New Year’s Eve: After watching it, I feel a sense of feeling, and the real restoration of China’s rural areas in the 1980s …

The author’s words: I received the “Draft of the Head”, very happy, the materials in my hand, dedicated them one by one. The original title is: What are the best snacks in the New Year when you were a kid? Does it still taste like a child now? My theme is: New Year’s New Year-the best snacks: mouth full-eyes full-full eyes-very little disappearance (new version).

Title Author: Let me think of it, think of what I have passed, and the supplies are short of time. Remember only after the New Year can you get the New Year’s money for snacks. Among them, do you get the New Year’s money? It depends on luck, family economy, parents’ mood, etc. At that time, there were few gaps between the rich and the poor.

For example, children of wealthy families can only get 1-2 yuan for New Year’s money. For example, families who are not economical, get up to 1-5 cents for New Year’s money. For example, children in most families can get a few points of money, but the children are “satisfied” and are extremely happy. Reason: Family children and poor economy are too poor. How can parents give so many New Year’s money to their children. It seems that Mo Nian’s past, Mo Nian old people, the past is unbearable. Today, with friends from all over the world, we have talked about exchanges and shared the New Year when they were young.

1. New Year when I was a kid: The best snacks are like “

mouth drooling with greed


Swishing: It is ritual and a childhood beautiful girl


Once a friend: Remember the snacks for the New Year when I was a kid? Now many years have passed, but the taste of going to childhood still remember “


Gu Pan Shenghui

“. Inventory of the New Year’s essential snacks today.

1. What is the New Year’s money

New Year’s New Year’s money: New Year, New Year’s greeting New Year’s money

Refers to the New Year’s Eve, the elders assigned the New Year’s money to the juniors. Advantages: The older generation of parents believe that the New Year’s money can hold the children when they are new. Because: “years old” and “sulfur”, juniors get the New Year’s money, and can spend the new one year in peace. The most common: Parents’ red paper packet money to children. Generally, you can get to visit friends and friends from the older generation. You must be rewarded to the children after worshiping the New Year to the predecessors. It is particularly common: New Year’s Eve, when the child is asleep, parents secretly put the New Year’s money and put them under the child’s pillow. The next day I get up. The children see this, and their hearts are happy. Folk customs: I will give children to children. When the evil spirits or “year” hurt the child, the child can use the New Year’s money to bribe the demons to turn the magic. It is a pity that the children are improper. After the Spring Festival starts, they will buy snacks. If the parents see this scene, they must be “furious.”

2. New year money to put together to buy snacks

New year money to pieces to buy snacks

I grew up and returned to Shanghai to start my elementary school. As a result, there is a different scene as the rural areas, that is, the older generation of the New Year often gives some New Year’s money, and friends use it to buy snacks. On the way to school, most of the little friends went to the school to buy snacks at the retail stall at the school gate. Often a pair of children, partnerships for New Year’s money, buying snacks in partnership, and then allocating snacks together. Reason: The family is very poor, and there are rare pocket money.

3. Snacks that I like when I was young

I liked snacks when I was a kid

First, big white rabbit milk candy

Big White Rabbit Candy

One of the essential snacks for the New Year. Big white rabbit toffee, national brand. Very sweet, never sticky mouth, is a must -have snacks for many families during the Chinese New Year. Pulling the sugar paper and stuffing the rectangular sugar into the mouth, the mouth is full of strong milk fragrance. Although the supermarket can still see the figure now, it is not the sweet and soft taste of memories.


Second, the egg roll crisp and crispy

Crispy and crispy egg rolls


The two must -have snacks for the New Year. Egg rolls are also snacks that are often eaten in the New Year. Compared with the current egg rolls, the egg rolls are thicker and harder when they were young. When eating, there is often a sugar with redness or green pigment. When I eat it, I like to leave sugar to the end. A bite of egg rolls in winter, crispy and refreshing, accompanied by a sound of “squeak”, crispy and crispy egg rolls in your mouth, stir for a long time, and then swallow it slowly.

