Iceland’s red fish (Deepsea Redfish), known as the “Arctic longevity fish”, is produced in the northern Atlantic Ocean 200 ~ 400 meters of clean sea and low temperature seas. The meat is white and delicate, the protein content is high, and it is extremely delicious. It is rich in Omega 3, which is suitable for children, elderly people, beautiful women and handsome guys.

Iceland’s deep -sea red fish is one of the high -quality red fish varieties in the world, which is very better than American red fish.

Iceland’s red fish grows slowly and grows to about two pounds in ten years, so it is called “Arctic longevity fish” (different from New Zealand longevity fish).

Iceland’s red fish is covered with bright red festive red, and the outer skin is dotted with grouper -like stripes. The taste is delicate, the meat is thick and elastic, the muscle fat layer is clear, the color is bright and shiny, the fish is fat and tender, and the taste is delicious.

Icelandic red fish is suitable for steamed, shallots, and braised (see pictures). The red color is very festive, suitable for Chinese holiday dining tables.

Black eyes

Steamed Icelanda Red Fish

1. Remove dirt and scales, or go to the whole piece of dirty

2. The green onion ginger section is sandwiched in the middle of the fish.

3. After boiling water in the steamer, steam the drawer for 8 minutes.

4. Pour steamed fish soy sauce.

冰岛红鱼(deepsea redfish),被誉为“北极长寿鱼”,产于北大西洋200~400米洁净深海低温海域,肉质洁白细腻,蛋白质含量高,鲜美无比。富含人体所需的欧米伽3,适用儿童、老年人、美女和帅哥。


Iceland red fish and fish are garlic -like. There is no small thorn.

Rich in unsaturated fatty acids.

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