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The world’s largest Dali float parade, the Corso Zundert, which was included in the List of Human Intangible Cultural Heritage List, was launched in the small town of Zundrt on September 5th and 6th on September 5th and 6th. Essence Although due to the impact of the epidemic, the tradition of the parade for 85 years was changed to concentrated parking exhibitions this year, at least, the creative floats came on again. Many Dutch believes that this is one thing that boosted the hearts after the new crown epidemic. For the residents of Jin Drete, the re -holding of the float parade has restored the major cause of the ancestors’ inheritance. The major media in the Netherlands, as always, broadcast the whole process, and the people flock to the people as before, at a glance of many floats.

This year, the drift car that won the first year showed the chaos of American society in the past year in the epidemic and political chaos, and played interest in a humorous way. The float named “Painting” moved the judges and the audience with bright colors and tension artistic shapes, and won the second place. The third place is the tracing notes printed on the milk box, showing the tradition of helping the milk factory to help spread the tracing information.

The author of this article spent a few days to inspect Jin Demt on the spot, making floats from flower fields and community personnel, to close contact with the staff of the organizing committee of the float parade, in all directions to reveal the self -entertainment of this Dutch town The non -profit activities, how to pass from generation to generation in 1985, have become a cultural tradition that cohes to the hearts of the people of Jindert.

20 villages compete for high moves in various villages in each village

In September 1936, the residents of Jin Demt decorated Dalihua on various mobile devices such as bicycles, trains, and carriages to march in the main streets of the town to celebrate the birthday of the Dutch Queen Wilhelmina at the time. Since then, the float parade has become a local tradition. The first Sunday and Monday of September each year is a parade day, and Sundays two weeks later is the Daya Flower Travery Day of the local children. In the 85 years since 1936, except for the event of World War II and the new crown epidemic, the activity was forced to cancel. In addition, Jin Demter has held the 78th float parade.

In 1947, a village named Poteind produced a kind of float that promoted forward by manpower, which was considered the best design. Since then, it has been widely popular in various communities in Jindolt. This kind of human -to -generation inheritance has also become one of the most important eye -catching elements of the float parade.

With the accumulation of the experience of float production and the continuous development of aesthetics, the villages participating in the float parade have formed an increasingly fierce competition relationship, and the floats are getting bigger and bigger. In 1989, the organizing committee of the float parade had to start to restrict the size of the float. It must not exceed 19 meters, and the height must not exceed 9 meters. The organizing committee believes that unnecessary “internal rolls” behavior must be stopped and more energy is put into the theme creativity, artistic effects and shapes of the float.

Prior to 2008, the teams participating in the Dali Flower Mandarin all came from 19 villages in Jin Drete. Later, the Schijf Village, which was seven kilometers away from Jin Demter, also decided to join it in 2008 because they all under the jurisdiction of the Rucphen government. Therefore, a total of 20 teams are carefully produced every year, and each team has its own name, LOGO and team flag.

“This is our tradition, and it is also a proud thing to be proud.”

The Jinderte created a world -class Dali float parade in one hand and became an important part of the traditional Dutch culture. For the residents of Jin Delta, this is the transmission of love and the inheritance of cohesion. Everyone born and living here regards the annual float parade as the most important major event of their own family, and divides the labor according to their hobbies and specialties. Everyone is voluntary to participate in the whole process, and no one will be out of the case.

For more than 80 years, the Great Flower in the Flower Flower Field has bloomed every year and has never stopped. Each village has its own flower field. In April of each year, it is the season when the Great Flowers are sowed. The flowers will grow until September that the flowers will become blooming.

As a traditional method of division of labor, the daily fertilizer, weeding, and irrigation of the flower field are usually completed by older residents in the village. From May to June, the designers and managers of each team began to formulate the theme and design plan of the flower car of the year, and reported the plan to the organizing committee of the float parade. After the plan is approved, they will make a model of the same proportion to the public. Louisa Joosen, a designer from the “Help” team, is an independent sculpture artist who has many years of float design experience. From the perspective of women, she always likes a warm and joyful theme. She told the author: “How is our theme this year’s theme? ‘. In the epidemic in the past year, we cannot embrace with friends, family members, or even meet. Social software has become our only greeting tool. This year, we The design inspiration comes from the most frequent social software expressions in the past year. These expressions are beautiful and recognizable. We hope to bid farewell to this difficult year in a relaxed and happy way. “Louisa uses my spare time throughout the summer. Guiding the production of floats in the shed can be said to be the soul of the team.

In July, all teams began to make a shed and make the bottom mold of floats. At this stage, the work intensity, high technical content, and strong artistic, such as welding, concrete pouring, foam carving and paste pulp, some art on bottom molds, some art on bottom molds, some art on bottom molds do some art on bottom molds to make some art on the bottom mold. Processing … These tasks are basically completed by young people in the village, and everyone coordinate division of labor and class. John Van Doremalen, a managers from the “Help each other” team, said that since he was still a child, he participated in the work of the Dali Flower Parade and went to the flower field like a child. In the age Learn to make floats. Today, he is already a very experienced float producer, and now he has passed the skills to the new generation of producers in the same way. “Our Jinderte, everyone has been learning float production since childhood. This is our tradition and is worth proud.”

