The weather slowly begins to get cold, and it will be given to the wardrobe when you see it

“Change blood”


It’s time.

What do you wear in autumn and winter? The so -called “running water jacket, iron -bearing bottoming shirt”, there is a single product that can be worn alone when it is cool, and it is more cold when it is cold. That is you

Absolutely woven sweater!

Knit sweater is different from other clothes, it


It can best highlight the intellectual, gentle and sweet of women.

Because of the versatile style, it can achieve fashion style, so the star street shooting shape is super favoring it.

A comfortable and versatile sweater, which is generous and decent, has long been a manner that has long been a mindless mind

Good things.

However, knit sweaters are common,


It is really good -looking and uncommon.

Some knit sweater version is wrong,

The upper body is fat and strong, and the belly is strangled with a circle of meat, it is uncomfortable!

Some shoulders are wide and back, and the whole person looks better than others behind the upper body.

“Strong circle”!

If the material is too fluffy, it will increase the sense of volume of the upper body, so that

The whole person looks bloated.


There are also tightly wrapped up the upper body and enlarged the upper body area visually.

It makes people look short and unsightly.


Therefore, choose a sweater must recognize the basic models that look good and easy to wear, such as HelloFree’s 2021 autumn autumn new product

Striped buckle sweater,

Regardless of the version design or color matching, it really moved me!


This striped shirt

The overall version is relatively loose,

It will not be loose and unpleasant, nor will it be tightly stubbornly strangled us into Michelin tires.

The visual effect behind the upper body is simple and comfortable. The whole person is refreshing, and a pair of trousers and skirts are not violated.


Fashion girls can also come by themselves


“Mind to stack Dafa”,


Gently stack a little corner to highlight the overall sense of layering, and the fashionable rush comes out!

Recommended reason for strong recommendation:

1.6%wool content, 48 ultra -fine spinning processes, warm, comfortable, soft and skin -friendly;

2. The “H” wide version design, there is no burden on the upper body, which is more than 10 pounds;


3. Every detail is considerable, ingenious, thin and reduced;

4. Five classic contrast, unlock unlimited wear, and make a modern style.

01 Preferably Selected Square Wool, light, fluffy and comfortable


This striped hood sweater feels very gentle, skin -friendly and breathable are superb,

It is very comfortable to wear it directly or not.

6%of the wool content, 48 ultra -fine spinning processes, the texture is light and fluffy, soft and light.


The fabric fiber is very delicate, and the skin -friendly breathability has nothing to say. To sum up, just one word:




The fabric is very resistant, you can


How to rub and pull, it is not easy to get the ball and hook.


The elasticity is very large, and it can be recovered quickly after pulling hard.

It is not easy to loosen and deform.


Washing water and wear for a long time, you don’t have to worry about encountering the bad things to go off the line, getting the ball, and hardening.

Come, take a closer look. From the texture behind the model, it can be clearly seen,


Its workmanship and wiring are quite delicate.

Thousands of big -name counter goods are not the same. Taking advantage of the current group purchase price, the fairy who will live a life will definitely


Pick a few more colors and put it on.

02 Simple and wide version design, free upper body free burden

The intention of a dress on the design of tailoring and materials, once the upper body will be revealed.

The version of the Mueryi Striped Block Knitting Knitting Scirting seems to be an inconspicuous basic model. You only know when you wear it. It is the legendary

Hidden meat artifact!

This “H” type of simple and loose version can tolerate different figures, and it is simply not to pick.

Can the flesh on the waist and abdomen, the arm, and the back of the back automatically stealth, okay? Intersection

“Put your clothes are thin, undressed with meat”

That’s what I mean!


In order for the clothes to be wide and moderate, the designer made an addition and subtraction, and finally designed this


Suitable for the silhouette of most body,

Based on our suggestion, we will not make mistakes.

This sweater from the shoulder to the bust to the waist and the waist, leaving a balance, and you can experience the free sense of freedom behind the upper body, and you don’t want to take it off.


Gently put the clothes gently, it will feel empty visually.

Laminated more than 10 pounds.

03 ingenuity is created, thin and age -reducing

The details such as necklines and cuffs are unbearable.


The neckline is a classic round neck style. The contrasting stripes along the clothes are up all the way. The neck is abruptly stopped.

The neck lines were extended well.

The falling shoulder design in one go, so that the neck to the shoulder to the shoulder is streamlined,

Holding meat effect MAX,

Even people with width shoulder and thick arms do not have to worry about HOLD.

The cuffs have been extended on the basis of conventional models, so that they can extend their arms lines and make people look slender and more spiritual. There can also be a sense of freeness, with casual and lazy beauty.

The hem also has a fork treatment.

Very youthful and age -reducing.

Every seemingly inadvertent small design is full of “careful machine”. The designer is really attentive to make you beautiful!


04 Five classic color schemes, unlock unlimited dressing

There are 5 color systems to choose from this sweater,

Each color system is “collided” by two colors,

Color matching is simple and bright, very literary and artistic.


The sea soul shirt -style color combination, no gorgeous decoration, is very clean and spiritual, is what we often say

Comes with a simple and simple sense of high -level.

It can be worn, whether it is single or overlapped.

Different colors achieve different styles.

White stripes dignified and elegant

Black striped lady quiet

Blue stripes simple and capable


Green stripe free casual nature

Orange stripes playful and cute


In terms of matching, each has its own style. Both your lower body can be worn with pants or skirts.


There are fashion and modern Fan, casually ~

Spring and autumn can be worn alone, winter can be found in winter,

One can be worn for three seasons, and different colors can also match different styles ~

It can be easily controlled by daily commuting, leisure, and exercise. The cost performance is so high. I really can’t get the five colors.

Change your mood every day according to your mood!


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