Third, peanut nougat

Peanut nougat

The three must -have snacks for the New Year. Peanut nougat, the favorite is the fragrance of peanuts, the taste of fusion with the sweet and sweet taste. For some reason, I kept eating “one after another” as soon as I ate the New Year. For example, when I worshiped the New Year, my neighbor’s aunt gave the New Year’s goods. Although the supermarket has a variety of beef rolled and glass brands, it is no longer a childhood taste.

Fourth, shrimp films, don’t tire of eating

Shrimp films are not tired of eating

One of the essential snacks for the New Year. Lobster films, the “dazzling” and “overwhelming” on the market now. I did n’t eat so many potato chips and other snacks when I was a kid. At that time, lobster slices were one of the favorite snacks when I was a kid. On the New Year’s Eve, adults in the family may be fried or buying themselves, 5 cents for a pocket, a big bag of 10 cents, and a green shrimp film that smells fragrant flowers, which are beautiful and delicious.

Second, the New Year when I was young: Shaoxing self -made snacks, just like “

Endless aftertaste

1. Stir -fried rice flower

Stir -fry


First, the cousin steals corn

When I was a kid, I was in my grandmother’s house and spent an unforgettable child. At the same time, my cousin has been studying in Shaoxing County. Every time in the busy season in the farmer, the cousin’s “first -class” event is to steal the corn of the mother -in -law’s family. Then I packed with me a lot of sacks, stealing it. No wonder, every time my cousin returned to his hometown, his grandmother always said “唠 难”: Ah Hong was brought by his brother (my nickname).

Second, cousin fried fried rice flowers


After the limelight, my grandmother was not aware of it, my cousin and me, together with the rural friends, quietly took a can of corn and went to the master who specialized in the popcorn.

Third, full face popcus residue


One of Shaoxing’s homemade snacks, stir -fry rice flowers. First use corn kernels to rotate rhythmically in the black stove. With the rotation, the little friends: rolling in the mouth constantly in the mouth. Little friends: When they stared at the stove all the time. A few minutes later, I only listened to the “bang”, the deafening loud noise. Sweet of popcorn: filled the entire air. The little friends were full of joy and danced, and they couldn’t care about popcorn flowers. They hurriedly filled them in their mouths, and they all ate their faces with popcorn scum.


Baked potato

Firewood stove roast and sweet potato

Rural Shaoxing, sweet potatoes just dug out in the ground. Although it is not as good as the current potato chips, it tastes quite “nourishing and tasteful”, so is to live “

Lebi Shushu

“I miss the scene of roasting sweet potatoes in the countryside, although the days are long, remember that taste.


Shaoxing’s homemade snacks, roasted sweet potatoes. Bake sweet potatoes are the most primitive and simple and delicious. Holding a freshly roasted sweet potato in hand, I have not eaten the hot stomach. In this situation, I can’t help but think of the hometown of Shaoxing. Memory grandmother cooks: “firewood stoves” made of soil to make various foods. The author adds forage next to the author, hearing the sound of cooking, or “crackling” burning. Time. I like to get off my grandmother and add some firewood. When my grandmother stood, I stood beside me, swallowing from time to time. At this time, my grandmother would always let me taste the salt of the salt flavor, and the opportunity to take the opportunity to steal one or two.

Of course, the favorite is to roast sweet potatoes with firewood stoves. The roasted sweet potatoes were eaten when they were young. They were all associated with cooking smoke and put a few sweet potatoes with dirt into the firewood stove. Then, the sweet potato was smoked by firewood, and when the outer skin was yellow, it was very easy to peel off the outer skin.

