款声卡套装横评

2. The Voice ofe X7 Sound Card

E voice x7 sound card front

The appearance of the sound of E X7 sound card is designed with white, and there are frosted metal edges around. The position of the two knobs is similar to association, but the functions of these two knobs are different from association. One is to adjust the volume and the other is responsible for adjusting the reverberation size. In addition, the X7 puts four sound buttons, a power button, and 6 indicator lights on the front panel, so that the working status of the sound card is more obvious.

E voice x7 sound card top interface

如何用三百元打造网络主播 十款声卡套装横评

There are relatively few interfaces with the X7 sound card. Only the Micro-USB interface, accompaniment, microphone, headset, headset, and mobile phone live broadcast have a total of five interfaces, all on the same side.

The appearance of the sound of E X7 sound card is relatively simple, and the buttons are more than Lenovo, but the interface is less.

E voice X7 Sound Card.

3. Yingchuang X5

Yingchuang X5 sound card positive

The Yingchuang X5 sound card is a sound card equipped in the Yingchuang P100 sound card set. The metal shell is designed with local tyrant gold, and there is only a black knob on the front.

Yingchuang X5 sound card function panel

There are as many as 6 knobs on the British X5 sound card function panel, of which the three on the right are unmoved and the indicator lights are as many as 8.

如何用三百元打造网络主播 十款声卡套装横评

Yingchuang X5 sound card interface area

如何用三百元打造网络主播 十款声卡套装横评

The Yingchuang X5 sound card interface is relatively abundant, with two 3.5mm microphone interfaces, a 6.5mm dynamic coil microphone interface, one headset output interface, a mobile live interface, a accompaniment input interface and a USB-Typeb interface. The interface uses orange to indicate the input interface and green output interface. From the color point of view, this USB-Typeb interface should be an output interface, but this interface is very rare and may encounter some problems in adaptation.

如何用三百元打造网络主播 十款声卡套装横评

In fact, the layout of the British X5 sound card is very interesting, whether it is the knob and key position of the panel. As for why I said it is interesting, I know it later.

British Innovation X5 This link Rating: 7 points

4. Guide to think K10

如何用三百元打造网络主播 十款声卡套装横评

Guest thought K10 sound card positive

Guide to think about the K10 sound card with a black housing, and in the middle is a guest -like logo, and there is a color lamp in the logo, which can represent different modes through different colors, which is very intuitive. There are three knobs on the left and right sides symmetrically, and there are two keys above the left and right knobs. Short -press and long press will achieve different functions.

Guest thought K10 sound card bottom interface

There are 5 interfaces at the bottom of the K10 at the bottom of the K10, including three microphone input interfaces, and two headphones/earplugs output interfaces.

Purpose to think card top interface

There are three interfaces at the top of the K10 sound card, namely the music input interface, the USB-Typeb input interface, and a XMPI interface.

The appearance of the K10 sound card is relatively unique. The six knobs and two keys are symmetrical, and the interfaces at the bottom are also as symmetrical. The interface of the sound card is relatively complete, and there is a unique XMPI interface, which is more innovative.

Guest K10 This link Rating: 8 points

5. Ten lamp T1

Ten lamp T1 front

There are six keys on the front of the ten lantern sound cards, and two knobs are placed in the middle, which are responsible for the sound and microphone, and the bottom is the key to the separate opening.

Ten lamp T1 left side

Ten lamp T1 puts all interfaces on the left side of the sound card, including the headset, microphone, audio, headsets, music input, charging, USB, a total of seven interfaces. T1 did not integrate the charging interface with the USB interface, which was a bit regrettable.

Ten lamp T1 right side

如何用三百元打造网络主播 十款声卡套装横评

The right side of T1 is five dials, which are responsible for regulating treble, bass, music, monitoring, and recording.

Ten lamp T1 concentrates the interface on one end of the fuselage, and the other end is concentrated. On the one hand, it will be slightly inconvenient when adjusting, and on the other hand, it will be crowded when using the interface. And the two Micro-USBs occupy a relatively large space, so the interface settings are not very reasonable.

Ten Lantern T1 T1 This Temple Rating: 6 points

The above are five of the ten sound cards. The next page will introduce the appearance, interfaces and other characteristics of the other five sound cards. It will also reveal the “more interesting” of the British sound card interface layout.

What can be connected by 4300 yuan sound card set (below)

6. Feile

Philip sound card positive

The Philippine sound card uses a metal shell, the whole machine uses a black design, the front volume and the reverberation adjustment knob are placed symmetrically on the left and right sides. There are five keys below, namely change, laughter/kiss, switching/mode switching, applause, applause, applause, applause, applause, applause, applause, applause, applause /Despise and electronic sound function. The three modes of indicator lights are arranged vertically above the switch button in the middle. In addition, there is a indicator light above the sound change and electronic keys.

