I am probably the most talented mother on the entire network! Intersection When my aunt hurried to the house, but without my aunt towel, I used my child’s disposable urine pad as aunt’s towel! Intersection Not to mention, in addition to non -sticky and walking, it is really no different from sanitary napkins! Water absorption speed, but if people who do n’t like cotton surface layer with sanitary napkins do n’t like it, they do n’t like it.

Now that I have said it, I may wish to share how to use it. Cut out a long strip shape with scissors. It is best to cut on the edges. The water absorption factors inside the edges are not so easy to drop. Just stick to the underwear at the bottom!

However, if you do n’t have double -sided glue at home, you need to cut a large area. You can stack it in the position of the thigh roots when you are cushion, so that it is not easy to shift!

This method is limited to a sex partial urine pad at home and use it in emergency situations. It is good to add an urgent to buy a sanitary napkin. Intersection