Take out the sweet potatoes in the firewood stove. The sweet potatoes are not good -looking. A layer of gray outside is scorched near the flame. However, the seductive fragrance can’t resist the long -awaited taste buds. At this time, don’t wash it without water, just open it, leave the fragrance, and the aftertaste is endless. Even if it is hot, it will be “clean and neat”. Shaoxing’s “firewood stove” is the eternal memory of my deepest preservation. The long flavor of grilled potatoes, the deliciousness in the memory is still fragrant.

Time is really fast. With the improvement of living standards, “firewood stove” and “one go forever”. With the construction of urban and rural integration and the reconstruction of new rural areas, the countryside gradually moves closer to the city. The natural gas stove, and the induction cooker walked into life without politely. Few people now use the “firewood stove”, even if there are, alternate or paired with natural gas stoves and electrical furnaces.

Grandma died in his early years, lived in Shanghai for a long time, and could not see the “firewood stove” of Shaoxing in the past. If you eat it in Shanghai: the pure and simple -flavored roasted sweet potato, it is almost “painting cakes to fill hunger”, it is not easy to eat it. But I still miss the time of cooking sweet potatoes while cooking.



Fried chestnut

Shaoxing’s self -made snacks third,

Essence The chestnut fell on the tree, fry home with it home, fry



Sweet noses and rich nutrition.


It is dark brown, bright and bright, crispy and easy to peel, sweet and delicious. Ingredients: Select fine meat and less water. Ingredients: chestnuts, sand, sugar, oil (the ratio of the number of chestnuts and sand is 1: 1. 0.4-0.5 kg per 10 kg of chestnuts. 20-25 grams of tea oil.

Production: The first step is to exclude rotten fruits, fruits or worm fruits before frying. The second step is to prepare sand: Select fine sand with clean and uniform granules (washed fine sand with water with clear water, sieved, dried, and stir -fry the sugar and tea oil into “cooked sand” for later use). Third, fuel: firewood or coal. The charcoal is fast, the firepower is strong, the fire is reduced and the fire is convenient, and it is easy to grasp the fire. The fourth step is the pot: the drum or iron pot (the quality of the roller saving effort is not as good as the iron pot stir -fry).

the fifth step,

Stir -fry the sand in advance, scaling the hand, and then pour the chestnuts. Add an appropriate amount of sugar and tea oil to continuously. From the sultry effect of dry sand particles, after about 20-30 minutes, you can heat the sand and remove the sand particles, and place it in the insulation barrel to eat it while it is hot. When fried chestnuts, add sugar and tea oil. Sandy sand is easy to stir -fry, and the chestnuts are moist and bright.

Third, the New Year when I was a child: snacks in different periods, just like “Eight Treasures”

Eight Jane Jade Food

Let the author say: Snacks in different ages are the epitome of my or my peers. Snacks, different societies occupy important roles. In addition to children’s “love”, many elders are also “favored” and often buy a little bit of relief. In the pretty age, the snacks were not eaten often, and the varieties were rare. Reason: Poor income, reluctant to eat. Today, with the help of the “Headline”, it takes stock: Some snacks have been eaten in the past, or the snacks that young people have not heard of now, let’s read it slowly together.

1. Red Shrimp Crispy

Red shrimp cake

One of the best snacks in the 1960s. Red shrimp crispy is actually a kind of crispy sugar, without shrimp at all. The shape of the sugar block is white, with brown stripes in the middle, like the middle section of shrimp, named “red shrimp crisp”.

2. Big white rabbit milk candy

The two best snacks in the 1960s. Big white rabbit toffee, the previous paragraph has been introduced. As the favorite toffee, as early as the 1960s, only a few talents were willing to buy it. When I was a kid, if I had tooth decay and I was crying to find my mother for comfort, I would always be said to have a lot of white rabbit toffee, and it should be tooth decay. However, when I was young, the big white rabbit was really difficult to give up. At that time, it was also a rare thing. The condensed milk added sugar, and it quickly became soft and full of milk. The simple big white rabbit immediately got the love of many children, and bought it every day. Crying if you don’t buy it. I wonder if everyone has such a time when I was a kid? The market now: Big white rabbit toffee is still a best -selling product, but the taste is not as good as childhood.


