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The first product

“Urban Traveler”

Since the advent of travel photography bags, he has received many inquiries and attention from photography fans. But because it is a flagship product, its cost is relatively high. Therefore, our team has launched two very targeted products, light -based urban official photography bags CityLogic “

Urban Logic “”

Tychebure bag Tyche

“Di Ka”

Essence These two are high -cost conscience products. Our design concept follows the flagship product

The concept of travel photography bag. That is, first highlight the harmony of the photography bag in the environment and focus on the functionality of the camera bag. As a urban photography bag used in the city, the use in the metropolis is of course the most reasonable choice. But is it suitable for outdoor travel, suitable for leisure, suitable for harsh environment and extremely rough use? Although there is a guarantee of design team and high -quality materials, practice is the truth that tests everything!

The beautiful pink smear is the first stop to come to the West this time. This photo seems simple. But it does give a fierce horse offer to Citylogic’s photography bag. Why do you say this way? Because I took a handheld camera to shoot.

It is really impossible to give a close -up of the beautiful photography bag as soon as possible. Because at this time, I was holding the reins in one hand, and the camera holding one hand, walking through the rugged and dusty flame canyon.

Let’s go back to explain how to arrange the camera to load when I first explain. In the CITYLOIGC photography bag, I installed the Olympus E-M1MKII body and 7-14mmf2.8 ultra-wide-angle lens (combined with the fuselage lens), 60mm macro lens, 25mmf1.2 lens, Panasonic DG100- 400mm lens, a mobile hard disk, 2 spare batteries, chargers, spare phones, portable documents, etc. It can be said that it is a standard 1 machine and 4 mirror configuration. Later, even 2 machines and 5 mirrors went in.

And the inner bilots hand -lifted dual -use photography bag Tyche

Carryed with LP, which is placed in E-M5 MKII and a 17mm biscuit lens. A few days after the shooting, I also included E-M5MKII in the medium-sized photography bag.

I did not expect a Tyche bag Tyche, an inner III of the III design design for the urban environment

It was so harmonious in the beeper environment full of the wild atmosphere of the Western. Similarly, I have no sense of conflict carrying CityLogic. The cowboy friends who were accompanied by thought I thought I had carried a cowboy toolkit. In fact, it is really similar to the small bag on the back of the denim. Even I feel like Western denim. I explained: This is a Camera Bag. The eyes of the denim brightened instantly.

In fact, the magazine bags used by the briefcase, the messenger bag and the ancient soldiers are inherently connected. The design of this bag refers to the design of a brown magazine bag during the Civil War, but it is only large and complicated. What’s more, its material itself comes from the United States. Before departure, I went to the IKEA. It was found that IKEA exhibited the cowhide leather they were proud of the cowhide leather. At most, only the thickness of this photography bag material was half thick.

The sofa skin cannot naturally be used in the production of the bag. Although the sofa is very tough for cowhide, it cannot provide sufficient strength when it is used for straps and bands. Therefore, I still have to emphasize the texture of the material.

The riding of the Flame Valley is not only harsh on the road and cluster, but the biggest challenge is that the wind and sand are great.

See how dirty my shoes are. But the double -layer design of CityLogic provides strict protection. Inner layers have complete zipper protection, and there are large flip caps on the outside. After a day of cycling, the internal camera was not ashamed at all. Tyche is slightly worse. Because it is good -looking, there is some gap in this bag. Therefore, the filming some time ago was tested. In the later period, I simply moved the camera to my CityLogic photography bag.

This not only shows that the loading capacity of CityLogic surpasses its small appearance, but also has good protection. In order to further improve its waterproof, I also gave it a protective agent before departure. In this way, waterproof can be waterproof.

What should I do? I installed the spare Panasonic LX10 and other electronic products.

In the wild and magnificent western region, advanced leather products are the best match for denim. The sense of harmony with the environment cannot be surpassed. And the well -concealed shape makes people not notice that I have carried so many professional photography equipment. Humanities’ excellent choices. Occasionally, I found that the buckle on the strap pants of the Uncle Cowboy was actually the same material as our photography bag. Harmony!