299 yuan

如何用三百元打造网络主播 十款声卡套装横评

Jingdong details

Jingdong details

Jingdong details

Jingdong details

如何用三百元打造网络主播 十款声卡套装横评

Jingdong details

Jingdong details

Jingdong details

Jingdong details

Jingdong details

E voice x7 sound card+E300 set

如何用三百元打造网络主播 十款声卡套装横评

Yingchuang P100 external sound card set

298 yuan

如何用三百元打造网络主播 十款声卡套装横评

298 yuan

298 yuan

如何用三百元打造网络主播 十款声卡套装横评

1. Lenovo UC10 Pro

Rating: 9 points

Philip sound card top interface

There are 5 interfaces on the top of the Feile. From left to right are charging/data interfaces, accompaniment, microphone, headsets, and mobile phone interfaces. Relatively speaking, the interface is not very rich. The highlight is that the whole machine uses a metal shell, and the function keys are placed on the front panel.

如何用三百元打造网络主播 十款声卡套装横评

The layout of Feile’s entire machine interface is very similar to the “E -Sound of E” introduced earlier, including the interface layout, which is very similar. The appearance material alone is different from the interface connected by the mobile phone. However, Philip is almost exactly the same as the sound card that will be introduced in the future. It can be considered that the same solution is used. As for which one is, look down.

Philippine Card This link Rating: 5 points

7. Rui Little Ear

Rui Rui Little Ear front

Rui Rui’s small ears are really small in size, only 7.8 cm long, and only 4.7 cm wide. The front of the fuselage is mirror design. The other planes are made of metal. The range of the three adjustment sliding buttons above is very small, and the seven keys, including the power button below, are depressed.

Rui Little Ear Ending Interface

There are only three interfaces at the bottom of the Rui Rui small ear. From left to right are recording, accompaniment, and headset interfaces, all of which are 3.5mm headphone ports.

Rui small ears top interface

There is only one interface at the top of Rui Rui small ears, which is the 5V power input interface.

Rui Rui small ear sound card is very small, but the size of the whole machine also limits the number of key layouts and interfaces. The three sliding bond adjustment areas of music, volume and reverberation are very small, and they need to be very careful when adjusting. The number of interfaces is also poor, and can only meet the most basic input and output requirements.

Rui Rui Little Ear Sound Card.

8. Creative Da Blue Tone

Creative Da Lan Tun front

Creative Da Lan Turning Top Interface

Creative Da Ban Banjian bottom knob

The layout of the creative Blues is exactly the same as that of the “interesting” British X5 mentioned earlier. It can be said that it has changed the same set of schemes of a brand and color. Don’t make too many evaluations here.

Creative Da Lan Tune and British Create X-5 Comparison

Although the same set is used, the interface and keys of this scheme are relatively rich, so the score is the same as the British X-5.

Creative Da Ban Tun this link score: 7 points

9. Bonus V7

如何用三百元打造网络主播 十款声卡套装横评


The sound card of the Bonus V7 puts all the buttons and knobs except the switch, including seven knobs, including the reverberation, and there are up to 12 keys under the knob.

如何用三百元打造网络主播 十款声卡套装横评

Bolwus top interface

All the interfaces of the Bonus V7 sound card are at the top of the fuselage. From left to right are earplugs, headsets, microphones, speakers, charging, accompaniment, and live broadcast, there is a switch on the right.

I have to say that in order to find the brand of this sound card, I had to adopt the exclusion method. The sound card of Bonus has no brand that indicates the product from the product to the instruction manual, warranty card to packaging. The model “V7” also made the author at the beginning that it was the X7 of the sound of E. However, from the degree of richness of the interface, the sound card of Bonus is the most abundant and comes with a battery, so the scores in this link are also very high.

Bonus v7 sound card score: 8 points

10. You Ge Meiti U16

You Ge Meiti U16 positive

You Ge Meiti U16 top interface

The biggest difference between Youge Mitti’s sound card and the Philippine sound card mentioned earlier is that LOGO has changed, and the frames of some text have disappeared, and there are almost no other changes. Whether the key layout or the interface function, even the shell material is exactly the same. The author will not have photos of the two comparisons. Directly give the scores in this link.