3, popsicles



The best snacks in the 1960s. Blocks were produced and operated as early as the 1960s. At that time, the popsicles did not popularize the purchase in most families across the country, and only some people had seen it. The price only costs 5 cents, and now it feels very cheap, but when I ca n’t eat enough meals at that time, it is indeed a expensive product.

4, Cuba candy


The fourth of the best snacks in the 1960s. Cuban candy, the name feel: imported foreign goods. In fact, it is not unusual to use sucrose to process the product again. Of course, the sweet candy was affirmed: welcomed by everyone.


5. Popcorn




One of the best snacks in the 1970s. The previous paragraph has been introduced. Popcorn, the most common, lowest price, and popularization of the highest snacks, loved by children across the country. Production: A completely sealed pressure cooker, put it in corn kernels, and put it in the fire to heat it. When the pan is out of the pan, it will always attract countless children to stop and watch, becoming the most beautiful childhood memories in many people’s hearts. Unfortunately, there are few traditional production methods.

6. maltose


The two best snacks in the 1970s. Maltose is a kind of sugar made of wheat and glutinous rice. The taste is sweet and crispy, and the aftertaste is endless. At that time, I often saw hawkers pushing the car. “Through the streets and lanes”, they were sold along the street. All children nearby “followed the sound”. Following a large group of children, they would take a while to buy and buy. Features: The price is not expensive, and it is exchanged for things at home. For example, when parents are not at home, they secretly hold the “chicken skin” to change maltose (Shanghai dialect chicken skin, which is now the medicine name of the chicken inner gold). Essence

7, fried melon seeds

Fried seeds


The best snacks in the 1970s. Frying seeds, the most popular snacks. At that time, only 5 cents were filled with a large bag, full of happiness, and several children were eating. Many friends: From eating fried seeds together, this day. Disadvantages: Melon seeds have a single taste at that time.

8, wheat milk essence

Wheat milk

The four best snacks in the 1970s. Wheat milk was born in the 1930s. Ingredients: Milk Milk Essentials, making fast -soluble solid drinks with refining milk, milk powder, and cocoa powder. It is one of the earliest domestic nutrition and health products in China. In the 1970s, I went to visit and visit high -end supplies. Most people were reluctant to eat after receiving gifts, and in the end they were all cheap children.


9, pear cream sugar


Pear cream


The best snacks in the 1970s. Pear sugar cream, origin: Shanghai. One of the old Chinese names. Drugs made of pear and Chinese herbal medicine were originally used to treat cough and other diseases, but because of its sweet taste, it gradually became a snack. It is expensive and rarely eats.

10, rice flower sugar


The best snacks in the 1970s. Rice candy, one of the earliest puffed foods in China. Ingredients: glutinous rice, sugar. Features: fragrant, crispy, sweet. Men, women and children like it, and the price is cheap. It has become a must -have food for millions of households for the New Year. “Volkswagen Lover” is still popular.

Big White Rabbit Candy


Endless aftertaste

Fried chestnut

Fried chestnut

11. Peanut Nougat


The best snacks in the 1970s. The previous paragraph has been introduced. Ingredients: Peanut, marshmallow, milk powder, a dessert, which is characterized by chewing and fragrant, the aftertaste is endless.

12, canned sugar water

Canned sugar water


The eighth of the best snacks in the 1970s. At that time, the gifts used to honor the elderly. The old man was generally reluctant to eat it and sneaked it out for the children. Put the oranges in the water, and the bottle is just canned, except for sweetness or sweetness. The canned bottle is good and more popular.


13. Fruit candy

fruit candy

Ninety of the best snacks in the 1970s. Fruit candy, common snacks, feel happy to eat. It is cheap, and the fruit taste is the most popular. Just buy a handful of sugar for one or two cents, save it for a few days. Ingredients: fruits, other sugar. Taste: Sweet.

