How much does tea gift know? May wish to reference


Drinking tea is a habit and a life attitude. If we do not understand some of the tea -making etiquette, if we are not careful, we will lose respect without knowing it.

1. Avoid contact with others

Regardless of whether you take the cup or Fengcha, you can use your own cups to use others. Remember not to touch the cup mouth with your fingers to avoid poor hygiene and poor perception. If so, try to use the tea tray when you are tea.

2. Let guests choose tea and enjoy tea

Before the owner invites the guests, the guest should let the guests look at the type and the fragrance to express the owner’s respect for the guest.

Third, take tea and do not grab it with your hands

Put the tea into a pot or cup, and use bamboo or wooden teaspoons to take in. Do not grab it with your hands. If there is no teaspoon, you can tilt the tea jar and shake gently, so that the tea leaves are put into the pot or cup in an appropriate amount, nothing more than thinking about hygiene.


Fourth, do not splash water

The so -called “high water flushing, low tea”, must not be careful not to splash tea when splitting tea, so that each guest’s tea and water volume is consistent, so as to show fairness and thickness.

5. Do not fill the cup of tea soup

When pouring tea, you can pour about seven points. Because of the saying goes: “Tea is full of bullying guests”, tea is not convenient to drink tea with cups.

Six, make tea and wipe the teapot while brewing tea

Some owners love their teapots very much. During the brewing process, it is inevitable to wipe the pot and play with it, but I do n’t know that when raising their hands, it may affect the perception of the guest ’s tea.


Seven, the taboo of the pot to the guest

According to the [Book of Rites ‧ Shaoyi]: “Honor, face the nose.” This is the meaning of worship. The nose, the handle also. The pot of the pot and the pot handle is opposite. If the handle is used to the guest, the guest will be respected. Therefore, it is great to be disrespectful to the guests with the teapot!