From July to September, if you find a float to make a shed in the night or weekend, you will see the hot scene. People in the village have soaked all the spare time here. Students who go to the university will return to the village to help in the summer vacation. Some even pull their classmates and friends to participate. The 19 -year -old Sanne and 17 -year -old EVI are two sisters. When they talked about the favorite floats in memory, they still danced -eight years ago. At that time, they were all elementary students to help adults pick flowers. Made of floats of the car parade. Now Sanne has become a college student at Tilburg University, learning artificial intelligence, while EVI studies nursing major in nearby cities. This summer, they put all the time in the section of the float, and they think they already have the ability to join the work that needs more physical strength. In addition, they also hope to join the team of pushing cars, and they are also happy to be an interim actor at the display site of the float.

The happiness of sitting in the flower pile is not a little bit of force, but I can’t stand it

In September, when the most busy year, the parade will be held on the first Sunday of this month. This week, you must complete the assembly of the float and make all the preparations before the parade. The most important task is to pick them down in the flower field and pick them down one by one. The main force of this work is the elderly, women and children in the village. You must not pick flowers too early, because you must keep the flowers fresh; it should not be too late, otherwise it will be too late to insert a float. Nina Leznina comes from Latvia. After she got married with the aboriginal of Jin Demter, she naturally became one of them. In the 20 years of living here, she joined the ranks of float production every year. She said, “I like everyone to do the same job with a joke. I only came to the Netherlands at the age of 18. The Netherlands is not good, but it is not good to make floats with everyone. It can quickly establish a link with everyone in the village and integrate it. This makes me feel happy to live here. “At present, she not only helps the village to do some work, but also adds the Dali Flower Military Organizing Committee. On the day of the parade The obligation to send water for the staff.

On average, a float requires about 500,000 large flower flowers, and the flowers that are taken back to the sheds have two processes to complete: a group of young people sit in several rows, and each flower inserts a iron nail from the middle of the flower core to the last process in order to be in the last process. Zhongzhong Huaiban is fixed on the bubble of the bottom mold. From the perspective of others, sitting in a bunch of colorful flower piles is really a kind of happiness. But when the author sat down and experienced it, he nailed a dozen iron nails, and his fingers felt pain. And 500,000 great flowers, each of them must be nailed to the iron nails, and the last process is mostly done by men, because this requires a lot of force to fix the flowers. I took a closer look. Every staff responsible for fixed flowers wrapped a coin with tape on the thumb to help them push the iron nails into the foam, until all the floats put on beautiful giant flower clothes.

Everything is ready, the most exciting moment of the float parade is about to open. On average, each float weighs 20 tons. After the production of the float is completed, the youths of each village rely on manpower to push from the shed to the streets of the parade, and finally complete the entire parade. This work really requires a strong physical strength, and young people want to take on this glorious task. Even if the Schijf Village, which is seven kilometers away from Jin Demt, is also pushed to join the parade from seven kilometers away according to this tradition every year.

On the day of the Dali float parade, standing on the street and pulling a locals asked him why he loved this event and devoted so much energy to you, they would give you the same answer, “This is our life, our tradition.” The float parade. ” “From the perspective of our people outside our town, we are crazy, but this is the spirit of unity left by our ancestors to us, but also a bond that the ancestors left to us.”

Of course, the winning team has some bonuses, but the number is not large. Members will embrace each other excitedly, crying with a smile. According to tradition, everyone will put the bonus directly in the next year’s floating cars. Everyone cares about the honor of the team and is proud of being a member of the team.

According to Jos Jochems, chairman of the float parade organizing committee, the floating car review comes from the scoring of experts and the public. The theme concept, modeling design, and artistic effect of the float are several major priorities of review and assessment. The organizing committee advocates that the teams are looking at the world when designing themes, paying attention to social issues, world culture, and current politics. They encourage everyone to use the original colors of Dalihua during the manufacturing of the float. The more dyed flowers, the lower the score will be. In addition to the ornamental of the float, acting, interaction, music and sound effects are also the main elements of artistic effects.

Open to the world with flower knots

Although Jin Dolt is a Dali float parade in the local village, he has always maintained an open attitude to welcome all interested friends. The seasons of making a big flower car every year, the 20 teams of the 20 teams are open at any time. As long as you are interested, you can contact their village committee. You can visit or join their production team voluntary labor and become one of them and feel their culture. The author has joined the “Help each other” this year to collect flowers from the flower field with everyone and make floats in the greenhouse. Even if your Dutch language is not good, it doesn’t matter. Most of them will communicate with you in English. It is not possible. The body language does not hinder the communication between people who are friendly and happy.