14. Stir sugar

Mixing sugar

One of the best snacks in the 1980s. Stir sugar, ordinary sucrose, stir together with two sticks. Selling sugar hawkers will use the technique to make the two sticks jump back and forth between the two sticks of sugar, which is good -looking, and later I feel that the unhygienic disappears.

15. Bake

Roasted sweet potato

Best snacks in the 1980s. The previous paragraph has been introduced. After roasting sweet potatoes, after cooking the stove, a large amount of roasted red charcoal is left. Find a few sweet potatoes in the cellar. Put the charcoal pile buried. It only takes ten minutes. The fragrant roasted sweet potato is completed. It is easy to get materials, simple production, and low cost. It was the easiest snack at the time, the sweet taste, which was really unforgettable.


16. Marshmallow


The best snacks in the 1980s. Carshmallow, a small spoon of white sugar, make a large group of marshmallows. Very magical, good -looking and delicious. So far, it is a explosive product. In a place with a large number of people, the marshmallow can always be seen.

17. Guodanpi




The fourth of the best snacks in the 1980s. Guidanpi, made of hawthorn. At that time, the hawthorn food market was very hot and many different types appeared. Including: hawthorn tablets and so on. Taste: sweet and delicious, rich in nutrition.

18. Figs


Five of the best snacks in the 1980s. Also known as fig silk, a large bag of 5 cents, I believe that I did not buy the 80s and 90s when I was 80 or 90. It has no flowers in the inside, and it may be sprinkled with sugar powder outside, which tastes sweet and sour. After eating, the lips will become white. Every time I work hard to wipe it, I can not be made by my parents and I think it was made when I bought snacks. I thought it was made of figs.


19, bags and bags (small ice)

Bag Bing Ice (Xiaobing)

One of the best snacks in the 1990s. Bag ice (small ice) is actually made of sugar essence. In order to make the color bright, a lot of pigments are mixed. Finally, the safety issue exited the stage. At that time, with a good taste, low price, and very thirsty, it became a child with a burst drink. I just need to bite a small mouth and squeeze the drink into my mouth across the air.

20. Watermelon bubble sugar


Watermelon bubble sugar

The two best snacks in the 1990s. Watermelon bubbles, dozens of bubble sugar in the market at that time, of which watermelon bubble sugar, with the price advantage, became one of the most popular varieties. The price of a dime, watermelon bubble sugar was also the popular snacks of the shops at the time. Different colors and different tastes: watermelon, apple, orange, banana, etc. are all sweet taste. At the same time, you can also blow a lot of bubbles, a little bit of accomplishment, but you ca n’t blow bubbles, accidentally eat into your stomach, did the former friends have the same experience? In addition, there are more high -end bubbles: large bubble sugar. It’s just that the price was high at the time, and most people could not afford it.

21. Monkey King Dan


Monkey King Dan


The best snacks in the 1990s. Monkey King Dan, commonly known as mouse shit. Shape: small black particles, similar to mouse shit. There are many snacks, and Monkey King Dan has long been famous. In fact, the taste is the same. At that time, when many children bought, they would say: boss, a pack of mouse shit.

22, spicy strip


The fourth of the best snacks in the 1990s. The spicy strip is the snack that has been hot until now. The most famous is: Wei Long spicy bar, occupying half of the snack market at that time. Sweet and spicy feelings, people have great enjoyment.

23, whistle sugar


The best snacks in the 1990s. Ported sugar, containing a whistle sugar, worked hard to set the candy position, and exhale hard to try to blow out the sound. The sound is to use the flow of the air in the hollow of the sugar to speak. It is not easy to blow out the sound. Most of the friends accidentally blow the sugar out. There are a lot of over turns to the ground. Some friends see no one see no one. , Quickly pick up the whistle sugar and put it in the mouth, the reason: reluctant.

