How to make the LCD display shine (replace the LED light bar)

Today’s LCD monitor is entering aging [laughing and crying] Of course, it also gives us a sip of meals for me. , The indicator light is long, talk less nonsense to the theme, three times, five, two, two five or six cents [applaud]

First of all, we visually inspect whether there is a capacitance on the wire of the wires. [Tongue tongue] Because this display is used by the customer as a monitoring screen, the first feeling is the capacitor leakage of the power board for 24 hours a day. But it ’s okay to measure the 5V voltage output of the universal meter. [Smile]

Then we measure the lamp tube, and we use this universal tool lamp tube tester. Be sure to connect the lamp pipeline first and then conduct power. At the beginning of the maintenance of modest trouble, the 220 -electricity tube directly measures the tube. [ What] It is normal to measure a problem, and the lamp tube is broken directly.

Considering the future environment of the customer, I do n’t have the accessories of this single lamp to the customer directly to the LED, so that the display shiny [powerful]

The lamp bar has been installed in place and then tested the light strip on the outside when the screen was installed. [Strong]

Finding a LED light bar rolling board we need 3 lines, 12 get ena can be available for DIM

Then we start looking for 12V outputs. Generally, if there is a universal meter on hand, the capacity of the voltage resistance is still available. The line that is not a certain red is input of 12V, and then you can find the ON of the power board.

Before installing the machine, you must test it without any problems and then install it to avoid problems before disassembling.

By the way, let everyone see who is the photo of this daughter -in -law (someone knows who this is) [tongue tongue]

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