Hello, the fairies have come to talk about fashion again. If I let me choose a favorite winter wearing item, I will vote for a sweater. The soft touch of knitted sweater seems to be the only gentleness left for us this season.

The charm of knitwear is that even if it is a plain color and simple style, it can always wear its own feel. Gives a gentle, intellectual and elegant temperament. Which fairies can refuse its charm?

Knitwear, as a fashion item for this year’s fire, seems simple and versatile, but has many tips in terms of selection. It will not only affect the matching of other clothing in the future, but also play a sense of fashion and layering. Crucial role.

So how do we choose a sweater? Don’t worry, let me choose a classic knitwear from the dress and color of the clothes today.

First of all, in terms of style, the sweater is mainly three categories.

Every style has a different style, let’s take a closer look!

Look.1 high -neck sweater

The high -necked sweater is a new noble in the knitting world, and has been favored by fashionistas since the circle.

The high -necked sweater is also divided into different styles according to the length of the collar. The half -neck knit sweater is slightly lower, and the height of the collar is usually near the neck. This type of knitted sweater will be three -dimensional in the collar design, and it is less picky. It is also friendly to girls with shorter necks.

The collar of the high -necked sweater is higher than the half -high collar, and the three -dimensional sense of the semi -high collar has increased the random nature of some piles, which is popular with the Icon of the fashion industry. This sweater is particularly suitable for babies with long necks, and they will look slender their necks to highlight the feminine temperament.

As a hot -necked sweater, as a hot fashion item, it has different effects whether it is single or overlap.

The younger sister in the picture adopts the popular “three -piece” style of stacking method to stack the coat, suit, and high -necked sweater. The pile collar black high -necked sweater highlights the slender neck and looks more temperamental.

The coat and suit were selected with the same color system, classic and advanced. The elegance of the coat, the high -level suit and the soft combination of the sweater are fully combined, it is really layered and fashionable!

Look. 2 V -neck sweater

V -neck sweater has always been popular with everyone. Whether it is baby fat or born round face, wearing V -neck can always make you look small. V -neck sweater is a loose silhouette, which can not only hide meat but also thinner. The point is not to pick your body or pick people!

When we choose this sweater, we can choose a large V -neck. Not only can it show the clavicle lines perfectly, but also highlight the unique charm of women. In terms of clothes design, we can choose a simple and atmospheric design style, while showing the charm and a little more natural casualness.

Of course, if some fairy thinks that the big V -neck has a personality, but some are inconvenient or feel that wearing it in winter is cold, we might as well stack a wave.

The high -neck bottom shirt with the same color or classic color is not only warm, but also more layered and high -level!

Look. 3 round neck sweater

The round neck sweater is a long -lasting single product in the fashion circle, and it is the basic style of our daily necessities.

The round neckline is its unique design. Without V -neck femininity, it is more simple and casual. Not only is it convenient to wear, but it is also very versatile, which can be integrated into any set.

In the more cold weather, in the sunny days, wearing a simple and comfortable round neck sweater to go out calmly and comfortably. It is really beautiful to feel the warm sun in winter. If you think this is too monotonous, you may wish to wear a plaid scarf warm and beautiful.

If you want a round neck sweaty sweater, you can also wear a sense of fashion, stacked a silk shirt with the same color tactical tactical tactical tangenty, it is really good and elegant! With a delicate small bag, you are independent and confident that you are!

After talking about the classic versatile style, let’s talk about the color of the sweater.

In addition to the soft and delicate feeling of the classic knitwear in terms of material and touch, it is also very gentle and elegant in the selection of color systems, which can highlight the gentle and intellectual temperament. So let’s take a look at the classic color that is not wrong.

NO.1 classic color

Black and white and gray are called classic colors, which can also be regarded as half of the fashion industry. No matter what style and design, you will never make an error when choosing these colors.

Wow, this group of photos of Liu Shishi do not know how many people in the minds of people. The elegance and charming from the bones, wearing Grandma incense’s white turtleneck sweater with printed skirts with elegant and casual.

Although the solid color is good -looking, it is also easy to give people a monotonous feeling. Liu Shishi chose a printed skirt and chain bag. Not only neutralize the white vegetarian, but also makes the whole dress more exquisite and bright.

Therefore, when we choose solid color, we can choose other design sense clothes and accessories to enhance the fashion sense of the entire dress.

NO.2 Earth Color

The earth color is based on the color of nature such as brown and camel. The earth color is very suitable for Asians and is also an exclusive color system in winter.

Light coffee color is one of the earth colors. The light coffee color gives people a kind of urban woman’s intellectual sex, can highlight the personal temperament, it will be more skinny, and it is more suitable for fairy with fair skin.

By comparison, the beverey will be more friendly. The gentle and gentle women’s temperament is vividly displayed, and she also picks her skin. Standing in the winter sun, the slightly curly hair is scattered on the beef -colored sweater, gentle and charming.

Seeing this, don’t you know that the little fairies have chosen the classic knit sweater they like? Arrange it quickly, go out on the street!