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There are many types of coats. The characteristics of the neckline and buttons all affect the shape of the coat style. To talk about the originator of the coat, it should be the Chest coat. The Chest coat is the most classic. It has the characteristics of a suit and a stylish texture of the woolen coat. Although the retro is strong, it is not old -fashioned.

Specifically, the Chest coat has two basic characteristics, one is a suit collar design, and the other is single -breasted design. But now the concept of fashion is becoming more and more broad. All coats with suit collars are collectively referred to as Chest coats.

The most primitive single -breasted and suit collar coats are the most classic. It can be called “Grandpa coat”, but this does not mean that the Chester coat is old. It can highlight the gas field and improve the quality of wearing.

Xue Jialing’s Chest coat has a lot of attention. Xue Jialing’s dress is “heart -haired”. Chester’s coat with “daisy pants”, elegant and trendy coexist. Xue Jialing was so tasteful, wearing a “grandpa coat” capable and domineering, with purple shoes.

Xue Jialing’s Chest’s clothing

The design charm of the Chest coat

Chest coat owner



The design characteristics, so it looks particularly formal. The model design can highlight the domineering and sharpness of wearing, the dressing field is prominent, and the temperament of men.

The single -breasted design makes the dress look clean a lot,


The design characteristics are set off, and at the same time, it can also make the image more impact. Middle -aged women are suitable for wearing such aura.

The combination of Chest coat and T -shirt

The combination of Chest coat and T -shirt shows style matching


Sense of complement

The T -shirt is a fresh -style bottoming item. The design is simple. In the coat matching, the overall dressing can be avoided. The randomness and relaxation of the dressing are particularly prominent.


Chest coat with a T -shirt guarantee

Gas field

The effective display of the image also highlights the image




easy going

Essence White T -shirt with black letter printing to ensure the unity of the overall color.

The combination of Chest coat and “daisy pants”

The combination of Chest coat and “daisy pants” shows full fullness


, Black pants are paired with “daisy” printing. Daisy is generally decorative elements in spring and summer.

Eye -catching



“Daisy Pants” is a slim style, which can appear

Leg shape


The straight leg shape can enhance the charm of the body and enhance the overall temperament. The “daisy pants” can weaken the serious atmosphere of Chest coat, make it more suitable for daily wear, showing dress

Leisure temperament

The combination of Chest coat and purple sneakers

Purple sneakers have become the biggest highlights of the entire shape. The single items are black and white from the inside out. The color matching is more conventional.

Elegant charm



It is completely different from the black and white temperament. It looks romantic, mysterious and unique. It forms a contrast effect with the overall shape, increasing the trendy and attractiveness of the shape.

The Chest coat shows the classic fashion sense, highlighting the design charm of the coat itself, and other styles of coats also have their own design charm. Wearing in winter can increase a lot of advantages, and the effect of improving temperament is particularly prominent. See what these coats are feature.

Xue Jialing’s other coats wear

Shawl coat

The shawl is a retro coat, and the shawl design adds the position of the shoulder

Cover effect


, Absolutely the best choice for hiding the figure. Women with a wide body are suitable for wearing shawls to avoid wearing a wide body.

Wary coat suitable for matching

Simple style

The inner matching and lower dress allows the charm of the overall design to be concentrated on the coat. The atmospheric shawl coat and boots look better.

Shoulder coat

Falling the shoulder coat is the most casual coat. Its design does not have the formal sense of other coats, but it gives people a very casual temperament, which can increase wearing


Sense of relaxation

The requirements for the shape of the shoulder coat are also relatively low, and they do not deliberately highlight the shape of the figure. Falling the shoulder coat is suitable for items with a casual atmosphere, showing the style of matching


, Enhance the advantages of dressing.

Printed coat

Printing coat is more attractive than solid color coat


The printing can be rich, making the surface design look more refined and more personalized.


Printing coat is suitable for matching

Solid item

It is best to choose the color that is similar to the main color of the coat or a complementary effect. This can enlarge the charm of the main color, and it can also form a unified matching style. It will have a strong temperament.

The coats can highlight the good temperament. Whether it is Chest coat or other styles of coats, they can show the charm of women, and the matching forms of the coats are diverse. Choose the existing items in the wardrobe to combine fashion to produce fashion. Great shape. Middle -aged women do not have to worry about exposing the real age when we wear a coat.

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