In daily life,

Men’s dress style

in reality

Not less than women

In, many ladies’ ladies are worn or dresses attending dignified occasions. Daily wear is inappropriate and will be very exaggerated, but men’s suit wear is more common.

Men’s wear

Apart from


More solemn


In addition, there are actually many styles that can be matched, such as wanting to present a more casual style, you can wear it

T -shirt and jeans

; If you want to be more gentleman, you can

With a shirt

Wearing it, and men’s shirts have more colorful colors.


Category of shirts


It is very popular. Whether it is male or female, it can be matched at will, because the version of the shirt is very basic,

It has great plasticity.

Men’s chances of wearing shirts are relatively high. In addition to wearing shirts alone, they can also wear in a suit to make inside, which can improve the sense of layering. At the same time, the shirt also has the same sense of lines as a suit, which can make the overall body shape

The contour is clearer and three -dimensional.

If you don’t know how to choose a shirt, you can look at Wang Jiaer’s shirt choice.

Wang Jiaer

“Vacuum” is too tempting, shirts are just dressed as V -neck,

Grape purple

Wear fashion. Who can resist Wang Jiaer wearing a shirt,

“Master Rich”

Still with


, It’s hard to not be motivated.

How to choose a solid color shirt?

Loose version

The version of the shirt is generally divided into two types, one is relatively loose and comfortable, and the other is a slim version. Generally speaking, the slim -fit shirt is often worn as a suit in the suit, and wearing it alone in daily life

slim fit

The shirt is relatively rare.


Loose version

, Not only let the whole person’s dress experience

More comfortable

At the same time, it is more beautiful and loose in visual effects. The version of the shirt will have a stronger sense of dangling, which can show men


The side.

Grape purple

Because the version of the shirt is generally consistent, when choosing a shirt, the main thing is to choose the color of the shirt.

Solid shirt

The choice of color is even more particular, because the solid shirt is covered with a large area of ​​color.

Have a strong sense of picture.

When men choose a solid shirt, there are usually two directions to choose from, one is light -colored, and the other is a dark direction.

Light -colored

The most popular in the direction is

White shirt

In addition to white, it is difficult to have light colors that can improve a man’s temperament very well.


There are more colors that are worth choosing, except for very common ones


In addition, you can also match the deeper Tibetan blue dark green, but these colors will be old on young people.




Very fashionable

This can not only show the calmness and maturity charm of men, but also have a strong charm, with a strong nobleness,

More like a rich boy.

How to choose a black shirt?


There are still many men’s shirts to choose black, because black has a strong mature charm, which can make men look more

Dynamic and stable,

It makes people feel very secure.

Of course, a large area of ​​black will have a heavy effect, so when choosing black for matching, you can

Add some colors appropriately.

Style of a shirt



Therefore, when adding the color, the design effect of the stitching will be relatively stiff, but

Use transition and bleach


Way of progress

Add to




It is very natural.

The overall black shirt is added to the forward position

Brown orange tone

The transition of the color can make the overall effect look younger. Also

Add vitality

The role. This color is very natural and agile, so the age group that can be controlled is relatively wide. Not only young people, but older people do not contrary to wear.

Add printed

If you want to make the shirt simple and simple, you can also have a very agile effect. You can add it to the shirt

Dark print.


Irregular printed cloth is full of this shirt, it will look like

More vivid

It can be more young than a simple black shirt, and it will not break the mature and stable effects created by black.

Bagiative of shirt

With trousers

Suit pants

The version of the version is the same as the suit



The effect, so the shirt with trousers, the overall feeling is very gentleman. Even if you wear it daily, you can show a handsome tough temperament.

T -shirt


Wearing a T -shirt inside, wearing a shirt outside, belonging to


Essence Stacking will make the overall match

The effect is more three -dimensional

The sense of hierarchy will also increase. The matching skills are

“Pass the match”

, Pure -colored T -shirt with flower shirt, printed T -shirt with solid shirt.


In addition to trousers, you can also choose jeans or sports pants and pants. Jeans are well known to show the casual style.

Sports pants, guard pants

Compared with more loose and comfortable, not only



, It can also make the overall display very strong


Hip -hop style

, Cool and handsome.

Male light has so many choices in a category of shirts, and it can also be matched with different styles of items to present a very diverse charm. So even clothing

There are relatively few styles


It will not affect men’s release of charm

It is critical to master the matching skills.

Grape purple