24. Wahaha


The best snacks in the 1990s. Wahaha, at that time, as one of the most popular drinks, must be used for the New Year’s Eve, each small partner is looking forward to receiving such a gift. Holding people feelings: Most of the people can not be appreciated.

25. Noodles



The best snacks in the 1990s. Simply noodles, in the eyes of the children at the time, simply noodles were hard goods. If there is a bag on your hand, it can definitely attract the onlookers of countless children. Disassemble the seasoning bag, pour into the noodle bag, shatter the noodles and shake it, and a delicious noodle is baked.

26. Xi Zhilang Jelly

Xizhiro Jelly

The eighth of the best snacks in the 1990s. I remember there was a slogan: Xi Zhilang Jelly, dare to ask the jelly, I need Xizhi Lang the most. I do n’t know if many friends have heard of the slogan. With its good -looking appearance, smooth and sweet taste, a child was a strong stroke. But the price is always high, and it is generally reluctant to buy it.

27, pagoda candy

Pagoda candy

Ninety of the best snacks in the 1990s.


Pagoda sugar, an unpopular drug of intestinal insects. Universal name: Pagoda Pagoda Pagoda Pagoda. Once the name: Liuyi Pagoda Sugar. Replacement: L -carimazole Tower sugar. It has the effect of paralyzed tapeworm, so that the tapeworm cannot be attached to the main intestinal wall, and the intestinal peristalsis is discharged. I remember that at the time, there were hospitals to visit doctors and gave preventive medicines to children at different ages. Pagoda sugar.

28, sticky tooth sugar

Adhesive tooth sugar

The best snacks in the 1990s. Sticky tooth sugar,

There is a kind of sugar look very beautiful, and the color is very attractive. Sticky tooth sugar is the most sugar that I eat in my childhood. Although I eat my teeth when I eat it, I do have a certain preference for it.


29. Jianlibao


The best snacks in the 1990s. Jianlibao contains “healthy, vitality” health significance. After the Los Angeles Olympics in 1984, a gun became popular and was known as “Chinese magic water”. As China’s first drink to add alkaline electrolyte, Jianlibao took the lead in introducing sports drinks to Chinese people.

At the end of 2008, Jianlibao became the designated sports drink in Guangzhou in the 2010 Asian Games. Jianlibao grasped market pulse and borrowed the Asian Games will start a series of sports marketing to comprehensively build well -known sports beverage brands.


30, stone sugar


Stone sugar

The twelve of the best snacks in the 1990s. Stone candy,

The appearance resembles stones, named stone sugar. It is 80 and 90s

Nostalgic snack

Essence Colorful stone sugar and small stone beans, friends like it very much, because it is fun and consumption


31. Tang Seng meat

Tang monk meat

The thirteen of the best snacks in the 1990s. Tang Seng’s spicy meat is not meat at all, and now I don’t know what to eat. When I was a kid, I really believed in Tang Seng’s meat. I thought about being a little fairy and Tang Seng. According to the slogan: if you eat it, you will be “long -lived”. Will it really be “long -lived”? The friends at the time believed very much.


32, rice ball



The best snacks in the 1990s.


Rice ball, traditional Japanese food. Ingredients: rice. Equipment: Fish sashimi and so on. You can add ingredients according to your preferences, or make a variety of style of rice balls according to your personal preference. Since the emergence of convenience stores in the 1970s, rice balls became one of the most important products of convenience stores at the time, with a certain market position.


Shredded beef

The fifteenth of the best snacks in the 1990s. Jouy beef, shredded beef


It is not the kind of spicy, but spicy. The little friends eat more and more addictive fragrance, especially after chewing twice, the beef flavor is mixed with sesame scent full of mouth. Absolutely delicious, there are many varieties.

34, hawthorn tablets


The best snacks in the 1990s. Hawthorn tablets

Also known as hawthorn cake. Ingredients: hawthorn. Multi -process selection, cleaning, steaming, pulp, molding, drying, packaging, packaging and other processes are refined. It can also be used as medicine. The Tianjin Institute of Environmental Medicine is determined by the 30 domestic fruits’ antioxidant activity: hawthorn anti -aging is the first of the futile fruit. It is a kind of casual food. Eat appetizing before meals.