The 85 -year -old Jindertolt Lili Flower Parade has also affected many countries in the world. Belgium, France, the United States, China and other countries have come to learn from. Parade. It is worth mentioning that the Dafeng Dutch Garden in Jiangsu, China has frequently cooperated with Jin Demter in recent years, and this year, it will also bring the Dali Flower Parade to China.

Despite so many people to learn from the scriptures, the Jindolt people are still obliged to help. They taught the experience of planting flowers, but the production skills of the float did not have any business attempts. As Jos Jochems, chairman of the organizing committee, said: “The Dali Flower Mandarin is our culture. We use it to connect the hearts of the Jinders people and do not want it to become a commercial operation.”

Everyone is voluntarily invested by the love of the team

The Jindolt Dali Flower Parade is not only a non -profit -making activity, but also all staff members are volunteering by their own love for the team. From each member of the organizing committee to the grass -roots float production team, no one gets salaries alone. Essence Where does such large activities come from? Who will manage these 20 huge teams?

Jos Jochems, chairman of the float parade organizing committee, told me that some of the funds came from sponsorship of banks, media and some companies, part of the voluntary donations from local residents, and some income from selling flowers. These money is enough to support the cost of the entire activity, but it is not profitable. The financial department of the organizing committee has a very strict management mechanism, and of course, the regulatory authorities also review the financial status.

The float parade organizing committee undertakes the functions of the activities of the event, organization, fund management, investment promotion, promotion and administrative management, and Jindert residents have held corresponding work in the organizing committee in accordance with their own specialty. Each team also has their own managers. They closely contacted the organizing committee and completed each job according to the planning of the organizing committee.

After the annual parade of September, the organizing committee should immediately summarize the work of the year and start the plan of the next year, so the work of this institution runs through the year. The staff of the organizing committee has no salary, and everyone must coordinate their spare time to contribute.

Children have been soaked in their own culture from an early age

According to the usual practice, in the two weeks after the large float parade, children from Jin Drete made their own great floats with the same procedure. These elementary school students are divided into three classes from childhood to large: pumpkin class, Dali flower class, and star classes. They also compare according to the age group when they evaluate.

There are a total of 106 children’s float works this year. The works are innocent, full of childlike interest, and colorful theme content, which fully shows the children’s imagination. For example, Pumpkin Ban’s “Princess Ice Cream” this year, with bright red and yellow as the main color, is cheerful and bright. The three boys pulled the ice cream trading car, and the princess performed in the car to make colorful ice cream for everyone. A little boy named Moos told everyone how he was looking forward to growing up quickly. His float was named “I have drove here because I am four years old tomorrow”. The nine children of the Dali Huaban produced “The Wheel Steler” together. Their float structure is relatively complicated and the head is even larger. One of the little friends is too tired to fall asleep on the way to the cart. However, with the joint efforts of everyone, the task was finally completed. Of course, the children of the Star Class are older, and their themes are more from their own perspectives to the world. For example, the work “The World is Change” expresses the world of rapid changes from open eyes.

“We let the children join the activity, in addition to inheriting culture, and more importantly, they said, while saying what the world has happened, while inspiring their creativity, stimulating their creativity, while inheriting the culture. Establishing awareness of teamwork. They complete the entire event according to the same process as the large float parade, and accumulate experience for the production of large floats in the future. “

According to the author’s understanding, in the 7 primary schools of Jin Drete, courses such as paste, foam sculpture have been set up, and the children have been soaked in their own culture. Although this year’s 106 children’s floats are far less exquisite as large -scale floats, from creativity to the production process, they are all their own ideas. Adults just give some help when necessary, and do not dominate and destroy their ideas.

Dutch rural party Le Xiaoyao

Although the Jindeldolta Flower Mandarin has long been famous all over the world, it is basically a rural party in the Netherlands. In the Netherlands, this party will exist in each village and town. They gather residents in the form of competitions or performances. Beer and potato strips can make everyone happy for several days.

For example, Made, a small village in southern Netherlands, and the annual agricultural vehicle skills competition, the farmers have drove their own agricultural vehicles to show their magical powers, and the men, women, and children in the village cheer together. Those mighty household cars were deliberately sounded by the driver’s shocking engine, and they could be heard across a few kilometers. There is also a Galder village. There is a concert every summer, and the band and singer are from residents of the village. They set up a tent in the open area of ​​the village and adjusted the sound equipment. Residents in the village came to music to listen to songs and dance.

These rural parties are all non -profit activities without exception -no matter what form of party, the Dutch thinks the most important thing is to gather everyone, chat, sing, drink beer, and enhance their feelings. Many Dutch people who work and study abroad will rush back when they are important activities in the village, just to gather with their family and old friends.

(Dutch translation Corné Zandbergen is also helpful for the collection of this article)

Photo Conferry/Li Tingting