Summer is getting closer and closer, and the scorching sun is empty,


The earth is like a steamer


, It’s so hot that people can’t breathe …

For girls, summer is really afraid of heat,

Especially hot sweating chest.


As soon as the weather is hot, it is really annoying that the chest is close to your body!


Especially when I go home from the outside, when I take off my underwear, the places where the skin is sticking is wet, and the smell of sweat is also uncomfortable …………

Although some bras claim to have the effect of plastic breasts, Ji Du La meat, one day at work, is restrained by the body!

So how many sisters are like me, and the chests are often seal one by one, saying yes

“Ten Top Ten torture”

Not too much! Intersection

In addition to the unreasonable design, the quality of many bras is also worrying. In order to save costs, manufacturers also like to use black heart cotton to charge!


Cut it out and look at the dirty stains in the bras, and some are even moldy …

If you wear bad underwear in the hot summer, it will not only be prone to stuffy acne, but also causes breast hyperplasia and affects healthy body.

However, the bras on the market are uneven, and 99%of them are lucky when they buy it. Basically, buy ten pieces and lose nine pieces!

After trying N -lingerie on the market, give everyone a air -sensing underwear that “born for summer”! Intersection

Ink Jiyun 360 degrees without feeling bras underwear


Comfortable, breathable, wearing it like a rushing foot without wearing, buying

One gets one, and a pair of underwear will be added in a limited time

This underwear is simply born for summer!

When I first got the underwear, I couldn’t believe it was an underwear,


Thin as cicada wings, the touch is cool and slippery ~

As evidence of the figure: thinner than an A4 paper! Intersection Intersection

When I got it, my colleagues shouted directly: “This is the underwear I have seen ZUI thin, ZUI light, and ZUI is close to nude.”

The fabric is the kind of air mesh fabric


The mesh of the front chest and back is full of breathable mesh, which increases the breathability of the underwear and get rid of the sweltering sensation of the chest, underarm, and back in summer.

Q on the soft and waxy cup cover, there are also thousands of visible pads visible to the naked eye.


, Make the breasts “freely” at any time in the hot summer.


The fit of the back and the chest shape is also excellent,

It’s thin and soft enough,

It can be called a bran -born branch for summer, and successfully solves women’s troubles!

Not only that, but also very cheap!

69 yuan to buy one gift one, and give one antibacterial underwear for a limited time,


A few pieces of blindness in summer are replaced, and the cost -effective thief is higher ~~


Very light! Extremely thin! Extremely breathable!

No sense of mesh fabric, cooler than “naked”

Have you ever seen your hand and stretching in, can you see a two -clear underwear?


This “air underwear” is spicy!

Using black technology without sense mesh fabric, thin as a gauze, light as feathers!

The whole field is a mesh design, making the breathable better. The moment you put on your body, it is like applying a layer of mask to the chest.

Especially when I came to my aunt, my body was hot again, and I felt in a big steamer.


But this bra

Light+breathable sense of body


It is simply the bras born of summer!

In order to ease the pain of women in summer, women wearing underwear,

The cup of underwear is also made into a hole cup

, Drinkly, directly, light and breathable to the extreme.


These breathable holes are like small row fans, sweating and dampness at any time, and putting on it like installing a “air conditioner” on the chest ~

And the average cup is 1cm,

But this one is only 0.2cm!

It is probably the feeling of sticking a piece of paper on the body.

It can only be said that it has not been let go from the inside to the outside, so that this underwear can reach an extremely thin, cool, and comfortable!

With it, the chest is not stuffy or hot, and there is a kind of breeze when walking, so cool ~

0 steel ring 0 restraint

Refusing to squeeze, naturally “tide” chest

Asian women’s breasts are generally disk -shaped breasts, with large chassis and low heights. This type of breasts are easily oppressed by steel ring underwear.

So if the underwear is not selected, the chest will be crime! Intersection Intersection Intersection


In particular, the breasts are rich in blood vessels, LIN band ducts and nerves, which plays the role of nutrition and metabolism for the breast.

If the underwear is hard and tight, it will also affect blood circulation and supply, cause breast ischemia, and cause breast hyperplasia.

So sisters, really, choose the bra and try to choose no steel ring!

This underwear uses this underwear


The vest style of non -trace cutting, wearing skin -friendly, serving, and not a little bit.

Without heavy sponges and restraint steel rings, the upper body is not bored, and it is easy to spend summer!


Don’t think it is a traceless and steel ring, you will loosen and gathered, you can look at it too much ~

This underwear has collected hundreds of Asian female breast data, and according to the principles of ergonomics, it designed a cup that conforms to Asian women’s breasts.


3D three -dimensional gathering cup, also specially designed with rune -shaped lining

, Steading on both chests like two small hands, the effect is immediate!


Break -back elasticity of the chest cushion


, Good quality sponge can be quickly reset after stressing, and is ductantly.

The width side ratio and lower circumference can also effectively push the underarms fat and paramilk to the front chest, so that

The effect of the aging of the chest is strengthened to prevent decline and expansion




The shoulder strap is also an integrated width design, without adjustment buckle


, Natural high bombs fit the skin, there will be no problem of slippery belt or Le people ~

And the elasticity of the fabric,

M-4XL multi-size design, wearing 190 pounds

No problem!


MMs with plump figures and big breasts don’t have to worry about it, just buy according to their own size.

5 colors, satisfying girls’ hearts


Exquisite details, ingenious craftsmanship


There are no too mature and complex lace patterns, nor is it too gorgeous and eye -catching. Simple design and pure low -saturated color system make this bra full of girly.

5 colors for everyone to choose from:


Tender green, silver -gray, skin tone, black, white blue


, Each model is very versatile, suitable for summer wearing ~


Earthquake and stability effects are particularly good!


Not only can it be used for matching, wearing it to exercise fitness or yoga is okay. Don’t worry about the chest shaking severe.


The details are also nice:


Its chest pads can be disassembled

It is easier to clean, and it is more assured to wear.

Second, every underwear

After the active printing and dyeing process, the water washing and soaking for N hours, it is not easy to fade ~

Machine washing many times, and there is no loose deformation, just like a new one, one is equal to buying five pieces before!



There are no discharge and people tags

It is also appropriate to wear sleep at night, more comfortable than sleeping naked.


The hem also has thickened anti -slide bars


, So even if there is no steel ring design, it will not cause problems such as displacement and curls, which can be firmly fixed.

Usually buying a piece of underwear at the counter is 200+, put on the stuffy heat and breathable, and like a sauna every day, spend money and be guilty!

And this “no -feeling bras underwear” uses black technology cooling fabrics, the upper body is more comfortable than “naked”.

Special offer 69 yuan to buy one free one or two pieces, and add one antibacterial underwear in a limited time,

Sisters rush ducks ~

“Shen” reports hot -selling goods