34. Macino



The best snacks in the 1990s. Mylikes-Liangfeng card can be said to be the favorite in many friends. A small bag but a large number. When I thought about it, I could occasionally buy a solution after I was a child. Now Viewpoint: Obstacles of Melsen are used for cocoa butter, and the creamy heart is wrapped inside. It is not healthy, but it is the best chocolate beans in memory.

35, jump sugar



Seventeen of the best snacks in the 1990s. Jumping sugar, at that time, it was an advertisement on the TV, and a group of little monsters like flames jumped around on the children’s tongue, which was particularly bewildered. I bought it in my mouth and found that it was going to be posted on my tongue. I felt the beating and bursting of the sugar granules in the mouth, and the taste was second! Cracking exploded at the tip of the tongue, and when he heard a small voice jumping in the mouth, it felt amazing.

36. Cloak


The best snacks in the 1990s. Clicp sugar should be the memories of many young girls when they were children. When I was a kid, I always felt that I had a brown sugar to apply gorgeous lipstick. Looking at the shape of the cliché now, it feels more like the shape of glue


37, ring sugar


Ring sugar

Nineteen of the best snacks in the 1990s. The ring sugar is the dream of a young girl as a child. When I was a kid, I always felt that I had a ring sugar, and they would go to the little princess who had fallen into the world. Looking at the styling again, it is colorful, do you feel more in line with the seven fairies?

38. Great roll

Large volume

Twenty of the best snacks in the 1990s. Large rolls, 1 meter -long bubble sugar, when the advertisement came out that year, it immediately became a new thing in major middle schools. The whole meter -long bubble sugar rolls are cut off in the box. Then began to fight with friends who played a bigger game.

39, shiitake mushroom fat cow

Mushroom fat beef

Twenty of the best snacks in the 1990s. Shiitake mushrooms fat, 5 cents a bag of shiitake mushrooms, fat cow, I don’t know the truth, I also feel that I used a small money to buy a large piece of beef, and I made a lot of money. In fact, it is the synthesis of soy protein, which adds the taste of shiitake mushrooms. Although I do n’t know, I also eat it.

40. Sandy fish skewers

Sand Fish Strings

Twenty -one snacks in the 1990s. Sandy fish skewers, the sandy fish skewers on the desktop of the small sales shop, faintly remember that a skewers of 5 cents at that time, the price was not cheap. The taste of losing the sand daddy sauce, full of “meat” (actually soybean protein), share a bunch of bite with good friends.

41. Package fudge


Twenty -two in the 1990s. Settlement of fudge, hamburger set of fudge sugar sets, but that year, many friends pretended to have a meal of McDonald’s fantastic meal. According to the order: each piece of fudge is stacked into a burger, and the knife fork is picked up and cuts the fudge or eaten or eaten directly. Everyone’s way of eating is different, but they will say that they have a big meal.

42. Various spicy strips

Various spicy bars

Twenty -three for the best snacks in the 1990s. Various spicy strips, the least lack of various spicy strips when they were young, the most classic is spicy. There are also Weilong spicy strips, all kinds of spicy leather spicy slices, spicy silk, spicy pieces, spicy bands … basically 5 cents a bag of civilian price, friends buy a bag one bag for land, buy a bag one after another. Essence Hiding quietly in the alley, several partners were eating and sharing deliciousness.

Editor’s words: people arrive

“” Years, emotional. Half a century seemed to have known each other, saw the snacks “full of”, and many snacks were “disappeared.” in particular

After 2000, there were many serious food safety accidents in China. Therefore, a large number of illegal snack factories and small workshops across the country have been seized, and perhaps some of the snacks mentioned by the author, or the historical stage permanently.

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Shredded beef