You Ge Meiti This link score: 5 points

Summary of this link:

If the previous link can be divided into advantages and disadvantages, this link is a bit stupid. There are two pairs of sound cards using the same sound card solution, which makes the scoring link simpler. And these two links also show a problem: at this price, the sound card, the homogeneity is very serious. In addition to the same type of accessories, even the scheme of the sound card is easy to appear.

The scoring results after the second link (click to browse the big picture)

However, how much the specific use will be used, it depends on the measured link.

5 What is the specific effect?

Third, recording measurement

This test will

Only record

Each test has a minimum sound of the sound card, select the voice/singing mode, and cancel the background music access. Mainly test the recording effect of sound cards, noise bottoming, hearing and other aspects.

This recording is fully simulated to live broadcast. Not only does it not be installed on all spray cover and windproof cover, including the microphone racks and shockproof racks in the suit. but

如何用三百元打造网络主播 十款声卡套装横评

In this session, “Rui Rui Little Ear” and “You Ge Meiti” do not know what for the reason, and can not record audio anyway, resulting in these two graphics cards that cannot be scored in this link.

如何用三百元打造网络主播 十款声卡套装横评

The score of 25 points in this link is 25 points. The recording effect is 10 points,

如何用三百元打造网络主播 十款声卡套装横评

The better the sound effect, the higher the score

; I am 10 points for the bottom noise,

如何用三百元打造网络主播 十款声卡套装横评

The smaller the bottom noise, the higher the score

Essence The other features are 5 points, and the scores are as appropriate according to the functional characteristics.

The actual recording test of this link is as follows (it is recommended to put on the headset):

Because it is the voice of the author, the score in this link is also based on the author’s subjective score. The following briefly lists the scores of each sound card in this link.

如何用三百元打造网络主播 十款声卡套装横评

The scores of each sound card set in this session are as follows:

The score of each voice card in this link

如何用三百元打造网络主播 十款声卡套装横评

Added a few points: Lenovo’s sound card cannot be closed from the hardware, E’s noise is large, customer thoughts and ten lamp microphones have recorded the background sounds, and Bonus has a lot of noise. It affects the overall sense of hearing, but the sound effects that can be adjusted by sound card panels are the most among all sound cards, so there are two points among other features.

The last total points are shown in the figure:

The total scoring results of this sound card Heng Rating (click to browse the big picture)

Next is a summary. According to the characteristics of the author’s discovery during use, you will select “the most suitable for indoor live stamp set”, “the most suitable for outdoor live stamp set” and “the strongest sound card set of comprehensive strength”.

6 Which one will be the “Wanjin Oil Sound Card Set”?

“The most suitable for indoor live broadcast”: Creative Da Ban Ban Tuning Sound Card Set

Creative Da Lan’s sound card accessories are relatively complete. They are equipped with anti -spray hoods and are also equipped with microphone wind cover. There are many options for adjustment of sound cards, and the effect of recording is also very good.


如何用三百元打造网络主播 十款声卡套装横评

The relatively large regrets should be that the bottom noise is large when recording, and you need to pay attention to the recording bottom noise at all times.

“The most suitable sound card for outdoor live broadcast”: ten lantern sound card suits

The sound quality of the ten lamp sounds is not the most prominent. Outstanding noise bottoming control, portable built -in power supply and rich effects make the ten lamps more suitable for outdoor live broadcast. And the set of microphones and mobile phone brackets is not attached to the set, indicating that this sound card set is not suitable for indoor live broadcast.

Ten lantern sound cards

There is another reason for the recommended outdoor live broadcast: there is a box packaging, you can install everything that needs to be broadcast in a box, which is very portable.

“The Strongest Sound Card of Comprehensive Power”: Lenovo UC10 Pro Sound Card Set

As the most popular brand in this Heng Rating, Lenovo’s overall quality of the sound card set is also very good, and the UC10 Pro does not adopt a common public version of this price. Its design strength is evident.

如何用三百元打造网络主播 十款声卡套装横评

Lenovo UC10 Pro sound card

Although Lenovo UC10 Pro has less adjustable levels on the panel, and the reverberation cannot be closed through hardware, the richer accessories and the highest scores in this link are the highest score of Lenovo’s sound card.

Write behind:

The sound card set of 300 yuan can be said to be the minimum standard that can be used in live broadcasts. It can be seen that in this horizontal evaluation, there are only two scores of 50 points, only two of the passing line 30 points. There are two failures that cannot be recorded during the recording audio.

It can be seen that although the 300 yuan sound card can meet the lowest requirements such as recording and live broadcasts, in fact, if you want to make better recording effects, try to choose a big brand or a relatively good public version of the sound card set, but the simplest one is the simplest. The method is to increase the budget. After all, the sound card at this price can only meet the most basic recording needs.