The matching of long sweater coats is both fashionable and trendy, and every beautiful eyebrow is pursued. The long sweater jacket can be said to have no pressure with other clothing, so it is a versatile item. Now I will recommend a few long sweater coats for you to make you more beautiful and colorful, and double your beauty.

One of the long sweater coats:

Camel long sweater coat with white shirt, fresh and elegant style, suitable for girls who work. The impression that the long sweater jacket of the camel is very capable, which is very suitable for girls who work.


Two of long sweater coats:

The pure color series of knitwear is worn on the body with a ladylike temperament, and the long design gives a girl’s coquettish feeling that it is very practical. Xiaobian recommends a floral bottoming shirt, and the lower body is paired with a short skirt and leggings, which is not only fashionable and warm, but also shows the girl’s natural cute temperament. It is very kawaii!

Three of long sweater coats:

The khaki long sweater jacket with black round neck with black slim pants, the smile is soft and impressive. The khaki long sweater jacket looks better. It is matched with pure black round neck and pure black slim pants to highlight the advantages of this long sweater jacket. The sharp contrast of fair skin also makes her beauty more beautiful. At the same time, she can be found from her calm smile that she is very confident in her figure, and she shows the vitality charm, which is impressive.


Long sweater coat matching four:

The color of the horizontal stripe ultra -long sweater and jacket is very low -key, suitable for creating a simple Korean style. It is not only lined with the skin color of the blue light board T -shirt, but also shows a relaxed and comfortable dressing method. With black tight jeans Except for it, and then choose a pair of Han Fan sports shoes, obliquely span casual versatile bags, giving people a casual sense of visuality, highlighting personal characteristics, and being a unique self!

Five of long sweater coats:

Green long sweater coat with flower pattern dress, gentle and elegant without losing femininity. To be honest, the red men and green women admired by many people are not good in me, especially the green long sweater jacket, which looks a little old, but it is paired with a different style of flower patterns with different styles. The feeling of self -confidence, although not ugly, but the impression left is not very good. I wonder if you like this style of matching?


Six of long sweater coats:

The beige long sweater jacket is not suitable for petite eyebrows, which will make the eyebrow body weaker, but it can create a different feeling through matching. You can put a short slim bottoming shirt to expose the waist curve, and then match a pair of high -waisted denim trousers to modify the waist curve. Next, you choose a pair of high heels to be perfect, stretch your body lines, so that you have the sense of vision of the goddess.

Long sweater coat match seven:


The first thing to say is the combination of the skirt. When the dark tone style is selected, the color of the skirt has two options, the same color as the sweater or gray -white, the first choice of shoes is boots or over -the -knee boots, colored colors, colors Or fashionable new models can easily improve your fashion style.


Long sweater coat matching eight:

Deep blue long sweater jackets can be matched with a variety of clothing. The loose design allows the beautiful eyebrows to wear a slightly fattened eyebrow. A simple white and cotton T -shirt inside is both warm and stylish, reflecting a relaxed temperament. The lower body can be put on a high -waisted pencil pants to modify the legs of the legs to show the beautiful eyebrows. The whole set of clothing will create a stylish student temperament! You can also choose a treasure blue long sweater jacket, which can brighten the skin color of the eyebrows in color.

Nine of long sweater coats:

The brown long sweater coat is equipped with a white round neck, which is simple and stylish. We all know that different clothing styles are suitable for different seasons, and long sweater jackets are more suitable for wearing when it is cold. If the weather is cold, I personally think that wearing a long sweater jacket is more delicious. For example, this fashion girl, the fair skin directly makes people impressions. The long sweater jacket fabrics are sophisticated, high -quality, and matched with white round necks and jeans. It is simple and stylish and tasteful. Many girls like to match this way.

Which match do you like? Welcome to leave a message for discussion.