The firm metal parts and enhanced straps and bag design are just one word: stable!

Here, I have to praise our designer, the designed shoulder pad stick is extremely. Because of the waste of cowhide material during the production process, we try to use each part as much as possible. Too soft parts are not suitable for the main parts. But it is excellent on the shoulder pad. Everyone will find that this shoulder pad is particularly soft, which is actually chosen on the same cowhide. It provides a good stability and comfort for CityLogic. There is sufficient contact with the shoulders to minimize the pressure. In the process of cycling, the camera bag did not shake the slightest and fits well with the body. The length of the strap can also be adjusted to the best state, a little bit of saddle, and no collision with the saddle. Followed to the extreme.

Test on the horse back and in the dust of the dust, pass the level smoothly.

Add a word, designing at the time

At the time, it was selected from nearly 100 materials. In addition to the thick and tear resistance, we specially considered the imitation deer skin texture, and did not choose the native leather pattern that everyone was optimistic. Not only is it a little bit difficult to see, but also a process, adding a cost, why?

It is to prevent obvious lines and scratches after a long time. So don’t be afraid in the desert, throw it casually, and put it casually.

Okay, excellent cowhide, shake gently, without a trace of dust on the bag, it is so excellent. 10 days of use, there is no grinding trace.

Since Feisha walking stone is helpless to our photography bags, you can show his skills and shoot!

Each person a small bat photography bag. Lao Mei next to him glanced at the envy eyes.

There are also PROFESSIONAL eyes carrying EOS and heavy tripods. Is this a photography bag? Or is the denim of the denim?

In fact, it is a complex!

Many people ask me if this bag is a complex of AA and Buckingham? My answer is of course: no!

In my mind, only Dumack is a first -class product designed by professionals, and the others are two -stream, three streams, and non -incoming flow. We have no intention to challenge the second -rate. So our two products are for the improvement of Dumaker. Efforts to overcome it!

Many people think that the shooting scenery is completely different from the humanities, and I think that the two are exactly the same, and they emphasize the word “catch”! In fact, when shooting landscapes, especially the flexible mobility of photography bags. The prominent advantage of this formal senior Dalker is also a point I love.

Take a very practical shooting example. I set up Olympus E-MKII on the tripod and installed 7-14mm ultra-wide-angle. At this time, almost everyone around him was watching the light changes in front and constantly pressing the shutter.

And in addition to paying attention to the changes in the scenery ahead, I remember the E-M1 MKII in CityLogic. The body is fixed with a 60mm macro. Not 100-400mm.

Do you notice the pull of my camera bag. In the city, when I get up to get off work, I will use the belt to carry the photography bag on the main way of locking, full protection, and handheld (if you take the subway, you are not afraid of the thief). That is to use it as a briefcase. When shooting, I only used the internal zipper, and I just closed it slightly. In this way, the internal equipment is as good as Du Mark. You can take out the camera to shoot at any time.

Why is there only a 60mm lens on the spare E-MKII camera? It is also to highlight the maneuverability when shooting at night. Can you count on the night view of 100-400mm under the setting of ISO200 (guarantee low noise)? But the 60mm F2.8 macro lens is fine. Enough is stable.

At this time, there was a sense of lens I was looking forward to behind me, and quickly pulled out the camera, turned 180 degrees, and filmed.

This is the benefit of designing photography bags by professionals.

If you are a backpack, take out the camera, frame the tripod, and twist Yajia Express. On the gimbal, the purple smear can no longer be taken.

The too small shoulder backpack does not have the possibility of installing two cameras at the same time.

Turn around again and continue to pay attention to the shooting of the night view. Another completely different sense of picture.

After 10 in -depth use, the performance of the CITYLOGIC leather photography bag was fully exerted. I personally think that although it does not have flagship products

So the super loading capacity, but the shooting ability during travel is also prominent, and the mobility, tolerance, and environmental harmony have been very good. It is not just suitable for the urban environment, in fact it can be suitable for the use in any environment.

In the next issue, we will bring you a more exciting field evaluation!

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“Urban Traveler”

“Urban Traveler”

“Urban Traveler”

“Di Ka”

“Di Ka”